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Design September’s team rides with Ahooga bikes !

Ahooga is an onomatopoeia.

It’s the sound an antique automobile’s horn made in the 1920’s. Just another milestone in the history of mobility.

It was adopted by the movie industry as a sound effect symbolizing astonishment and excitement, amongst other emotions.

This sound is now also a shout that Ahoogers throw at each other when crossing in the streets.
At Ahooga, we believe that electric bikes can play a role of accelerator in cities transformation.

However, we have that consciousness that Li-Ion batteries are still a pollutant, and that the heavier a bicycle, the greater the dependence on the electric assistance.

That’s why we design hyperlight bikes. With our unique hybrid concept, riding a Ahooga remains pleasant even when the electric support is off.

7.09 30.09

Av. Louise 259, 1050 Bruxelles


AIME - Art et art de vivre

A new place that showcases "art & art-de-vivre" through the work of Belgian and European artists and designers.
The two fashion designers Annelies Bruneel and Ramona Wilmes, behind the brands Atelier Annelies Bruneel and MONA WIE, join forces to open a new ephemeral concept store in the RTT building on the Sablon in Brussels (formerly the TASCHEN shop). In the context of the current situation, they want to create a perspective for designers and artists by offering them the opportunity to present their work in an iconic place, meet potential customers and collaborate. The concept store opens its doors for the first time on Sunday 19 September, with an opening event on 23 September, and will run until the end of the year.

The concept store will feature the work of independent fashion designers and creators as well as artists. The participants have been selected on the basis of criteria such as refined design, high quality, craftsmanship, local or European production and sustainability. Besides Atelier Annelies Bruneel and MONA WIE, we find: [Erica Hinyot, Neeltje De Vries, Marinette, Geert De Taeye]. The line-up of artists and designers changes regularly ; vernissages and concerts will take place throughout the period of the concept store.
The project leaders have collaborated with Marco Rocha, a Portuguese retail architect, Libeco, Casalis and Studio Part to create a modern-warm and unique space.

“In a society that prioritises easy, fast and fun, the authentic story is lost. The art of living is to show your own story and let it be by surrounding yourself with supportive and beautiful things. In the concept store we offer time, space and connection to the story and work of each of the selected makers. ”

This concept store also supports those who have been hardest hit by the crisis by donating part of the income generated to selected NGOs, such as Nasci.

19.09 27.12

Rue Lebeau 16-18, 1000 Bruxelles


Aménagement Urbain - Collectif Dallas

We take advantage of the departure of the cars from the ramps to propose a partial demineralization of the ramps.

Thanks to techniques of coring and sawing of the ground we manage to extract new elements of construction in asphalt and concrete thus considering the ramps like a stone-pit from which comes a local material.

This material is used in the construction of small furniture bringing new uses to the ramps.

The excavations (coring and sawing) making it possible to produce this material restore access to the ground and allow the revegetation of this space since, always mineral.

7.09 30.09

Rampe du Palais de Justice (côté Rue des Minimes), 1000 Bruxelles


Anna, Kika et les autres...

Anna K.'s new boutique is located at 90 A, rue du Page in Ixelles. In this timeless setting, you will find the entire universe of the designer: from her jewellery creations to her prized and affordable selections, as well as a range of accessories, photographs, drawings, scents and products dedicated to well-being. The creations are produced locally with a view to slow-consumption. Here, the shared moment is paramount. To meet together to find . 

7.09 30.09

Rue du Page 90a, 1050 Ixelles


Antoine Ellyton Luminaires

I design and manufacture authentic lighting fixtures. Inspired by Art Nouveau, Art Deco and other twentieth century art movements, my creations are in line with these trends while favouring resolutely contemporary forms. They oscillate between past and present. This gives them a timeless character. Spreading a soft and warm light, my lamps will dress your interiors with discretion and elegance.

As a cabinetmaker firmly committed to ecology, I use a noble, local and renewable material. Coming from reclaimed furniture or scraps, upcycling it and giving it a new life. I also use new oak from sustainably managed European forests. This ethical choice involves demanding and meticulous know-how that ensures the strength and durability of my creations.

25.09 26.09

Rue Dieudonné Lefèvre 37, 1020 Bruxelles


Atelier 178

Founded in 2018 by Miline Van Houtte, Atelier 178 is a Boutique workshop in the center of Brussels, specialized in the design and production of luxury leather goods. CUSTOM MADE We offer a line of made-to-order bags and accessories but also a whole range of custom-made products. The customer chooses the model which matches his wishes and personality, the leather, the lining, the desired interior pockets, the color of the thread ... FULL SERVICE From design to prototyping, including material sourcing and realization in our workshop, we take care of projects from start to finish and offer our customers a personalized service. Passionate, we are constantly looking for new techniques and solutions putting our know-how, the quality and the exchange at the center of our work. LOCAL In view of continuity and concern for a local and eco-responsible production, we work exclusively with skins of European origin (Belgium, France, Italy, Spain)

7.09 30.09

Rue Edith Cavell 178, 1180 Uccle


Audrey Ickx

Audrey Ickx
Contemporary jewelry designer & multidisciplinary artist.

"The feeling is a very present source of inspiration in her way of apprehending her work. An infinite research to try to get closer, to translate a moment, a feeling,... Something impalpable, furtive, that we would like to seize but that escapes us. Like a stain on the iris that we try in vain to look in the face. "

Schieve Jewelry Collection:

"Schieve is a collection of unisex jewelry with a minimalist design. Each handmade piece is unique and made by me. Subtle volumes, the color of the metal revived by the choice of the finish and sometimes, the integration of a stone, offer an infinite combination of assemblies. "

Texture Series:
"Texture" is a multidisciplinary project that brings together photography, jewelry, the "painting",... This series is composed of 13 unique pieces to wear (a pendant or a brooch) and/or to hang on the wall.
The black and white photography subtly lets the colors appear on the jewel, sometimes accentuated by a mini work of acrylic paint.
The colors that are stolen from the "painting" when the jewel is worn!
The brass frame oxidizes with time like the subject of the photographs doomed to erode, see disappear."

Stratas Series:
"A photograph, a jewel, a painting,...? Strates is a multidisciplinary project. The object worn (a necklace) creates a void in the painting like an imprint that would have left its trace and whose design can be guessed. The appearance and disappearance of the image, punctuated by the movement of the body, like an illusion or a mirage. The necklace stored in its "box" gathers the photograph and its fragments, like a duality between figurative and abstract, between dream and reality, between a past moment and what remains of it as a memory ».

9.09 30.09

Av. Georges Henri 435, 1200 Bruxelles


Aux ciseaux d’or

Buy and sell antiques and design of the twentieth century

Opening hours :
Thursday / 10am - 4pm
Friday / 10am - 4pm
Saturday / 10am - 6pm
Sunday / 10am - 6pm

7.09 30.09

Rue Haute 218/220, 1000 Bruxelles


B-collective edition 2021

Platform for Belgian creatives.
Bringing their fascinating work to be seen.
The focus is on unique items and limited series.
The monumental form and aesthetics are given priority over functionality.
Experiments with materials and techniques that lead to objects that surprises and moves.
We are happy sharing these upcoming talents who are proud to be Belgian…

OPENING | B-collective 17.09 > 19.09
Friday 1pm till 10pm
Saturday, Sunday 1pm till 6pm


Victor Ledure | Thibeau Scarceriaux
studio NAS | L'ocrier studio | Fie Malem
Liesbet Lutin | Brukseilas | Lou van 't Riet | AMGS

(See registration link above)
Necessary precautions are taken to organize a safe visit
+ 17/09 > 1pm till 10pm
+ 18/09 > 1pm till 6pm
+ 19/09 > 1pm till 6pm

16.09 26.11

Rue Rouppe 1 - Rue Philippe De Champagne 21, 1000 Brussels



Located at Sablon, in the heart of central historical and cultural district of Brussels, Balthasar serves as an artistic hub and co-working space for mission-aligned creatives. By inviting individuals and organizations working in the field of cultural and creative Industries, we are building a powerful community better able to connect, collaborate and drive sustainable changes!

We will host regular workshops, lectures and exhibitions for our wider community around, providing them with opportunities to learn new skills, make new connections and keep up-to date with the latest happenings!

What creatives can get, becoming residents:

-the only co-working space for creatives;
-curated community with like-minded individuals and organizations working towards accelerating theirs skills/capacities;
-a spectacular view from a beautiful monumental building;
-an inspiring atmosphere with good people;
-complementary access to all our spaces;
-community events and activities;
-residents newsletter and networking events;
-open-ended contract ‘cause we are family;

Together we are reimagining the way cultural and creative world is cultivated and made!
Do you like our ideas and would like to be a part of our curated community that shares the same purpose? We’d love to hear from you! You can come, visit us or contact us!

30.09 30.09

Place du Grand Sablon 40, 1000 Brussels


Bel Albatros

At Bel albatros, we elaborate and develop a new sustainable, recycled and recyclable construction material, 100% out of plastic wastes and without additives. An alternative to the usual Gyproc-like covering, it can also replace valuable materials such as marble or painted sheet in any building field.

Playing with the aesthetics of the waste is indeed part of the value proposition. The objective behind the product is to find value in the plastic wastes and restart a longer lifecycle.

1.09 30.09

Rue de Birmingham 102, 1070, Anderlecht



Duplex is a global design studio composed of young creatives. The plurality of our profiles allows each of us to bring different expertise to the projects we undertake.

We carry out projects in line with our values (local economy, craftsmanship, recycled materials). Based on experience and experimentation, our mission is to question the world around us through new mediums. We favour critical design, mainly used to share a philosophical reflection through the object while raising awareness on social, cultural or ethical issues.

Through our 300m2 space, we would like to present the universe of contemporary designers anchored in the theme of "Design Through Making". Each project is composed and determined by iteration, material analysis, design approaches and systems of creation.

Inspired by learning through failure/success and experimental approaches, we wish to express the processes of making, thinking, fabricating, moving and modifying the context to understand the work through its environment.

Each designer developed a personal visual vocabulary and body of knowledge during their practice by adopting and adapting various approaches.

This adaptation and inventive use of processes result in a diverse range of individual products with unique characteristics.

These results can only be achieved through the continuous dialogue between the designer, materials and processes. The designer's experience and knowledge combined with serendipity in project development are critical factors in each realization.

By presenting the work of Duplex Studio, Jane Wright, Clément Guirao, Matthieu Doucet and Nicolas Zanoni, we wish to express, through our exhibition space, these individual approaches and their experimental structure.

To ensure an immersive and authentic experience that responds to the theme "Design Through Making", Duplex Studio will be transformed into an exhibition space and divided into several independent areas through its office, studio and workshop spaces.

2.09 30.09

Avenue Mon Plaisir 77, 1030, Schaerbeek


Blanco Studio

Blanco Studio is a multidisciplinary creative office initiated by two young entrepreneurs, Inès an architect by training, and her brother Robin, a graduate in interior architecture and design, and passionate about photography.

Aware of the existing and continuous interaction between all creative disciplines and guided by this desire to work together, they decided to combine their respective strengths, which have often been complementary, in the service of creativity; with the ambition to break down the barriers that separate their different areas of interest, bringing them together in one place.

Blanco Studio therefore aims to bring together creators from various disciplines in order to stimulate exchanges and make their projects coexist in an unprecedented way.
With this in mind, the studio is furnished in a sober and versatile way, in order to sublimate the achievements of the artists or designers exhibited in the places.

It is with the aim of serving creators and sharing their work that Blanco would like to participate in the 2021 edition of Design September.

16.09 30.09

20 rue Defacqz 1000 Bruxelles



Created in the midst of the Covid 19 crisis, the artist collective BrAMS (1) is a positive, elegant, and happy reaction to a particularly difficult time.

BrAMS, brings 4 artists (2) whose different universe, asserts itself as a message of freedom and modernity through the poetry.

Nicolas Destino represents Belgium among the collective. During this event, he exhibited his latest series of paintings, combining Art & Design through geometric work, with a sober and refined design.

(1) Brussels, Athens, Marseille, Santa Cruz
(2) Nicolas Destino, Yorgo, Jean Paul Masse de Rouch, Fabito Denker

COCKTAIL - Sunday 12.09 from 5pm30 to 9pm
Confirmation of presence requested by email info@destino.be

COCKTAIL - Sunday 12.09 from 4pm to 5pm30
Confirmation of presence by email info@destino.be

26.08 12.09

37 rue Ernest Allard 1000 Bruxelles


Brussels Design Market

On the 25 & 26 September 2021, the Brussels Design Market will welcome you for it's 29th edition in the Maritime Station on Tour & Taxis. The opportunity to discover a large selection of vintage design pieces from the 20th century presented by more than 100 international dealers: from emblematic pieces signed by the big names in design, to the productions of anonymous designers.

25.09 26.09

Gare Maritime, Tour & Taxis | Rue Picard 11 - 1000 Bruxelles


Chaise. Stoel. Chair. Defining Design

By utility, experimentation, irony, claim or by simple envy, the chair appears as one of the "unavoidables" of the path of many designers. As an everyday object, it materialises and sometimes questions the cultural, technical and historical background of society.

While our collective imagination associates it with a seat, a backrest and four legs, the chair actually meets our specific needs and is constantly adapting to the practices and evolution of technology and different ways of sitting. Using a variety of materials and textures, the concept then takes various forms: chaise longue, office chair, wheelchair, seat, bench, stool, pouffe or folding chair.

Five routes explore the different themes of a design project. A subjective selection creates new and unique interactions and dialogues between 100 chairs from the collection of the Design Museum, London, the Design Museum Brussels and Galila's Collection (Brussels). Other than the grouped chairs in this exhibition space, the visitors can discover the entirety of the selection through a trail in the other exhibition spaces.

The analysis of the user's needs, habits and values is, for designers, the starting point for research that aims to solve and improve the relationship between the object, the human being and its environment. The cross-disciplinary approach of design to different disciplines such as anthropology, marketing, engineering and material science sometimes leads to new products, which are the result technological innovation or change of meaning. The object can then be mass-produced for the market or addressed to a particular target. Once available, the user can experiment with it and integrate it into their habits, sometimes making it the icon of a style, era or even a movement.

The Chaise. Stoel. Chair. Defining Design exhibition retraces the world of design from the end of the 19th century to the present day through this object - the chair - in constant redefinition, reaffirmation and hybridisation.

7.09 19.09

Place de Belgique 1 - 1020 Bruxelles



Homemade, custom-made, reusable and mobile modular furniture.
Designed and manufactured in Brussels with European wood.
At Chennaux&fille, an idea creates the shape of a piece of furniture. Its beauty is the result of innovation.

7.09 30.09

33 Fernand Neuray street 1050 Ixelles


Coliving & sustainability - Lionel Jadot and guests

Lionel Jadot will give us a presentation of the process of creating co-living places, habitats that adapt to new lifestyles. The challenge of shaping new ways of living immediately questions new ways of building and producing. With his guests he will present his working philosophy, the local production, the reuse and rationalization.


Rikkert Paauw:

Design with sense

Thomas Lommée / Open Structures

Bc Materials

16.09 at 06:15pm

Flagey, Place Sainte-Croix, 1050 Bruxelles


Contemporary Design Market

The Contemporary Design Market will share the floor with the Brussels Design Market, the largest event dedicated to 20th century design consistently attracting over 7 000 visitors! For the third consecutive year, we are proud to dedicate a special area to contemporary design!

The Contemporary Design Market is an exclusive exposure and sales platform for both established and upcoming Belgium based designers working across design disciplines and with a variety of mediums. It is a unique opportunity to discover designers, meet up-and-coming talents, and of course, acquire authentic Belgian design pieces.

Contemporary Design Market is part of the Design September programme and is an initiative of Flanders DC, Wallonie Design and Design September.

Professionals, collectors, dealers, architects and design lovers of all kinds are invited to discover the very best of the Belgian contemporary design scene. Carefully selected by a committee of experts, the designers will showcase their latest creations for one weekend only.


25.09 26.09

TOUR & TAXIS Gare Maritime



Located in the heart of the antiques district of Brussels you can find at d+design a large selection of furniture, lighting and objects from the 20th century with an accent on Italian design by great designer such as Gio Ponti, Ettore Sottsass, Joe Colombo Gino Sarfatti, Ico Parisi, Castiglioni, and more! We also have a selection of european and american design.

Opening hours :
Tuesday / 11am - 6pm
Thursday / 11am - 6pm
Friday / 11am - 6pm
Saturday / 11am - 6pm
Sunday / 11am - 6pm

7.09 30.09

Rue Blaes 87, 1000 Bruxelles


dallas atelier open doors

Installed in See U since the project began, we transform step by step the old stables of the barracks into our workspace, adapted to our practice. A thermally and acoustically isolated wall separates the space into two parts : the workshop, full of traces of researches, experimentations and projects we make, and the office, consisting of two mezzanines, a staircase and a large desk.
The majority of the materials used for come from re-employment. Their quantities, properties and aesthetics participate in the design of the general space. As a reflect of our practice, opening our workspace doors is a way to present our work in order to meet people and exchange.

16.09 18.09

Rue Fritz Toussaint, 8 1050 Ixelles - Bâtiment P


Designing Togetherness : comment bureaux et habitats replacent au centre la vie en communauté ?

Being together has never been so questionned. The health crisis has accelerated our need to rethink community experience. Workplaces and homes are now transforming to provide stronger social connections as demand rises for this type of projects. How to rethink the home and the office to improve connections and togetherness? From co-living to coworking, living together will change our culture for the best. Through various examples, Brainjuice offers you to understand how to design for the community.

Reservation: e-mail to hello@wokr.eu or call to 02 840 68 62

22.09 at 4pm

Wokr17 Rue du berger, 17 1050 Ixelles


Duplex Studio : Amai

Inspired by Bauhaus and the divergence between the industrial world and craftsmanship, Amai seeks to harmonize current production trends by developing unique furniture. To counterbalance the pragmatism and importance of function conveyed by industrial technicity, we have chosen to craft industrial profiles.

The use of T-slot aluminium profiles pushed interchangeability, modularity, and standardization of design and products. It also encourages working with mechanical connections over chemical connections. It has been designed to add features without complex manipulation.

Amai is a dialogue between the rational conception of the standard and the individual expression of the unique.


T-slots encourage construction, deconstruction and reuse. These principles are coming from the «Design for deconstruction», a contemporary movement originating in architecture. This ideology is in the vein of ecological design, considering the entire life cycle of an object. In practice, it aims to create a system in which fragments or whole modules of a structure can be reused.

To date, the applications of T-slots are mainly limited to the industrial sector. Based on Bauhaus movement and its interpretation of industrial materials, we explore with Amai, how to infuse sensitivity to industrial materials.

Artisanal methods humanize the material and the technique by sublimating standardized materials by hand. Craft brings a sensitive dimension to manufactured objects. Through this practice, we want to free this material from its industrial nature and condition.

Our desire to ennoble the profiles will be achieved by combining them with warm materials such as wood, leather or fabric. In this research, we will find the idea of «truth to materials», a principle of modern architecture that maintains that any material must be used where it is most appropriate. This material should not hide its nature. The object celebrates the material; its inherent qualities are at the centre of artistic and aesthetic expression. Amai is a dialogue between the rational conception of the standard and the individual expression of the unique.

7.09 30.09

Avenue Mon Plaisir 77, 1030, Schaerbeek


Esquisse Jewels

Sergiu Lom is a perfect example of "self-made".
His multidisciplinary training (architecture, tattoo art, craft design, industrial design and, of course, jewellery), endowed with boundless curiosity and great creativity, has enabled him to create an original concept in which human values are paramount.


The creation of a jewel is the result of a meeting, sharing something in confidence. That is why Sergiu Lom wants to meet each person individually, to discover his background and his desires. The jewel then takes the form of a sketch, a sketch drawn by the skilful pencil line of the designer. Each word affects the curve of the line, like a life journey, a story materialised in a jewel.

At Esquisse Jewels, the creation is adapted to each story: it is possible to start from a blank sheet or, on the contrary, to give new life to old jewels lying in the closet. The customer is also offered a wide choice of stones so that he can have his jewel set with the gemstone of his choice.


Goldsmithing is an art that requires experience, patience and skill, but also passion! And it is this passion that drives Sergiu Lom. Because a passion needs to be shared and transferred, Esquisse Jewels offer workshops to get you acquainted with jewellery.

This workshop is given in a cosy environment where special attention is given to experimenting with our senses and individual sensitivities.

During three sessions of three hours each or a whole day, the participants become jewellery artists. They can make their own jewellery in the workshop located under the shop. Sergiu Lom assists the apprentice jewellers throughout the creative process with sound advice and a helping hand during the most delicate stages of their imagination.

17.09 18.09

Rue des Atrébates 20, 1040 Etterbeek



It’s September and you know what that means, right? A WHOLE MONTH DEDICATED TO BRUSSELS DESIGN.

For the occasion, Extra-Ordinaire is partnering the BDS to propose a series of collaborations & events until the last day of the month: It started Wednesday the 7th and will go on until Thursday the 30th:

We’re proudly welcoming special guests & designers for exclusive collaborations & events:

Brussels Design September – The month-long festival powered by the city. We’ll be presenting the partnerships, supported by the BDS, on the Thursday the 16th during an after-work from 6pm to 9pm.

Thierry Boutemy – the renowned florist based in Brussels – is creating a turnover of special floral pieces to be featured at our shop – Rue des Bouchers 37a, 1000 Brussels. Don’t miss-out the opportunity to admire the artist’s made-for-the-occasion floral structures this month.

All in All Studio – a antique store dedicated to XX Century design objects & pieces of furniture – is present at our boutique. Carefully selected by Jean-Paul Lespagnard, you can admire and purchase these exceptional pieces in our premises!

Lionel Jadot – the Belgium born and based architect, designer and film maker – has collaborated with our head designer Jean-Paul to create exceptional-of-crafting lamps that will be exposed at our shop on Wednesday the 29th from 4pm to 5pm. If this unique collaboration between two amazing artists isn’t enough to have you pay us a visit, know that the event will also be the closing of our month-long collaborations and all partnering artists & workshops will be present and music will go on until we can’t no more!

Frederik Rombach – an Antwerp-based workshop dedicated to create and research products, sculpture and outreach glass projects from a durable, eco-friendly perspective – is present at our shop. Come see their unique & responsible creations!

DINDINS – a Brussels-based caterer founded by Jean Fonsny which works only with organic products – will serve one-of-a-kind dishes during a special event organized by Extra-Ordinaire at the shop. This unique happening will take place in the form of a dinner on Thursday the 23th and will feature the tableware work of Hélène Bédouet – presented below:

Hélène Bédouet – a talented Belgian ceramist – will present her work in a unique fashion at our Thursday the 23th dinner: our guests will be served their meal on the artist’s made-for-the-occasion tableware and will then be offered to take the creations back home. This event can only be attended upon invitation. More info to come!

Frizbee Ceramics – a two-person artist-run band, based in Brussels, which produces limited quantities of porcelain objects – is present at our shop. Come see their work!


16/09 – After-work & presentation of the BDS: Drinks, Music, Speeches & More!
23/09 – Exclusive Dinner with the support of DINDINS & Hélène Bédouet
29/09 - Lionel Jadot X Jean-Paul Lespagnard Lamps Exhibition from 4pm to 5pm, followed by Music, Drinks and the presence of all partners.
07-30/09 – Featured pieces of All in All Studio, Frederik Rombach, Thierry Boutemy & Frizbee Ceramics at our shop.

One last thing, let’s take a moment to remind ourselves that Extra-Ordinaire won the BDS BEST SHOP DESIGN AWARD 2020!

7.09 30.09

Rue des bouchers 37A, Bruxelles 1000



"FFEVENT / EXPO" of the Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer, Applied arts, will present the graduation thesis of students from the Styliste-Modéliste, Arts du tissu and Publicité-Agencement de l’espace. Exposition of graphic works, fashion accessories, fabric samples, wardrobe pieces responding to the values of eco-design, design thinking and upcycling.

10.09 11.09

Mont-de-Piété / Berg van Barmhartiegheid - Salle Freddy Thielemans 19-23 Rue St-Ghislain / St-Gisleinsstraat 1000 Bruxelles


Full Circle House - Contemporary Design Sale & Expo

Connecting People to contemporary, sustainable and totally desirable design

Full Circle’s mission is to connect people to good ideas and to empower them to become a force for change.

We do this through curating quality content and facilitating encounters in an environment that is beautifully and purposefully designed as a hybrid space between leisure, work and education.

For Design September join us in our Hotel de Maitre; enjoy our collection of mid century original designer Danish furniture on 18/19 and 25/26 September and buy a piece if it takes your fancy. Listen to and consult design experts and practitioners on how to add key design pieces to your home.

18.09 26.09

Chaussée de Vleurgatsesteenweg 89 1050 Brussels


Galerie Olivier Biltereyst

Selected twenty century design

Opening hours :
Wednesday / 12am - 6pm
Thursday / 12am - 6pm
Friday / 12am - 6pm
Saturday / 12am - 6pm

7.09 30.09

Rue Général Mac Arthur 2, 1180 Uccle



The furniture is chosen for its originality from the 19th - 20th century, complemented by a choice of lamps and collectibles, equally sourced with passion. All acquisitions are listed on the site. The Gallery is managed by Serge Paul Blom, formerly an antiquarian, in collaboration with Luc Opgenhaffen, collector of modern art, together in 2008 they created the "XXL ART on Waterloo" Gallery. Exhibitions of contemporary artists in the same trend! Of course, the two gallery owners only buy out of sensitivity and love, like any good collector. They are happy to provide you with more information and documentation concerning the artists and objects.

Opening hours :
Thursday / 11am - 6pm
Friday / 11am - 6pm
Saturday / 11am - 6pm
Sunday / 11am - 6pm
& on appointment +32486736504

7.09 30.09

Rue Blaes 23/25, 1000 Bruxelles


Hectare galerie x Joya Brussels - partie 2

In October 2020, a first edition of the ‘Boite avec couvercle’ [‘Box with lid’] exhibition, which looked at how jewels interact with their receptacles, was a major success at the Galerie Samagra during the series of jewel events in Paris, known as the ‘Parcours bijoux’.

Joya Brussels (Aurore de Heusch) and Hectare Galerie (Chloé Noyon et Lou Sautreau) have joined forces in a follow-up of this project. They are inviting you to see the original exhibition at Joya Brussels and a second edition of it at Hectare Galerie. Come and discover 15 Belgian and international artists invited for the occasion.

In their work, everyone questions the concept of material used to show off jewellery. It is a transition between the world outside and the world inside that can be observed in sculptured rings and pendants containing your dearest wishes, brooches to be opened etc.

Opening @ Hectare Galerie : 24.09.2021
86 rue Faider - 1050 Ixelles

Opening @ Joya Brussels : 23.09.2021
175 rue Antoine Dansaert - 1000 Brussels
* Attention, point missing on the paper map

23.09 23.10

Rue Faider 86, 1050 Ixelles


Hey Jude Design x Namesti Design

Furniture and textile design exhibition in the heart of Châtelain, in the two well-known concept stores “Mellow Concept”:
Hey Jude Design - Design Textile - Julie Denis 
"Hey Jude Design is a textile studio in Brussels working with the artisanal techniques of weaving, knotted stitch, crochet, knotting... The creation process is slow and requires patience and passion for the gesture.

A recurring theme: escape, the poetry of the horizon, the landscape and the nature that invades it. Inspiring places that leave room for spontaneous creation without a predetermined design. 
So many forms, colours and textures that create a language of their own that can convey a story to the viewer. Collections of textile decorations, 100% Made in Belgium, gathering unique self-published pieces.”
Namesti - Design mobilier - Rémi Esquelisse
 “NÁMĚSTÍ DESIGN's mission is to create furniture in a high quality, that doesn’t compromise with aesthetics. NÁMĚSTÍ DESIGN is bringing uniqueness to your home, and our design process is a constant play with new sorts of colors and materials to give you that iconic design. 

Our tables are made of tiles in a variation of beautiful colors and sizes. They are all handmade in Belgium in our atelier. They have a base of wood and are covered with tiles on top. Each table is built with four wheels, which make them easy to move around.” 
Mellow Concept Store - Maud Colassin 
“ 6 years ago, I decided to change my life to open my own fashion boutique in Brussels with my style : minimalistic, Scandinavian with straight cuts and a wide range of prices to meet everyone's expectations. 

Because I wanted to make sure to meet the needs of everyone, I decided to extend the offer to men's fashion and homeware. 
Hope you will enjoy my selection.”

3.09 30.09

Parvis de la Trinité 3, 1050 Ixelles & Rue de l'Amazone 27, 1050


Introduction au design thinking : la pensée design comme méthode d'innovation

Design thinking is not about aesthetics or materials. Not only. Design thinking, in the Anglo-Saxon sense of the term, means thinking about uses and responding to them by observing, testing and improving the product, the service or the place. The design thinking method has become popular in continental Europe in recent years. Used by many developers, marketers or innovators, it is still too often unknown by designers. Brainjuice Studio proposes a masterclass to discover this methodology through different examples of use.

15.09 at 4pm

Wokr 17, Rue du berger, 17 1050 Ixelles



Isabelle AZAIS is known in the Belgian contemporary jewelry for her research from leather and recycled plastic. For this 2021 edition, she has chosen to invite to her studio Aline of the Pont and Plas gallery in Gent, for a presentation of the artists she defends.
The connoisseur visitor will have the pleasure of finding a set of jewels of renowned designers. The curious visitor will discover there, a range of the diversity of forms and materials used in this constantly evolving discipline.
Ceramists Safia Hijo and Nathalie Doyen will also be invited to present pieces that will be put in dialogue with jewelry

17.09 19.09

Rue Capouillet 35, 1060, Saint-Gilles


Isabelle de Borchgrave artworks

From delicate paper chandeliers and bright coloured tables to pleated bronze chairs and lamps cast from paper, discover the wonderful world of Isabelle de Borchgrave in her studio at the heart of Brussels.

17.09 18.09

Chaussée de Vleurgat 73A, 1050, Ixelles


Isabelle van oost

I create lamps, there are the tropical ones that came back with me from Brazil and the UFOs made from the assembly of plastic parts.
In general, these plastic objects were designed for functional and domestic use: kitchen utensils, fragments of tools, children's toys...
I give them a new life in my luminous creations, transforming them into rocket engines, into buildings.
As I work, I project myself into a futuristic utopian world organized in simple geometries, a world à la Oskar Schlemmer and Winsor McCay (Little Nemo). One by one, my lamps create a kind of great city, dreamed in bright or opalescent lights, dotted with towers, pagodas, domes and terraces.

During my years in Brazil, I spent time with indigenous tribes, Bororo, Guarani and Xavante. I compare my process of collecting used plastic to make my lamps, to the way the Indians collect feathers to make their wonderful ornaments.

10.09 19.09

8 rue Fritz Toussaint, Ixelles


Jacques Moeschal. Architecture Sculptures

Bozar, together with curator Angelique Campens and Architecture Curating Practice, takes a deep dive into the archives of architect and sculptor Jacques Moeschal (1913-2004). As a student at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, he quickly became fascinated by the sculptural possibilities of concrete.

In the wake of Belgium’s post-war democratisation, he is known for his monumental sculptures, part of the network of motorways. Passers-by are stunned when they suddenly come across an imposing work by Moeschal, simply from their car. The images became landmarks on our monotonous motorways. The exhibition zooms in on the relationship between art and architecture in the underexposed oeuvre of Moeschal, through blueprints, film excerpts, models, and interventions by contemporary artists.

19.05 19.09

Bozar/Centre for Fine Arts Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS


Joya Brussels x Hectare Galerie - partie 1

In October 2020, a first edition of the ‘Boite avec couvercle’ [‘Box with lid’] exhibition, which looked at how jewels interact with their receptacles, was a major success at the Galerie Samagra during the series of jewel events in Paris, known as the ‘Parcours bijoux’.

Joya Brussels (Aurore de Heusch) and Hectare Galerie (Chloé Noyon et Lou Sautreau) have joined forces in a follow-up of this project. They are inviting you to see the original exhibition at Joya Brussels and a second edition of it at Hectare Galerie. Come and discover 15 Belgian and international artists invited for the occasion.

In their work, everyone questions the concept of material used to show off jewellery. It is a transition between the world outside and the world inside that can be observed in sculptured rings and pendants containing your dearest wishes, brooches to be opened etc.

Opening @ Joya Brussels : 23.09.2021
175 rue Antoine Dansaert - 1000 Brussels
* Attention, point missing on the paper map

Opening @ Hectare Galerie : 24.09.2021
86 rue Faider - 1050 Ixelles

23.09 23.10

175 rue Antoine Dansaert, 1000 Bruxelles * Attention, point missing on the paper map



Decoration & Brocante Find a special atmosphere in this charming little store in the middle of this beautiful district of "Marolles".

Opening hours :
Thursday / 10.30am - 5pm
Friday / 10.30am - 5pm
Saturday / 10.30am - 5pm
Sunday / 10.30am - 5pm

7.09 30.09

101, rue Blaes 1000 Brussels



Vintage interior, art & design shop. Welcome to discover a nice selection of furniture, lighting, ceramics, decoration, art and curiosities, collected and displayed with passion and love.

7.09 30.09

Rue du Marché aux Porcs 22, 1000 Bruxelles



The Kewlox stand is designed for interaction with our furniture and offers visitors the opportunity to personalise their own set through a digital space and the use of test furniture to create their own Kewlox.

7.09 30.09

Avenue Reine Astrid 325, 1950 Kraainem


La Caravane Studio

All pieces are ready-to-use, having been carefully selected and restored by the creative mind behind it all, Claire Silva Moreira.

The choices are a reflection of her personal style, a surprising, daring mixture of different decades and materials that nonetheless always remains harmonious and homogenous.

Staying true to its name, La Caravane Studio is constantly on the move, creating every month in her shop a different atmosphere.

7.09 30.09

Chaussée d’Alsemberg 131, 1060 Brussels


La Kasbah

Selling vintage furniture & objects from the 60's / 70's / 80's

On appointment by phone on +32486835393 or by mail on btissamekafouni@gmail.com
Monday / 2pm - 6pm
Tuesday / 2pm - 6pm
Wednesday / 2pm - 6pm
Thursday / 2pm - 6pm
Friday / 2pm - 6pm
Saturday / 2pm - 6pm

7.09 30.09

Avenue de la Couronne 328, 1050 Ixelles



The Design Museum Brussels gives carte blanche to Justin Lalieux’s graphic universe. He presents a selection of automatic drawings: on the phone, in meetings, at the restaurant, the designer draws all the time, “often without thinking about it” in order to improve his concentration. Always with the object in the center, he explores with his black pencil Muji 0.5 (of which he always has a copy in his pocket) his obsessions for the moustache, cosmonauts or Spider-Man. Combining sketches, story boards and scenarios, Des(s)i(g)n immerses us in the stylistic and graphic environment of Justin Lalieux.

On 16.09.2021 at 7pm, Justin Lalieux will also give a lecture on the place of drawing in the creative process and its dialogue with the new computer-assisted design tools.

Justin Lalieux is an “obsessive multifaceted” creative.
Industrial designer, graphic designer, lecturer at ENSAV La Cambre from 2013 to 2019, passionate about pop culture and science fiction. He develops concepts for the industry and focuses on sustainability.
At MAD-Brussels, he accompanies other designer in their methodology.
In 2020, he founded Blabel where he developed recycled, locally produced and recyclable objects.

10.09 26.09

Place de Belgique 1 - 1020 Bruxelles



LE BEAU A UNE ADRESSE is an Art House, located in the heart of Brussels. Isabelle Leclercq, the founder, created this intimate and warm house to celebrate the BEAUTIFUL in art, design, literature and gastronomy. The house welcomes and highlights contemporary artists and designers. It is thanks to vintage furniture from the 1950s to the 1990s, passionately sourced by Isabelle Leclercq, that this Maison de Maître is unique in its style. Literary meetings, artistic events and culinary presentations are offered to visitors. The house offers art walks and private visits, every day by appointment. Artworks and vintage furniture are presented for sale. The Founder's mantra: "Let us be inspired and amazed by the BEAUTIFUL."

Open every day by appointment

7.09 30.09

Avenue Molière 313, 1180 Uccle


Le Petit Coin

Mix of new and old objects. Beautiful selection of ceramics, textiles and vintage furniture.

Opening hours :
Wednesday / 11am - 6.30pm
Thursday / 11am - 6.30pm
Friday / 11am - 6.30pm
Saturday / 11am - 6.30pm

7.09 30.09

2 rue Antoine Labarre, 1050 Ixelles


Le Sacre de la Matière - Spazio Nobile & L'Ancienne Nonciature

Le Sacre de la Matière

Group exhibition with Jörg Bräuer, Anne Derasse, Ernst Gamperl, Kaspar Hamacher, Amy Hilton, Silvano Magnone, Élise Peroi, Päivi Rintaniemi, Bela Silva, Fabian von Spreckelsen

8 September: 5pm-9pm

9.09 3.10

L'Ancienne Nonciature Rue des Sablons 7 (Grand Sablon) 1000 Bruxelles



Monday- Friday 10H00-18H30 Saturday 10H00-18h00

7.09 30.09

Chaussée de Boondael 200, Ixelles


Les Pieds de Biche

Les PdB, was created in Brussels by Diam COLY, offers a range of decorative objects with a modern and poetic spirit. Geometric patterns, delicate colors and pure lines flourish on raw and authentic materials thus highlighting their qualities. Born in Paris in 1984, from a journalist mother and a father as DJ. I graduated from the School of Fine Arts in 2008.
From the beginning I worked on several different projects as from the creation of a photographic travel guide, to the opening and running of an art gallery. Enriched by these experiences, all this gave me the passion to travel and also to integrate these experiences into my daily life. It is this journey that brought me into the decoration industry. The creation of Les Pieds de Biche is the sum of all these years of work: from the Himalayan landscape with all these colors to the frenzied rhythm of the jazz notes that rocked my childhood. My collections highlight the idea of diversity. Les Pieds de Biche is a blend of culture, material and aesthetics. Just like me.

Presentation of our collaborations with several Belgian designers. Our Totem & Tufting created with Sabi_Biche, our designer lamps with Gobo Lighting, our collaboration with Outline Object, and our new 2021 collector's items.

Open only on weekends

7.09 30.09

Rue Blaes 134, 1000 Bruxelles


Light installation by TILT for The Dominican

In light of Brussels Design September 2021, artists Laetitia & Patrick from TILT are exhibiting their work at The Dominican. The duo has created exclusively for our hotel a glowing light installation assembled with recycled reels. Pop in and find your way to our garden were you will be gobsmacked by the colorful artwork.

Exhibition: from September 7 to 30th – free entry

7.09 30.09

Rue Léopold 9, 1000 Brussels



“You are falling asleep. Your late night-thoughts fade. Your subconscious slowly takes over. The dream starts. Welcome to our world.”

Known for their world-famous experiential projects, ACTLD Design + Experience is one of the world’s finest and most sought-after experience design agencies operating from their headquarters in Brussels since 1995.

Exclusively designed for the 2021 edition of Design September, ACTLD is proposing an immersive experience bringing the best of their expertise into a single boutique show complete with light, sound and special effects.

We were told the crown jewel of the night would only be revealed to the most worthy of visitors, so take a leap of faith and come grab a beer with Koert Vermeulen and Andrea Mantello (the duo running ACTLD) who will welcome you into their dream world thanks to the brewery’s surrealist craft beer designed exclusively for this event.

See you on the other side... if you dare.

• Opening: 09/09/2021 at 18:00
• Thursdays & Fridays: 18:00-21:00
• Saturdays : 15:00-18:00
• All other dates: by appointment only, please email DS2021@actld.com

10.09 30.09

Brasserie Surréaliste, Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains 22-23, 1000 Brussels, Belgium


Lodzkie House

Opening of the exhibition of the art of folk artistic paper-cutting combined with a demonstration of paper-cutting creation by Kazimiera Balcerzak

Kazimiera Balcerzak combines traditional form with design from various fields - she draws inspiration from art, including paintings with religious content, history, literature and also from nature. It was her mother and grandmother who taught her to make Christmas decorations, such as tissue paper flowers and spiders. Later she learnt Sieradz embroidery, and when she retired she learnt Sieradz paper-cutting - her favourite artistic discipline. The artist mainly makes Sieradz handicrafts, dolls, kozoks, multicoloured rods, mazurs and mazurs with tails. To create cut-outs, which are based on a previously prepared sketch, she has been taking part in folk fairs and workshops for 13 years. She is registered as a folk artist in the Association of Folk Artists in Lublin. She cooperates with the District Museum in Sieradz, Łódź Cultural Centre, National Museum of Agriculture and Agro-Food Industry in Szreniawa and Ethnographic Museum in Zielona Góra-Ochla.

Opening 08.09.2021 at 6 p.m.


Puzzle tables

We are a small family company located in the centre of the country specializing in the production of chairs and tables. Our newly designed product is a unique set of tables which can be put together in various ways. This comes handy in small spaces but also fits spacious rooms. The size of table tops is 50 cm x 65 cm (the part with tabs) and height of the table approx. 72cm. Materials: plywood for tops (thickness 18 mm), steel square profile for legs: (15 x 15 x 1,5) mm with pulverulent varnishing.
In view of further expansion we are looking for individual customers but also new trade partners in Belgium who can show a proven track record of working with the interior designers and are seeking to increase their portfolio. We offer full marketing support, with the desire for a long term business commitment to provide them with products. Cooperation based on the commercial agency or distribution services agreement is also considered. Industrial design of tables is protected.


Opening of Jacek Frąckiewicz's exhibition and a meeting with the artist and live artistic workshops.

Jacek Frąckiewicz was born in 1964 in Sędziejowice. In 1984-90 he was educated at the Art Department of the Pedagogical University in Częstochowa. He obtained his diploma with distinction in 1990 in the workshop of graphic design with prof. G. Banaszkiewicz and prof. R. Osadczy.

He is a painter, graphic artist and illustrator. Has made several hundred collective and individual drawing exhibitions, paintings and graphics illustrations. His works could be seen at exhibitions around the world - including in Austria, Germany, Moldova, Croatia, China, Syria, Israel, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Italy and Ukraine.

The artist has received over 120 awards and distinctions in the country and abroad, including in Brazil, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Portugal and Slovakia. He has also published numerous publications, among others in "Szpilki", "Gazeta Częstochowska", "Wprost", "Polityka", "Dialogue" (Bonn), "Wiener Journal" (Vienna), "Dedete" (Havana), "Korzar"(Presov).

Opening 8.09.2021 at 6 p.m


Design Furniture

Puzzle tables

We are a small family company located in the centre of the country specializing in the production of chairs and tables. Our newly designed product is a unique set of tables which can be put together in various ways. This comes handy in small spaces but also fits spacious rooms. The size of table tops is 50 cm x 65 cm (the part with tabs) and height of the table approx. 72cm. Materials: plywood for tops (thickness 18 mm), steel square profile for legs: (15 x 15 x 1,5) mm with pulverulent varnishing.
In view of further expansion we are looking for individual customers but also new trade partners in Belgium who can show a proven track record of working with the interior designers and are seeking to increase their portfolio. We offer full marketing support, with the desire for a long term business commitment to provide them with products. Cooperation based on the commercial agency or distribution services agreement is also considered.

Industrial design of tables is protected.

7.09 10.09

Lodzkie House, Square Marie Louise 2, 1000 Bruxelles


Master Design d’Innovation Sociale / ESA St Luc Bruxelles

More than ever, our societies must reinvent themselves, our world is changing and undergoing profound mutations: economic, sociological and democratic models must be profoundly questioned... Faced with this situation, new solutions must be found to promote social inclusion, shared values, respect for the environment and a fair and circular economy. To meet these challenges, new tools are needed, and Social Innovation Design is one of them. Drawing on the creative practices and methodologies of human-centred design, creative crafts, participation and rapid prototyping in real-life situations, social innovative design is a profession that designs systemic solutions in response to the needs of living together.

These innovations can take the form of products, services, forms of governance, communication and distribution, in fields ranging from ageing to early childhood, from sustainable food to housing, health, the fight against poverty, exclusion and discrimination of all kinds...

Designed to be technically feasible, financially viable and humane, the
the proposed solutions respond to new social needs or needs where the market or the current social situation has a poor policy, this through the participation and and cooperation of the actors involved and the users.

The Master "Design d'Innovation Sociale" (MDIS) of l'ESA Saint-Luc in
Brussels (www.masterdesign.social), a unique "artistic" training programme in Belgium, has the ambition to train bachelors in visual and spatial arts in social innovation and design thinking as an answer to the major social challenges.
design thinking as an answer to the great social and environmental challenges that await us.

In the framework of Design September 2021, the MDIS will explain its mission by showing the fruits of collaborative projects carried out in the field with various public and associative partners... to reinvent the world of tomorrow.

17 & 30.09 / 5 pm to 9 pm
18 & 19.09 / 2 pm to 6 pm

17.09 30.08

Rue Fritz Toussaint 8, 1050, Ixelles


MLS - MarieLaurenceStevigny

It started with a stolen handbag & pockets full of essentials. The Belgian accessories designer, ML, travelled the world for prestigious collaborations with her essentials hidden undercoat for safety and to keep her mind free. Founded in 2018 in Belgium, the collection is designed in Belgium and quality handmade in premium leathers & recycled materials in Spain and Italy. MLS provides simple, light, timeless, minimal, unisex & modular premium leather goods for daily moves & for new travels.

Treasure your essentials, hands in your pockets. MLS accessories simplify your life.

Open days from 9/09 until 30/09 every week from Thursdays until Sundays.
Thursdays, Fridays & Sundays 01.00-6.30pm
Sundays 01.00-5.00pm

During September no excuses for not visiting spot 33 on Brussels Design September's map in their Art & craft selection :

- Discover our newly redesigned Pocket studio-shop in the heart of Saint-Gilles
- Get surprised by 3 Pocket set designs made by 3 creative women around our Pockets
Roseline d'Oreye 09 until 12/09
Horty Poetry 18 & 19/09
Aude Wolf Belgium 25 & 26/09
- Meet one of these 3 creative women together with our designer ML during each week-ends
- Discover the new coming Pocket editions
- Book your Pocket ambassador photo shoot
- Enjoy a glass of delicious Sol Ar wine from Portugal in our back courtyard
- Invite your friends to discover the Pocket concept during these open days

9.09 30.09

Marie Laurence Stevigny -MLSTUDIO 11 Rue Arthur Diderich 1060 Saint Gilles


More Than Shape - Workshop : When Design Meets Gastronomy

For fans of innovative cuisine and kitchen geeks. You want to share a sensory experience around design and good food ? This workshop is made for you!
You will be guided by Thibault, a young designer who loves cooking and is passionate about technology.
Step by step, you will be led to create a 3-course menu (starter, main course, dessert) by combining traditional techniques and new technologies such as 3D printing or laser cutting.

The workshop can be up to 5 hours depending on the speed of the group.
Price : 100€ / personne.
Languages: French and English.
Max 6 people per workshop.
Workshop reserved for people over 12 years old.
Recipes contain meat and chocolate.

8.09 29.09

Rue Fritz Toussaint 8, 1050 Brussels - FabLab ULB, Building G, 1st floor.



Displacement The action of moving something from its place or position. In Photoshop: used to apply a texture to a flat graphic, it distorts the graphic to conform to the shape of the displacement map. The workplace is changing, expanding, evolving, transforming. From an extremely codified environment to a complete shift of paradigm that questions the very base of the working environment, we are here to design it and live it.
 We are part of it, we work, we telework, we cowork, we mix it up and turn it around, we try to find our place, while constantly challenging the status quo.

 An environment to be defined, to be pushed and tested, to be provoked and incited, to be included and nurtured, to bring in the excessively human at its core. 

Welcome to the workplace orgy.

Friday: 4pm to 8:30pm
Saturday and Sunday: 2pm to 7pm

9.09 26.09

Rue van Malder 24, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean


Nicolas Bovesse Design Studio

On the occasion of Design September, my studio will be open and a little exhibition of my work will be shown. It will be the opportunity to visualize my universe and the way to take charge of a project.

17.09 18.09

Rue de la Réforme 7, 1050 Ixelles



Presentation ok UKIYO, a collection of decorative art objects.

7.09 30.09

NIYONA, Rue de Laeken 86, 1000 Bruxelles


Objects of Fascination

During a digital aperitivo, in the context of this sad, odd, yet interesting Covid-19 first confinement, we (CENTRAL, Maxime Delvaux and UR) discussed our actual condition as architects.

We noticed the rise of a general frustration when the design as well as the collaborative and building processes are slowed down or stopped. This discussion was followed by one on our objects of fascination and the possibility to explore them during this particular moment.

An opportunity not only considered as ‘food for thought’ but also as a possible physical outcome; personal, direct and cultural. As a consequence, we decided to give a collective path to our discussions: a collaborative furniture project called ‘Objects of Fascination’.

24.09 14.11

Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains 10, 1000, Bruxelles


Objetos de resistencia by FABIEN CAPPELLO

Zaventem Ateliers is happy to announce the second edition of Import/Export as of June 5 2021 by inviting French designer Fabien Cappello to fill the Grand
Hall with his “Objetos de Resistencia”. The exhibition which will be open to the public focuses on archiving everyday Mexican objects that are made in local
workshops, “pequeños talleres” and typically sold in popular markets around Mexico.

This exhibition has a dual purpose : to introduce the public to Mexican everyday objects and to present a collection that reflects a particular economy that is at odds with the global neoliberal market. Indeed, these objects do not seek to create necessities but rather to provide specific solutions to existing, specific, common and cultural needs. They resist the imposition of a homogenous, globalised world where we no longer know how, where, and by whom what we buy is made.

7.09 25.09

Zaventem Ateliers/ Grand-Hall


Oeils International

Oeils International, two singular views on art and decoration.

Opening hours :
Tuesday / 2.30am - 6.30pm
Wednesday / 2.30am - 6.30pm
Thursday / 2.30am - 6.30pm
Friday / 2.30am - 6.30pm
Saturday / 2.30am - 6.30pm

7.09 30.09

Rue Fernand Neuray 32, 1050 Ixelles


Open Doors x We Want Sales Again

For the year's design event, cityfab 1 opens its doors to you!

The ideal opportunity to visit this unusual place. Discover the industrial production machines accessible to all (laser cutting, 3D printing, digital milling,.... You will also be able to test some of them during our discovery workshops.

A Corner shop "we want sales again!" will also be part of the event: a great opportunity to discover the creations of the makers and why not to acquire one or the other to support a local production!

25.09 26.09

cityfab 1, 37 rue Dieudonné Lefèvre 1020 Bruxelles


Openstructures open doors

OpenStructures is an open modular construction system that allows circular material flows and facilitates re-use and repair.
Based on an inherent design methodology that incorporates future change(s) by encrypting it directly into the DNA of its building components, OS generates parts that are widely interchangeable, objects that can infinitely be adapted and repaired and a flexible environment that responds dynamically to changing needs.

The OS_Atelier, installed at See U from the very beginning, is a showroom, workshop, archive, meeting place and educational space for designers, schools, press and interested parties to get in touch with the system.

Friday 17.09 4pm - 8pm

17.09 17.09

Rue Fritz Toussaint, 8 1050 Ixelles - Bâtiment H - 1. Floor



With Parideo (by ideals in French), Matthieu Cogels goes to meet Belgian creators and European designers often unknown in Belgium. Beyond the object, he is interested in the designer’s philosophy, his creative approach and expertise.
Parideo avoids trite design and therefore proposes only original, "mature" objects that convey meaning and values.
Parideo does not compromise and demands full transparency from the designers it works with. Each object is chosen for its qualities: purity of lines, durability, uniqueness of design, high-quality materials, quality of manufacture and especially an exclusively European production ! It is also a private showroom in the heart of Brussels (Woluwe-St-Lambert): 130m² dedicated to design. It is like being at home. From the kitchen to the living room, from the bathroom to the bedroom. Each room is a unique source of inspiration. Parideo is currently collaborating with many designers such as Maria Berntsen, Moebe, Shibui, Maximilian Schmahl, Ringsing & Vale, Florence Aobadia, Philippe Bouveret, Heerenhuis, Sascha Sartory, Jaanus Orgusaar, Pierre Stadelmann,… Most of our designers have received numerous awards.

Showroom accessible to the public
from Tuesday to Friday, 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
Also possible on weekends by appointment (children not admitted).

VERNISSAGE Thursday September 6, 6:00 PM till 10:OO PM.

7.09 26.09

Av. du Prince Héritier 118, 1200 Bruxelles


Pierre-Louis Graizon

Pierre-Louis Graizon is a French artist born in 1992 in Montpellier, now based in Brussels. He graduated from the Beaux Arts de Nantes and then took the master's degree in Accessories at La Cambre.

It is the ambivalence of a search for the exceptional in a society globalized by the media exposure of the individual that has motivated his work for several years.
To this end, he takes the opposite position from the technological means that seem appropriate for this research, by resorting to a practice that is as artisanal as it is solitary. This practice combines millinery, leatherwork, gilding, and sewing.

Even though the materials he uses are mainly "recycled", he always looks for a uniqueness or a reference to the culture of luxury, current or past: snake skins, felt hats, naturalized animals, and sculptures from the tourist "mass distribution". It is not the "objects" that matter here, but their charge and the material from which they are composed, which, when arranged in a different form, allows the wearer to acquire a new identity.

The "animal" nature of the materials chosen is dictated by the historical connection to luxury, social distinction and spirituality, but also by the uniqueness of each element, and by the durable nature of organic materials.

17.09 18.09

Avenue Ducpétiaux 60, 1060, Saint-Gilles


Post-Industrial Crafts

Mass production and mass consumption are rapidly reducing precious resources to waste. The limits of this linear system have clearly been exceeded. The need for a system in which raw materials can circulate is increasing. Recycling seems to be the perfect strategy, with residual streams being processed on an industrial scale into new raw materials. However, a great deal of quality and energy is lost in this process. At the same time, many initiatives are emerging on the fringe that transforms industrial waste streams into quality products. These Post-Industrial Crafts are small-scale but illustrate a more sustainable relationship with our products in which reuse, repair and customization of industrial waste streams are standing ahead. The choice of industrial residues as raw material often results in a quirky and raw aesthetic that accentuates the second life of a material. The exhibition provides an overview of experiments, products and projects that are the result of a Post-Industrial Craft process. All works are created by students, teachers, alumni and researchers connected to the Product Design program at the Luca School Of Arts in Genk. The concept of Post-Industrial Craft will also be further explored and developed in this context.

Exhibition with works of:

Nathan Vrebos
Jietse Vanlandschoot
Lies Fauconnier
Custom Territory
Emma Ribbens
Kato Herbots
Cas Reynders
Teis De Greve

Curated by:

Han Decorte
Ben Hagenaars

9.09 23.09

Terrarium Paleizenstraat 70, 1030 Brussel


Reculer les murs

Duo Chevalier-Masson, Christof Hefti, Pierre-Marie et Nicolas Stolarczyk
Formerly the changes linked to the sanitary crisis, the Horta Museum programmed a contemporary exhibition in response to the historical exhibition "Atelier Secrets, the Art Nouveau ornament" presented in July 2020.

Dedicated to 2D ornament and decoration, but from an entirely contemporary perspective, the museum's artistic committee asked five European artists to create a wallpaper appropriate to the location: the Brussels and Belgian-Swiss duo Chevalier-Masson (www. chevalier-masson.be), the Parisian Pierre-Marie (www.pierremariegalerie.com), the Swiss Christof Hefti, who divides his time between Brussels and Berlin (Instagram@c_hefti_2017) and the young Frenchman Nicolas Stolarczyk (Instagram@nicolas.stolarczyk) who studied at La Cambre and works in Brussels.

Their designs, produced for the occasion by Atelier d'Offard in
Tours in France (www.atelierdoffard.com), which specialises in historical papers, are of course placed in the rooms and workshop of the house that have no original wall paintings or wallpaper by William Morris.

So it is in Horta's study and the studio's smoking room that the designs of Pierre-Marie and the Chevalier-Masson duo will be installed, while the creations of Christof Hefti and Nicolas Stolarczyk will be presented in the bedroom and boudoir of Simone, Horta's daughter.

The five artists have been given carte blanche to design the wallpaper, but they are forbidden to go beyond the space allotted to them.

They have conceived and analysed the many interior designs Victor Horta had for his manifesto house, and all have a sense of decoration, ornament and colour from their own experience. Some of them are full-fledged ornamentalists, others are more experienced in textiles, but all are working in the world of furniture, decoration, fashion and museums.

But all of them appreciate the honour and bring in contemporary motifs, their own combinations, colour schemes and interactions with the architecture of the room. They take into account the furniture that decorates the room and the light, which was designed by Horta for himself more than 120 years ago. With respect and daring, they adapt their vision and their palette to this place with a rich history, which was once avant-garde and which for a few months offers another avant-garde, mixing the old with their most recent creations.

As the Horta Museum is a perfect example of a combination of architecture and decorative arts, the exhibition programme focuses on architectural or decorative art themes from the Art Nouveau, Art Deco or entirely contemporary periods.
The exhibition "Reculer les murs" combines for the first time the vocabulary of the 1900s with the ornament of the 2020s.

The Atelier d'Offard manufactures wallpaper in the same spirit, using the tempera technique developed in the 18th century to print on a plate, but with stamps digitally engraved on a composite material.

3.09 14.11

Rue Américaine 27, 1060, Saint-Gilles


Resortecs - Lunch with a designer

Every Second a garbage truck of textiles is wasted globally. Only 1% will
be recycled. This is because recycling, repair and remanufacturing
practices are unfortunately still complicated and expensive as the removal
of different materials, zippers and buttons calls for manual assistance,
making the process both costly and time consuming.

Resortecs® solves this problem by supplying a system that includes heatdismountable
stitching threads, rivets that allow for automated
disassembly and cost-effective recycling.

Resortecs’ sewing thread for example can be used on existing stitching
machines, can be washed and if needed ironed, but unlike regular sewing
thread it dissolves at 200 degrees Celsius. When used for seams, the whole
textile product can easily be disassembled, without damaging the
materials, so that the fabric can be used over and over in new ways,
cutting the need to produce fabric from scratch.

24.09 14.11

Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains 10, 1000 Bruxelles


Response + Responsibility - Design for a more responsible tomorrow

A lecture series handpicked by HIER, focusing on creative responses and responsible design, in the light of our uncertain future.
How can one be more grateful towards nature and take care of it?
A pedestal for responsible designers, artists and industries who do little to big gestures towards a more responsible tomorrow.

Lecture series at Flagey - 21.09 / 8.15pm

21.09 21.09

Studio 1 | Flagey Place Sainte-Croix, 1050 Bruxelles



A beautiful selection of furniture from the 50s to the 80s, ranging from simple and balanced lines to design pieces. A large choice of lighting, ceramics, some art pieces or paintings ... something to please at all prices.

7.09 30.09

618 chaussée d’Alsemberg - 1180 Uccle


Rome me manque…

"Rome me manque..."

Permanent gallery window of Spazio Nobile in Bela Silva's workshop.

17.09 19.07

Spazio Nobile Downtown & Bela Silva Rue des Minimes 61A 1000 Bruxelles


Room 1000

Looking for a hot spot to meet, stay or play in the hip heart of Europe?
R00M 1000 welcomes you for business & pleasure in downtown Brussels.

Brands, companies and creators value the room as a buzzing space for close encounters like team or influencer events, board meetings, photo shoots, product launches, castings, pop-ups and brainstorms.

City trippers, business travelers and visitors experience the room as a stylish studio for short stays to live and/or work whilst discovering the city from its very heart by day and by night.

Associations, artists and neighbors enjoy the room as a safe haven for local stories like workshops, socio-cultural projects, try-outs, expo’s, co-working ateliers and temporary residencies.

We are happy to finally open our doors!

Opening night on Thursday the 30th of september.
18:00 till 22:00
Blvd. Barthélémy 10
1000 Brussel

Rsvp @ info@room1000.be
Rsvp @ nicole@supervue.studio

Artwork by theheadlessguy
Spatial design by Nicole Brock
Picture by Kaatje Verschoren

30.09 30.09

Blvd. Barthélémy 10, 1000 Brussels


Season XVIII- Frederik Vercruysse, Windows

Abstract windows, fragments, pixels

Belgian artist Frederik Vercruysse explores the image as a window that opens onto the real and the imaginary. The figurative space takes new shapes in the defined frame, sometimes blurred by frosted glass or a projected shadow. At different levels, the object appears in a humanised landscape, but without a human presence. It is transformed by daylight, at dawn or dusk, creating visual impressions that emerge from a facade, a landscape, a bouquet of flowers… The still life takes shape, rising from its ashes to come alive behind or beyond the curtains that separate us from the real. The figurative image becomes abstract in a physical world that welcomes it, but without allowing It to materialise. All these free and artistic interpretations from the artist, Frederik Vercruysse, lose themselves in the gaze and emotion of the spectator.

While the glass obscures the view, the clouds, the noise from the street, the light can also dazzle us and present us with a new perspective on the world. That is where the beauty emerges and resides… in these small embrasures that expand our customary field of vision to other possible realities: an invitation to dream, a respite from the ambient brouhaha. The photography connects us to the silence and to ourselves, to a representation that can duplicate without repeating itself. The frame imposes itself like an opening, but the image remains free within these contours that we often try to impose on it. In the exhibition Windows, there is a scenario that emerges: the relationship of the human to the digital, highlighting these fragments, the reframing of this software, and the sharing on the social media that disconnect us from our real life, plunging us into the stream and flow of information, over which the eye and the mind lose control and meaning.

Frederik Vercruysse invites the visitor to confront the analogue image pushed to the limit, pixelated, becoming truer to Itself the closer one gets. Purposefully blurred and distorted in a decomposition that is recreated by our eye that tries to capture its presence, the composition of the image becomes impressionistic and is reborn as the pointillist work of a painter with small brushstrokes.

Windows thus conveys, in Vercruysse's unique language, a body of poetic images that respond to one another between non-pictorial pictures, Window Stills, and composed objects reflecting the ‘mirror of the soul’, the Light Boxes and the Mirror Boxes. The glass, the windows, the glass plates of the photographer of yesteryear become the common thread of this intense investigation. For years, Frederik Vercruysse has tried to combine an analytical, realistic, objective and documentary spirit in his photographic work. He uses the camera like a high-tech tool to produce images in which the frame is entirely staged. By distancing himself, he assembles fragments of the images that he produces over time, to compose lyrical, even hidden, narratives. He thus passes on the feeling of existence, presence and absence, light and its intense rays.

By breaking away from his profession as a photographer, the artist Vercruysse releases his emotions in a more subjective, albeit highly structured, construction. The image of a bouquet on the windowsill becomes blurry, timeless, almost evanescent. The colour palette becomes more graphic, the pixel conveying the feeling, the fragment, what has been or remains hidden for fear of revealing too much. The window we look at every day also separates us from the outside, it protects us and creates the framework for our daily life and our great escape. When it changes context, moving to an environment other than everyday life, the window becomes a space of contemplation, of escape, beyond which the visual experience is transformed and becomes very different. While the photograph is pixelated, it reveals the construction of an image made of repeated small blocks that can be abstracted or, on the contrary, appear as a backdrop. Imperfection is necessary, the pixel reveals the quality of an analogue image, authentic and very intimate - the sign and signature of the artist Frederik Vercruysse.

In the backlight or under the light of a Light Box, in the diffraction of an image escaping and vanishing from a Mirror Box, Windows paints and depicts a new nature of image and photography. Through the production of glass objects in collaboration with Atelier Mestdagh, a stained window glass workshop located in Merelbeke in Belgium (listed on Homo Faber, for excellence in craftmanship in Europe), Spazio Nobile has edited three new creations by Frederik Vercruysse, in limited edition, for their launch during the Brussels Gallery Weekend:

Windows Stills, photographs, 5 + 2AP
Windows Light Boxes, bright rooms, 5 + 2AP
Windows Mirror Boxes, psyches, 5 + 2AP

The photographs were translated into three-dimensional objects whose strength lies in the transparency and subtlety of a living material. The glass has been hand-blown and laminated in the fire. It translates the space in a pictorial and reflective way with a visual scope linked to the space of the gallery. The nature of the image comes to life thanks to the luminous glass frame and shimmering sides cut in the stained-glass workshop. Interplaying with invisibility and with an addition of a new layer of handmade laminated glass or mirror glass, Vercruysse explores the tridimensional and visual effects of framing and unframing his photographs. The subtle play of colours in the photograph and the amplitude of the play of light and shadow allow the image to float in its own space-time. The image becomes an object or icon, and is reflected, as if in an Art Deco stained glass window, in an abstraction that connects the spiritual in art.

Lise Coirier, June 2021.

10.09 14.11

Practical Details Spazio Nobile Gallery, rue Franz Merjay 142, 1050 Brussels



Laetitia & Patrick are one.
They are a duo of artists, they are one artist.
One night, they had a craving. The desire to open a place where they could showcase their talents in common.

Laetitia like the kind of interiors where you feel good, warm and bold, full of ideas, full of forms and colors, the luminous atmospheres rich in details. Patrick likes above all to create. Designer, artist, craftsman, he creates useful, decorative and always surprising objects, sometimes a work of art, sometimes a functional object, and sometimes both at the same time.

In few days, they found the place, a former trade of upwards of Ixelles, two steps away from the Tenbosch Park, and they have spruced it up to make from it a welcoming space ready to unveil all their finds, all their creations and all their decorating ideas. The ground floor of the Mélèzes Street houses the store, the cellars and their workshop. TILT the shop and TILT studio were born.

TILT? Because they have tilted. Tilted on this common desire. And also because the only real criterion of selection of objects and present creations in the store, that’s because they both tilt while seeing or imagining them in their heads. When they like it, they exchange a look, they tilt. Because TILT it’s also this, Things I Love Today, the store of things and interiors that we love.

TILT universe is governed by what will make you melt, by the shapes and colors, by lights and smells, because for them, life is beautiful and it deserves all this. Together, they created a surprising and unique place, closer to the eclectic spirit and colorful San Francisco villas of Scandinavian design. They imagined a kind of harmonious wunderkammer where there are small furniture, works of art, lamps, vases, perfumes, jewelry and a thousand and one other ideas where everyone can find the big or small gift to offer or afford.

We can find in TILT creations “made in here” of TILT studio, works of art and of brands as Ortigia and many other things.

17.09 18.09

Rue des Mélèzes 103, 1050, Ixelles


Tomas Libertiny - Encres Bleues

The Bluescapes is an ongoing series of works on paper and wood anchored (but not limited to) in the use of BiC ink medium and the power of its unique blue hue.

Tomas Libertiny is constantly inspired by nature and its intricate power to communicate with our senses. The artist revisits the concept of landscape paintings trying to extract the essence of the experience of being overwhelmed by space and nature’s territory. There is an omnipresent sense of peace as well as a rewarding fresh melancholia. These works on paper present both abstract and figurative direction in this attempt.


10.09 14.11

Spazio Nobile Studiolo Rue Franz Merjay 169 1050 Bruxelles



Our organization designs objects, tools, concepts, in upcycling to create jobs with high added value. We work in the spheres of decoration, scenography, events, well-being, sport, and high-level utopia.

1.09 31.12

Rue Fritz Toussaint 8, 1050 Ixelles


Vitrine 37a - HEFF

“Will we ever be in fashion with our cycling clothes?”
The fashion accessories and pantsuits to go to work by bike in style displayed in the “Vitrine 37A” have been designed and produced by the students of Applied arts (Styliste/Modéliste) at the Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer: comfort, ergonomics, security and style! The scenography has been imagined by the students of "Publicité/Amenagement de l’espace" with the fashion designers. The pieces exhibited in the “Vitrine 37a” of Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer will be renewed several times during September and October.

10.09 30.10

Vitrine 37a HEFF - 37a avenue de Stalingrad - 1000 Bruxelles


Voûte by Hugues Loinard @ FFCS

For this year’s edition of Brussels Design September, FFCS wishes to present an immersive installation by artist-designer Hugues Loinard entitled Voûte. In addition to the permanent installation Argyria already presented in the space and produced in September 2020 under the duo Philae which he forms with Pauline Mikó, Hugues will present a molding of drapery made in Jesmonite, suspended and descending from the ceiling of FFSC. Obstructing the circulation, this installation will force the visitor to bend down in order to move around the place.

The Brussels-based artist is currently making a series of paintings in the form of casts evoking the first classical draperies, the question of representation, and ultimately the restitution of textiles in painting and sculpture. He will integrate his new researches and techniques into the Voûte.

2.09 30.09

Rue du Vieux Marché aux Grains 39, 1000, Bruxelles


Wiki Women Design evening debate : women in the contemporary architectural practice

As one of the final elements of its year-long Wiki Women Design project, the Flanders Architecture Institute invites contemporary Belgian women designers, researchers and other design professionals to engage in a debate on the role of women in the contemporary design practice. This panel of women will touch on why the representation of women in the field is so important, and how the presence of women in design history as well as the contemporary design practice is absolutely essential for future generations. In debate with each other and with the audience, these women will embark on a discussion about role models and key figures, entrepreneurship, creativity, finding one’s place as a woman in the field and the challenges this might bring, and feminism in design and architecture.

With Wiki Women Design, the Flanders Architecture Institute strives to bring women who have left their mark on Belgium's design heritage out of the shadows of history. Many women contributed to the designed environment, from (interior) architecture and graphic design to fashion and product design. Nevertheless, many remained under the radar of heritage institutions, researchers and collectors. With Wikipedia as a universal platform, writing sessions as a means, and five renowned female designers (Oana Bogdan, Stefanie Everaert and Caroline Lateur from Doorzon, Linde Freya Tangelder and Sara De Bondt) as ambassadors, Wiki Women Design has made up for this backlog in the Belgian context for the past year.

This evening debate at MAD Brussels will build forth the international conference that will be held within the framework of Wiki Women Design on the same day. This congress, focused on women, design and heritage, will take place at the Art & History Museum and will bring together researchers in architecture and design, professionals in heritage institutions, international experts in the field and contemporary designers. This conference will reflect upon the results of the project in terms of its contributions to Belgian design history and the awareness it has brought to the general public of women in design. Next to this, speakers will reflect upon women designers’ place in design history, design heritage institutions and design professions internationally.

The location of the evening debate, MAD Brussels, fits perfectly in the context of the project. During the Wiki Women Design project, we discovered that the building of the MAD, Home of Creators, was originally an office and showroom for Usines Peters-Lacroix (UPL), designed by female modernist architect Eliane Havenith, in collaboration with M. Anneet. It will be the perfect location to house the conversation on women in contemporary design professions on September 23, 2021.

23.09 23.09

MAD Brussels, Home of Creators Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains, 10 1000 Brussels



Designed to greet both members and visitors, wokr17 is a social place and a working club in a stylish and elegant location with intimate decor and amazing services including work and creative spaces, meeting rooms, a restaurant with our 2 chefs Sol&Mat and a great cocktail bar, without forgetting its amazing garden.

Reservation: e-mail to hello@wokr.eu or call to 02 840 68 62

7.09 30.09

Rue du Berger 17, 1050 Ixelles



WOLF is the first food market in Brussels. It is the sharing of honest and responsible cuisine, in an exceptional place for a total experience.

Lionel Jadot is the daring designer that turned this old bank into WOLF.
A maximum of the dismantled elements in the building were used to build WOLF.

The signs of the different counters, as well as old desks, have been repurposed into lamps. Boxes of Val Saint Lambert glasses from the glass roof were found and transformed by Lionel Jadot in lamps for the main bar.

The front panels of the marble counters become the shelves of the main bar, and the brass trim strips of these same counters, the toilets’ lamps. For the kiosks, no less than 700 foundry molds that were recovered to reconstruct a frieze, recalling the frieze in the entrance.

7.09 30.09

Rue du Fossé aux Loups 50, 1000 Bruxelles


Women, Design & Heritage : International Conference

Many female designers have remained under the radar of researchers and heritage institutions. In October 2020 the Flanders Architecture Institute launched the project Wiki Women Design together with 27 partners in order to record and unlock data and knowledge on Wikipedia about women’s contribution to the designed environment: from architecture, design and graphic design to fashion and product design. Making this knowledge visible and accessible in collaboration with heritage institutions, designers, the academic world and the Wikipedia community aims to contribute in a participatory way to a more inclusive record of design heritage.

On the 23rd of September, 2021, an international conference will be held as the final chapter of the Wiki Women Design project.

This congress aims to bring together researchers in architecture and design, professionals in heritage institutions, international experts in the field and contemporary designers. This one-day meeting will be held at the Art & History Museum in Brussels, who are a partner of the Wiki Women Design project and an organizer of one of the writing sessions of edit-a-thons.

The objective of the day is to reflect upon the project’s preliminary results, both in terms of the tangible findings in the form of written Wikipedia articles and important (re)discovered Belgian women designers, as well as in the difference the project has made in the design field and the general awareness in a larger public.

The day’s lectures, followed by discussion moments and debates, will also consider the future steps that can be undertaken in advancing research and education on women in design and the inclusion of women in design and architectural heritage collections, in order to introduce a better representation of women in design history. The contemporary heritage field will be examined, and how a shared effort can be done to address and overcome its still very present gender gap. These reflections will also be carried through to women in contemporary design professions, which will be elaborated even more during the evening debate at MAD Brussels.

Registration : https://www.eventbrite.be/e/women-design-heritage-international-conference-tickets-161744569361

23.09 23.09

Art & History Museum Parc du Cinquantenaire 10 1000 Brussels


XX vintage

XX vIntage work/shop is a werkplaats-boutique offering a selection of restored and / or revisited vintage furniture and lighting. The workshop also offers its services to restore your own furniture.

7.09 30.09

Rue de la Glacière 18, 1060 Saint-Gilles


Zaventem Ateliers Open doors

Zaventem Ateliers is located in Flanders, in the heart of the town of Zaventem and at two steps from Brussels. The former 6000m2 paper mill has been transformed in a truly creative space thanks to the driving force of designer, scenographer and interior architect Lionel Jadot.

This industrial building houses some thirty individual studios of different sizes, among which the designer’s personal studio. The building only opened in September 2018 and today almost all studios are taken by artists and collectives working ceramics, leather, metal, marble or wood.

This diverse group of artists with different backgrounds and personalities form an impressively stimulating and innovative group. The studios form a close-knit community characterized by a family and entrepreneurial atmosphere. It is an exquisite selection of both emerging and more experienced artists, where cooperation, discussion and sharing expertise are put central.

All thirty studios overlook the Grand Hall, an impressive 600m2 exhibition space. The Grand Hall is the ideal place to offer an extra dimension to the creative ambition of Zaventem Ateliers and in the meantime opens the dialogue with the outside world. Typical for the Grand Hall is the fact that it’s located in the middle of the artists. This way, the public not only gets the chance to visit an exhibition, but also to dive into the intimacy of the studios. Every visitor gets the opportunity to meet the Zaventem Ateliers designers and artists.

Since June, Fabien Cappello is the guest of the "Grandhall" with his exhibition "OBJETOS DE RESISTENCIA". On September 25th, all the studios will be open for the finissage of his exhibition! A unique opportunity to visit this unique space in the world!

---> Open doors on 25.09 <---

25.09 25.09

Fabrieksstraat 15/19, 1930 Zaventem

Map data ©2022 Google
Map data ©2022 Google
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