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Anna, Kika et les autres...

Anna K.'s new boutique is located at 90 A, rue du Page in Ixelles. In this timeless setting, you will find the entire universe of the designer: from her jewellery creations to her prized and affordable selections, as well as a range of accessories, photographs, drawings, scents and products dedicated to well-being. The creations are produced locally with a view to slow-consumption. Here, the shared moment is paramount. To meet together to find.

Shopping and design hours from Wednesday to Saturday from 12:00 to 19:00.
2 photography openings on Wednesday 14.09 and 21.09 from 6pm to 8.30pm.

13.09 30.09

Rue du Page 90a, 1050 Ixelles



Arflex- Them Design Market is a showroom created to promote products from the Milanese designer arflex (sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables, coffee tables) but also design lamps and lighting fixtures from Flos. We also exhibit some unusual objects and works of art, based on the inspiration of the moment.

13.09 30.09

Avenue Brugmann 204, 1050 Ixelles


Atelier 178

Founded in 2018 by Miline Van Houtte, Atelier 178 is a Boutique workshop in the center of Brussels, specialized in the design and production of luxury leather goods. CUSTOM MADE We offer a line of made-to-order bags and accessories but also a whole range of custom-made products. The customer chooses the model which matches his wishes and personality, the leather, the lining, the desired interior pockets, the color of the thread ... FULL SERVICE From design to prototyping, including material sourcing and realization in our workshop, we take care of projects from start to finish and offer our customers a personalized service. Passionate, we are constantly looking for new techniques and solutions putting our know-how, the quality and the exchange at the center of our work. LOCAL In view of continuity and concern for a local and eco-responsible production, we work exclusively with skins of European origin (Belgium, France, Italy, Spain)

16.09 16.09

Rue Edith Cavell 178, 1180 Uccle


Atelier Belvédère

Vintage shop of furniture and decoration coupled with an Atelier for furniture restoration. You find restored and customized furniture but also mirrors, frames, lights, crockery of the 50's, 60's and 70's. We give an extra life to your own old armchair with a new upholstery and we also repair and relook your old looking or broken furniture.

13.09 30.09

Rue du Belvédère 14, B-1050


Atelier la Gadoue

La Gadoue is a design and craft studio focusing on materials experimentation.The duo of Audrey Werthle and Eloïse Maës create circular textiles for architectural use and unique ceramic pieces. They are all designed and thought for the spaces and audiences they address to.

Friday 16/09: opening from 6.30pm
17 and 18/09: open house from 12:00 to 18:00.

16.09 18.09

Studio Citygate, 1A rue de la petite île, B-1070


Atelier Munana Gatera

Visit the INZU - Atelier Munana Gatera
Born in Burundi, raised between Rwanda, Congo and Belgium, working between Lisbon and Brussels, Munana Gatera is a self-taught artist who likes to play with different crafts and techniques. A serial creator at heart, he does not like to label himself a designer or a painter but rather considers himself a creator of emotions who takes on any creative endeavor his soul calls for. He has collaborated with name brands and independent designers before creating his own namesake brand in 2014. In 2021, Munana and his team inaugurated the INZU (home in Kinyarwanda) to operate as atelier, showroom, and exhibition space. The space usually available upon reservation, will open doors for 3 days during BDC. About "Art on RUGS"Returning after a long time spent pondering and experimenting with his craft in the confines of his atelier, Munana Gatera comes back to the design world with a high-end rug collection. Remaining true to himself in this capsule collection, he brings together his many disciplines: painting, fashion, graphic art, and design.Partly re-creation, partly exclusive design this collection [re]presents the essence of the Gatera DNA. Each rug is limited to seven numbered sealed copies, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The rugs are handmade in Portugal following long-lived traditional techniques.

16.09 18.09

Rue Wery 46 B-1050 Bruxelles


Ateliers Genesis

- Opening on 14th September at 6pm -

The Genesis workshops are located in the commune of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean and bring together young artists from Brussels and elsewhere. They bring together different techniques with totally eclectic styles.

They open the doors of their workshops to you to discover their creative universe. Several disciplines are intermingled, such as painting, furniture design and sculpture. You can find the work of Maxime Halot, WoodStockBelgium, Fabien Karp, Alexane Sanchez, Emilien Deschodt, Jacques Di Piazza, Robin Divrande, Jeremy Bobel, Félix Reuter, Raphael Rizzo and Tristan Bründler. They will be happy to welcome you to talk about their work.

Wed. to Sat. : 11am > 5pm

15.09 30.09

Rue de L'Indépendance 142, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean


Ateliers J&J

- Opening on 15.09 : 6pm > 9pm -

Launched in 2012, Ateliers J&J is a young design and production studio of colorful tubular furniture, a subtle blend of ironwork, wood and textiles. With their new boutique, Ateliers J&J mix their furniture with creations from other artisans and artists, with the aim of weaving new links between know-how in order to offer ever more ambitious collaborations.

Tues. to Sat.: 1pm > 7pm

14.09 30.09

Chaussée d'Alsemberg 110, B-1060

best of vintage

Aux ciseaux d’or

Purchase and sell 20th century furniture.

Thurs. - Frid.: 10am > 4pm
Sat. - Sun.: 10am > 6pm

13.09 30.09

Rue Haute 218/220, 1000 Bruxelles


B-collective edition 2022

- Opening on 15th September from 6pm to 10pm -

Platform for Belgian creatives. Bringing their fascinating work to be seen. The focus is on unique items and limited series. The monumental form and aesthetics are given priority over functionality. Experiments with materials and techniques that lead to objects that surprises and moves. We are happy sharing these upcoming talents who are proud to be Belgian…

Edition 2022: Studio Fuho, CHHT, Axelle Vertommen, Timon Mattelaer, i.s.m. architecten, Manon Clement, Louise Richard, AMGS, Brukseilas, Liesbet Lutin

15.09 22.10

Rue Rouppe 1 - Rue Philippe De Champagne 21, 1000 Brussels


Belgisch Design Belge

Pop-up laboratory, belgisch design belge presents a history of Belgian design, from Art Nouveau to today’s creation, via post-war functionalism. The exhibition offers an overview of the major figures, the movements and avant-gardes that shaped it, as well as the achievements that have defined it and, the institutions that promoted it.This exhibition has been made possible thanks to the support of the King Baudouin Foundation and the National Lottery.

13.09 30.09

Design Museum Brussels - Place de Belgique 1, 1020 Laeken



Bisebille is a young upcycling brand inspired by multiple artistic movements. Very colorful, these creations are made from collected plastics for the jewelry, towels for the fanny pack, or bedspread for jackets and bags. A lot of other materials are transformed depending the mood of Angélique, the creator, who love to explore a maximum of possibilities.

Opening hours from Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm.

13.09 30.09

Moirés - Rue du Marché au charbon 81, B-1000

best of vintage

Brussels Design Market

On the 24 & 25 September 2022, the Brussels Design Market will welcome you anniversary edition in the Maritime Station on Tour & Taxis. The opportunity to discover a large selection of vintage design pieces from the 20th century presented by more than 100 international dealers: from emblematic pieces signed by the big names in design, to the productions of anonymous designers.

24.09 25.09

Gare Maritime, Tour & Taxis | Rue Picard 11 - 1000 Bruxelles

best of vintage

Cédric t'kint

My gallery offers a selection of twenty century pieces mostly lamps, furniture, paintings generally covering the period between art deco and the 1980's. These pieces come mainly from the north of Europe, Italy and Belgium.

Sat.: 2pm > 6pm + by appointment

13.09 30.09

Rue Fernand Neuray 35A, 1050 Ixelles



Speakers: Amandine David, Astrid Commeignes, Pauline Vitupier, Margaux Minodier, Giovanna Massoni, Christelle Vial, Charlotte Debeer, Christiane Högner, Apolline Vranken, Sephora Thomas.
Initiative of Maak&Transmettre association
Every Thursday in September 2022
More information: https://www.instagram.com/maakandtransmettre/

With the aim of promoting new female figures in the world of Design, a series of conferences around the themes of technology, curation, production, theory and research are proposed in order to affirm their presence and their participation in the contemporary scene. They could be a model or a figurehead for a new vision of design.

8.09 13.10


Charlotte Beaude Store

I opened the showroom of my Brand of accessories in december 2021 in Brussels. I studied interior architecture and Design and after 2 years I decided to launch my brand.

13.09 30.09

Rue de la Réforme 34, 1050 Bruxelles



Homemade, custom-made, reusable and mobile modular furniture.
Designed and manufactured in Brussels with European wood.
At Chennaux&fille, an idea creates the shape of a piece of furniture. Its beauty is the result of innovation.

13.09 30.09

33 Fernand Neuray street 1050 Ixelles


Chills studio by Solange Cloesen

Chills is a design and interior architecture studio exploring the boundaries of ligth and space by providing creative and personalized solutions.In our new space, we designed the living room where the bloodstained rug symbolizes our commitment to questioning.For its opening, Chills studio has chosen to collaborate with Moroso, Frankly Amsterdam, Design Stone, Bulo, Vervloet, Flos, Light Addict, Les Vrais, Jean-François D’Or, Adeline Halot, Nanala, Ireene, etc.

Opening hours from 1pm to 7pm.

16.09 18.09

Brouwerij Eylenbosh - Chaussée de Ninove 776, B-1703


CityFab 1

- Open doors on 23 & 24/09 -

Cityfab 1 is a digital fabrication workshop open to all. During the open house, come and discover the backstage of local production in a fablab and meet the creators who use computer-controlled machines in their creations. And who knows, maybe you'll want to try your hand at laser cutting or digital embroidery too? On this occasion, a surprise workshop will also be offered!

23.09 24.09

cityfab 1, 37 rue Dieudonné Lefèvre 1020 Bruxelles


CityFab 3

- Open doors on 16 & 19/09: 1pm > 5pm -

Cityfab3 is a Fablab - digital fabrication workshop - specialising in small series production. Our training courses are accessible to all and give access to numerous machines, such as a water jet cutter, digital milling machines, a laser cutter, a thermoforming machine and 3D printers. Our targeted workshops allow you to go further in a particular field or technique.
=> Workshops and training: www.cityfab3.brussels/formations-evenements/

16.09 19.09

Rue des vétérinaires 42 Batiment C, site City Line, 1070 Anderlecht


Collection by Sophie Derom - Jewelry and objects

- Opening on 15.09 at 5pm until 9pm -

Collection by Sophie Derom is specialised in XX and XXI century ceramics, decorative objects and vintage jewellery. The selection is driven by Sophie's attraction for quality and aesthetic value.

Mo. to Sa.: 11am to 6:30pm.
Closed on Sunday.

15.09 30.09

Galerie Brigitte Geerinckx - Rue Darwin 44, B-1050


Collective exhibition

- Opening on 21 September at 6pm -

The interior architecture of the Grand Hospice has been radically transformed and only the chapel retains its original appearance, in which 6 designers will take their place to exhibit their creations during Design September.

Chanel Kapitanj / Studio Chanel Kapitanj
Born in Liege in 1992, Chanel Kapitanj studied Industrial Design in Belgium. Her fascination for metal materials and manual work led her to train as a metal welder. As a result, she launched her own design and metalwork studio in 2017. She approaches her projects with a minimalist approach and a focus on metallic materials.

Martha Samyn
In Martha Samyn's work, one can feel her fascination with colour and the human body. Recalling her own childhood freedom, she designs playful and colourful pieces. In this way, she wants to breathe new life into grey interiors and wardrobes. The rugs, blankets, clothes make you think of a more playful and free adult life. What is normally hidden, is now shown. Through nonchalant, open and free-spirited themes such as sexuality, childhood and male-female relationships, she questions the world and asks what it means to be an adult. What is allowed and what is not? Can an adult show his or her skin without it being sexual, as a child can? When are we considered adults and when do we become adult enough to have to hide everything?

Lisa Berden
Lisa Berden is a Belgian designer who is fascinated by the challenge and transformation of our daily reality. Her designs are constantly searching for a certain sense of contemporary beauty where the key pillar is to create a sense of wonder through complexity in simplicity. Because of her fascination with experimental research, 'playfulness' is often reflected in her designs. Lisa likes to mix and match different disciplines to create new visions of design.

Billyjean Potvliege / Studio Billyjean
Travel bags is a project born from the questioning of man as a wanderer, whether by survival or by choice. Illustrated by a simple and functional object, but which tells many stories and is known by many names. In Antwerp they are called 'Moroccan bags', while at the Antwerp Fashion Academy, for example, they are called 'Chinese bags' or 'Japanese bags'. In Germany, it is called "the Turkish suitcase". In some parts of Africa, it is the "Ghana Must Go" bag, a bitter reminder of a dark chapter in the history of Nigeria and Ghana. In still other countries, it is simply called the 'refugee bag'. The reference to faraway places seems to sum up the fact that the bag represents migration. A symbol of man's long history as a nomad, this plastic bag is an object linked to communities that gather, meet and overlap.

Thomas Meulder wants to tell stories through objects. Let the object you choose to have with you and pass by every morning speak to you! That it is not soulless, devoid of past and identity. That it does not exist only to fulfil a primary function, but that it conveys a message, that it reveals a past life experience, a sharing between several personalities, a respect for the world that surrounds us and, like a carefully selected praline in its box, a delectable creativity.

Collective exhibition with : Chanel Kapitanj, Martha Samyn, Lisa Berden, Studio Billyjean, Sugarman

22.09 25.09

Rue du Grand Hospice 7, B-1000


Contemporary Design Market

The 2022 edition will again be organized in the beautiful Gare Maritime site at Tour & Taxis, as one of the highlights of the Brussels Design September program. Contemporary Design Market will share the place with the Brussels Design Market, the largest event dedicated to 20th century design consistently attracting over 7 000 visitors!

The Contemporary Design Market is an exclusive exposure and sales platform for both established and upcoming Belgium based designers working across design disciplines and with a variety of mediums. It is a unique opportunity to discover designers, meet up-and-coming talents, and of course, acquire authentic Belgian design pieces.

Contemporary Design Market is part of the Design September programme and is an initiative of Flanders DC, Wallonie Design and Design September.

Professionals, collectors, dealers, architects and design lovers of all kinds are invited to discover the very best of the Belgian contemporary design scene. Carefully selected by a committee of experts, the designers will showcase their latest creations for one weekend only.


24.09 25.09

TOUR & TAXIS Gare Maritime - Rue Picard, 11 – 1000 Brussels, Belgium


CPHAGEN: Nordic Happiness

CPHAGEN concept stores were launched almost 5 years ago by Thomas Petersen. Our mission is to offer the best selection of Nordic design and coolest lifestyle items from established and emerging brands, mainly from Denmark. Our selection is constantly evolving, in all directions! We are happy to welcome you in a pleasant setting with a warm, professional and, above all, careful service! Hygge all the way!Here are some of the amazing brands we carry in our concept stores: Rains, OYOY, Pernille Corydon, Messy Weekend, Danefæ and many more. We recently launched our furniture showroom where you can discover our partners Normann Copenhagen, FDB Møbler, Via Copenhagen, Gejst, Hübsch, Superliving, Nordic Tales, Pappelina and many more.

Visit the two other CPHAGEN shops:
CONCEPT STORE: Rue Africaine 108, B-1060
FURNITURE & LAMPS SHOWROOM: Rue de Flandre 94, B-1000

6.09 30.09

Rue de Flandre 59, 1000 Bruxelles.


CR#1 - Collection Responsable

- Opening on 16/09: 6pm & closing on 23/09: 6pm -

The CR#1 exhibition aims to show our first range of non-commissioned furniture and objects. This range represents the duo's ethic, between a need for artistic expression and a subtle reaction to the stealthy end of the world and the destruction of ecosystems. CR#1 is as much an intimate production as a political one. We cannot create without understanding. We therefore privilege technical clarity, sharing our magic with the ambition to unveil the secrets of furniture design and respect for the material. It is the latter that guides and inspires us more than anything else. All the objects we make are made of materials we have found in the cities and places we travel through. Each piece of material carries with it the layers of its territory, its character, its history. We examine our materials and tame them in our hands, with our senses. Our pieces tell and weave, each in its own way, a life story, an attachment to the spaces, moments and people who have made them emerge and who make them their own. CR#1 allows us to create a moment of sharing and discussion around these stories, and the vision that we have of objects: tools that allow for connection and exchange, that make us reflect on the value of matter, rejection, and creation.

16.09 23.09

Rue du Page 70, B-1050

best of vintage


Located in the heart of the antiques district of Brussels you can find at d+design a large selection of furniture, lighting and objects from the 20th century with an accent on Italian design by great designer such as Gio Ponti, Ettore Sottsass, Joe Colombo Gino Sarfatti, Ico Parisi, Castiglioni, and more! We also have a selection of european and american design.

Opening hours :
Wed.: 11am > 6pm

13.09 30.09

Rue Blaes 87, 1000 Bruxelles


Dark and Silver by Pol Quadens

Cocktail Atelier Pol Quadens
September 29

Pol Quadens presents pieces of design and sculpture in his studio-loft and former church from the 1920s recently restored by the owner of the premises. Long fascinated and occupied by the magnificent finishes of polished stainless steel, he is now turning to a rawer, deeper finish; an acid blue, black patina on natural steel that gives it depth and charm contrasting with the mirror polished steel.

13.09 30.09

Avenue Emile Vandervelde 155, 1200 Woluwe St Lambert


De Nim Sur Cyclé + KidsUpcyclingProjects

I recover jeans that are too damaged to be sold in the thrift shop economy, and transform them in my Brussels workshop into graphic and sustainable fashion accessories and decorative objects. I get my supplies from the big social sorting structures in Wallonia. And also, come and discover the upcycled creations of the little Molenbeek makers and the young people of the Recywest project which takes place on the Molenwest site.

15.09 18.09

Rue Mommaerts 4, B-1080


Design & Transformation by Prague House

- Opening on Wednesday 7 September at 6.30pm -

Terezie Lexová and Štěpán Smetana, a graduate and product design student at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, hid the Czech Landscape installation in the premises of the Prague House in Brussels, presenting examples of the work of professors, graduates and students of the main organizer of the event - Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM). The natural inspiration of the Czech landscape coincides with other parts of the exhibition in the Prague House. For example, in the presentation of the Lasvit company, designer Mária Čulenová-Hostinová imprinted into the glass components of the Herbarium installation plants and twigs from the Lusatian Mountains, in whose arms the Lasvit collections are created. The successful company mmcité, which specializes in exterior urban furniture, then presents its production in the garden of the Prague House.

Mo. to Fri. : 9am > 5pm or by appointment.
Opening on the w.e. of 17 and 18 September: 10 am > 6 pm.

8.09 2.10

Prague House in Brussels - Avenue Palmerston 16, B-1000


Design and Transformation. Stories of Czech design 1990-2020

In the frame of the Czech Presidency of the EU, the exhibition “Design and Transformation. Stories of Czech Design 1990-2020” presents the Czech Republic as a place where innovations that are beneficial in an international context are born and where locally specific traditions are also preserved and valued. The exhibition explores the selected projects of thirteen successful companies that reflect the upheavals of Czech history and have a long legacy of products known far beyond the borders of the Czech Republic such as the international car manufacturer Škoda and furniture producer TON, as well as other young companies. Furthermore, the show will also pay homage to more traditional Czech domains, for example glassmaking. To accompany the exhibition, a presentation of the Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design will be included, which features a video projection on the facade of the Prague House in Brussels.Main Organizer: UMPRUM Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague together with Moravian Gallery in Brno and the Design Museum Brussels.

7.09 8.01

Design Museum Brussels - Place de Belgique 1, 1020 Laeken


Design with Sense

Kitchen With Sense : 90% reuse !
Not easy to find a kitchen manufacturer that combines aesthetics and ergonomics with ecology ? After five years of research and experimentation, Design With Sense set itself the challenge of designing kitchens based on 90% reuse. Refined design adapted to you use is guaranteed... Let's eat !

Friday 16/09 : from 5:30pm until 9pm
Open doors on Saturday 17/09 : from 1pm until 6pm

16.09 17.09

Rue des Fortifications 9, B-1060


Designers Tower

a dialogue between German and Brussels based designers
=> open from Tues. to Sat.: 10am > 6 pm.

In 2020, a first joint exhibition with Brussels and German designers from the state state of North Rhine-Westphalia was initiated at Passagen in Cologne, during the yearly international furniture fair. The initial plan was - and still is - to continue this cross-border exchange between MAD Brussels and Designers Towers. Unfortunately, lockdown measures due to Covid prevented two successive bilateral exhibitions in 2021 and 2022.

At last, during Design September 2022, an exhibition with five young design talents and design studio's from each NRW and Brussels, ten in total, will take place. The fact that this will be in Brussels is a première in the true sense.

The selected designers from NRW are Anja Bachmann, JBNG, Julian Gerullis, Johannes Budde and Olaf Schroeder & Enis Akiev. Their work will be confronted with the work of Brussels based designers : Beaverhausen, Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte, Yvan Caillaud Design Studio, Zigmund Pront and Esther De Vos. The selected designers from both regions meet for the first time. Herewith, different orientations of design training and cultural imprinting of both regions emerges. The presented concepts, furniture and home furnishings enter into a multi-layered correspondence which conveys a transnational outlook on the interior design of tomorrow.

Both the Brussels-Capital Region and the neighbouring German state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) are widely recognized as centers for European design. The focus of the joint venture has been on innovative interior design preferably coming from young designers from both regions. Designers Tower which already made a name as a platform for design talent from the state of NRW, supported by the State Ministry of Economic Affairs, has been the initiator. MAD Brussels, funded by the Brussels-Capital Region and the City of Brussels, was the Belgian public partner in the 2020 event. Hub.brussels has been in charge of the practical organisation.

16.09 1.10

MAD - Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains 10, B-1000


DOMINO by Gilbard

- 18 September: open doors of the workshop + furniture exhibition from 1pm to 7pm -

In September-October, in the heart of the Sablons, the FaceB team is making its spaces available for Domino, a residency based on reuse initiated by Gilbard. Designers and resident artists experiment together.

The aim is to bring together a variety of profiles around the issue of doing things together and reuse. The practices are organised around the production of systems, aesthetics, context and available resources. The guests form a team that works on a playful space inviting movement and reinterpretation of the installation. The scenography is interconnected by materials arranged in the manner of dominoes and integrates the practices of the different participants.

Domino: A game consisting of 28 dominoes, which must be assembled according to certain rules.
Domino: An electrical junction block.
Domino: A predecessor of wallpaper, the design of which is printed on an engraved wooden board and the colours are applied with a brush or stencil.
Domino: Chain reaction.
Domino: Floating, hooded garment worn at masked balls.

Guests: Jane Wright, Aliocha Tazi, Colin Roustan, Laetitia Troilo, Lou Cocody-Valentino, Sylvain Brillault, Earthstone, Marie De Villoutreys, Nicolas Robert, Arthur Halbique, Vincent Martini

18.09 20.10

Rue Lebeau 18, 1000 Bruxelles


Empreintes-matières by Isabelle Yamamoto at MLS - MarieLaurenceStevigny + ET LE BIJOUX CREA LA FEMME

- Opening drinks on 15.09 : 5pm-9pm -

It started with a stolen handbag & pockets full of essentials. Ever since the Belgian accessories designer, Marie-Laurence Stévigny, travelled the world for design collaborations with prestigious brands ( Nike US, Nina Ricci, Bill Amberg London, Rochas, Aston Martin, Bentley, MV Agusta, Samsonite, Agnelle, Guerlain etc)keeping her essentials hidden undercoat for safety and for keeping her mind free. Founded in 2018 in Belgium, the MLS accessories Pocket collection is quality handmade in premium leathers & recycled materials in Spain and Italy. MLS provides simple, light, timeless, minimal, unisex & modular premium leather goods for daily moves & for new travels. Treasure your essentials, hands in your pockets.MLS accessories simplify your life.MLS accessories has now moved its design studio and show room in a new address in Ixelles near Brugmann place where the first MLS pocket store is now open since April 2022.

Belgian jewelry brand created by Joëlle Van de Voorde. She started the label after studying Monumental sculpture at the Royal Academy of Art and Design in Brussels. The brand has acquired it’s own recognizable style over the years. Selected by museum stores, boutique hotels and concept stores, her collections have been exhibited around the world.

Collaboration with Empreintes-matières by Isabelle Yamamoto and Joëlle Van de Voorde
Exhibition from 15.09 to 24.09


15.09 24.09

Rue Emile Bouilliot 3, 1050 Ixelles


Et le bijou créa la femme

Belgian jewelry brand created by Joëlle Van de Voorde. She started the label after studying Monumental sculpture at the Royal Academy of Art and Design in Brussels. The brand has acquired it’s own recognizable style over the years. Selected by museum stores, boutique hotels and concept stores, her collections have been exhibited around the world.


13.09 30.09

Rue Emile Bouillot 3, B-1050



It’s September and you know what that means, right? A WHOLE MONTH DEDICATED TO BRUSSELS DESIGN.

For the occasion, Extra-Ordinaire is partnering the BDS to propose a series of collaborations & events until the last day of the month: It started Wednesday the 7th and will go on until Thursday the 30th:

We’re proudly welcoming special guests & designers for exclusive collaborations & events:

Brussels Design September – The month-long festival powered by the city. We’ll be presenting the partnerships, supported by the BDS, on the Thursday the 16th during an after-work from 6pm to 9pm.

Thierry Boutemy – the renowned florist based in Brussels – is creating a turnover of special floral pieces to be featured at our shop – Rue des Bouchers 37a, 1000 Brussels. Don’t miss-out the opportunity to admire the artist’s made-for-the-occasion floral structures this month.

All in All Studio – a antique store dedicated to XX Century design objects & pieces of furniture – is present at our boutique. Carefully selected by Jean-Paul Lespagnard, you can admire and purchase these exceptional pieces in our premises!

Lionel Jadot – the Belgium born and based architect, designer and film maker – has collaborated with our head designer Jean-Paul to create exceptional-of-crafting lamps that will be exposed at our shop on Wednesday the 29th from 4pm to 5pm. If this unique collaboration between two amazing artists isn’t enough to have you pay us a visit, know that the event will also be the closing of our month-long collaborations and all partnering artists & workshops will be present and music will go on until we can’t no more!

Frederik Rombach – an Antwerp-based workshop dedicated to create and research products, sculpture and outreach glass projects from a durable, eco-friendly perspective – is present at our shop. Come see their unique & responsible creations!

DINDINS – a Brussels-based caterer founded by Jean Fonsny which works only with organic products – will serve one-of-a-kind dishes during a special event organized by Extra-Ordinaire at the shop. This unique happening will take place in the form of a dinner on Thursday the 23th and will feature the tableware work of Hélène Bédouet – presented below:

Hélène Bédouet – a talented Belgian ceramist – will present her work in a unique fashion at our Thursday the 23th dinner: our guests will be served their meal on the artist’s made-for-the-occasion tableware and will then be offered to take the creations back home. This event can only be attended upon invitation. More info to come!

Frizbee Ceramics – a two-person artist-run band, based in Brussels, which produces limited quantities of porcelain objects – is present at our shop. Come see their work!


16/09 – After-work & presentation of the BDS: Drinks, Music, Speeches & More!
23/09 – Exclusive Dinner with the support of DINDINS & Hélène Bédouet
29/09 - Lionel Jadot X Jean-Paul Lespagnard Lamps Exhibition from 4pm to 5pm, followed by Music, Drinks and the presence of all partners.
07-30/09 – Featured pieces of All in All Studio, Frederik Rombach, Thierry Boutemy & Frizbee Ceramics at our shop.

One last thing, let’s take a moment to remind ourselves that Extra-Ordinaire won the BDS BEST SHOP DESIGN AWARD 2020!

13.09 30.09

Rue des bouchers 37A, Bruxelles 1000


Faites au village (FR)

Documentary by Liloé Duchesne & Léa Lebru + workshop/collective debate in collaboration with ESA St Luc Bruxelles

Despite their emancipation, the term "Third Place" still evokes little. For this reason, each place can take a varied form. Thus, the directors of the film are going to meet third places in order to give us a reading of them. They will present the values and projects of three third places and the different problems that the groups may face.


20.09 20.09

Flagey ASBL - Place Sainte-Croix, 1050 Bruxelles


Fashion show of upcycling clothes by La Recyclerie sociale

St-Gilles Social Second-hand Shop collects, sorts and repairs any items of furniture or ornemental objects that people wish to get rid of. The objects are refurbished by specially trained staff as part of a project focusing on integration into society and the world of work. They are sold in the Social Second-Hand Shop. The Social Second-Hand Shop regularly organises awareness and repair workshops. Social Recycling wishes to collaborate with artists and designers interested in the different recycling streams.

From 3pm: exhibition
From 7pm : fashion show

16.09 16.09

Rue de Belgrade 104 - 1060 Saint-Gilles



- Opening on Friday 16: 6pm > 9pm on reservation via www.firmax.be/rsvp -

"Good things happen in the kitchen"

Firmax welcomes kitchen fans from Friday 16 to Sunday 18 September -during Design September- to their new premises on avenue Diksmuidelaan 65, in the iconic building of the former Manufacture Générale Charlet et Cie.

Throughout the weekend, you will be able to discover their smart kitchen system in all its colours and aromas, which will be filled with original kitchen objects and good food from authentic makers and brands. Firmax combines this with an online mini market with a special selection for the kitchen.

They will start on 16 September with an apero and food installation. Come and taste in the newly decorated community kitchen, a collaboration with the internationally renowned DWA Design Studio and the Brussels talents BC Materials and Studio HIER.

- Sat. 17 & Sun. 18: 11am > 6pm.

16.09 18.08

Avenue de Dixmude 65, 1000 Bruxelles


Frédérique Ficheroulle, porcelain designer

- Meeting with the designer on 17/09: 4pm -

You are invited into Frédérique Ficheroulle’s world to discover the space where the Belgian designer creates her porcelain objects. After studying interior & product design, she discovers porcelain in 2015 et specializes in that material, namely through different residencies in Belgium, other European countries and specially Asia.Frédérique creates functional and aesthetic objects, but designs also with emotions. Discover sensuality, audacity or comfort through her products, handmade in her studio in Uccle. It’s a unique world where perfection of 3D technologies meet with handicraft imperfection to create everyday objects, filled with sensibility.

For Design September, Frédérique opens her studio’s doors, her inspirations, the production workshop and also a beautiful exhibition in the garden.

17-18/09 & 24-25/09 : 11pm > 7pm

17.09 25.09

Rue Général Mac Arthur 11A, 1180 Uccle


Friterie TABORA

studio MOTO is the winner of a competition organised by the city of Brussels with the aim of renewing the ageing fritkots with an iconic design. Studio MOTO's design was selected from over 50 proposals for its functional simplicity and iconic character.

Rue de Laeken 162, 1000 Bruxelles



- Exhibition postponed -

Ariane van Dievoet and Didier Henry present their new brass sculptures in the Sablon neighbourhood. Didier Henry is an ironworker with a passion for metal and its many possibilities of use, transformation and form. Ariane Van Dievoet, founder of Avandi Studio, is a designer specialised in the reuse of construction materials.

23.09 23.10

Rue Coppens 5, 1000 Bruxelles

best of vintage

Galerie 55

The Galerie 55 has been founded 5 yeas ago with the following aims:

- Present and support, through group or solo exhibitions, talented contemporary artists
- Develop amateur and collector vocations through pricing and pedagogical adapted approaches
- Present and give access furniture created by well-known designers from art deco to contemporary periods (From Le Corbusier to Philippe Starck).

Rue Darwin 55, 1050 Ixelles


Gio: Desired offcut by Duplex Studio

- Opening exposition « Gio: Desired offcut» le 22 September from 6pm to 10pm -
The exhibition will be open 7 days a week from 15 September to 2 October from 11 am to 5 pm.

Based on Distributive Design, Gio tackles how finished products are made while improving the designer/producer/customer's relationship.Through its design process, Gio discusses local production, knowledge sharing and production sovereignty. Gio is a lamp made of stone, wood offcuts and 3d printed bio-plastic. Context Today, designers need to think about disruptive models and innovative production solutions to ensure the transition toward a sustainable economy. The democratisation of local production methods could tackle the established industry where mass-produced products are made. Nowadays, using local materials combined with sharing knowledge and local manufacturing machines is essential to increase local economic prosperity and self-sufficiency in making qualitative products. We think of Gio as a system which embodies local production innovation: We used offcuts of Belgian stones called "Hainault blue stone" as the Gio structure. We decided to use durable, noble and time-resistant material offcuts to keep resources in circulation. The use of materials that become more beautiful with time is a way to bring longevity to objects. The stone was milled with a "Mekanika" CNC, an affordable open-source CNC router. The technical and adaptable parts were 3D printed with natural filaments of mussels, scallop shells, wheat and coffee. We seek to involve people to work with local materials that embody the specificities of the regions and the geological landscape. Through democratic manufacturing methods, Gio shows the possibilities of producing our own finished objects.

Participation in the Design Contemporary Market (Gare Maritime from 24-25 September 2022) with AMAI furniture collection.

15.09 2.10

Avenue Monplaisir 77, 1030 Schaerbeek



A Saint-Gilles counter where everything is home-made, from the daily dishes with toscan and mediterrean flavours to the sourdough pizzas and breads as well as the sugary delicacies. Possibility to eat in or take away.

Architect: Arqeh Fabrizio Trobbiani

Rue Antoine Bréart 20A, 1060 Saint-Gilles


Green Fabric

- Open doors from 16.09 to 18.09: 1pm > 6 pm -

The Green fabric is a place dedicated to creation which offers a textile fablab and a creators coworking. Creative workshops related to the different practices are offered every month. A second-hand haberdashery is also available by appointment. The textile fablab is a shared space giving access to fablab type machines, oriented towards textile creation. It is dedicated to experimentation, prototyping and production.


16.09 18.09

Rue Jean-Baptiste Baeck 33, 1190 Forest


Hey Jude Design x La Caravane Studio

- Opening on 17/09 -

On the occasion of its 5th anniversary, La Caravane Studio welcomes the new collection of home textiles Hey Jude, made from recycled textile waste from the Belgian high-end linen company Libeco.

HEY JUDE DESIGN is a textile studio in Brussels working with the artisanal techniques of weaving, knotted stitch, crochet, knotting… The creation process is slow and requires patience and passion for the gesture. As recurring themes: escape, the poetry of the horizon, the landscape and the nature that invades it. Inspiring places that leave room for spontaneous creation without a predetermined design. So many forms, colours and textures that create a language of their own that can convey a story to the viewer. Collections of textile decorations, 100% Made in Belgium, gathering unique self-published pieces.

LA CARAVANE STUDIO unearths, selects, restores, advises, furnishes and stages. All pieces are ready-to-use, having been carefully curated and restored by the creative mind behind it all, Claire Silva Moreira. The choices are a reflection of her personal style, a surprising, daring mixture of different decades and materials that nonetheless always remain harmonious and homogenous. Staying true to its name, La Caravane Studio is constantly on the move, creating a different atmosphere every month in the shop.

17.09 17.09

La Caravane Studio - Chaussé d'Alsemberg 131- B-1060


Instore & Belgian ceramists

On 15th September, a Belgian ceramists exhibition will take place at 5:30pm. Works of Frédérique Ficheroulle, Anita Le Grelle, Kim Verbeke & Leonardo Rousseau from l’Atelier Epiney will be exhibited.

Since 1971, la maison Instore has distinguished itself by its refined and avant-garde style, working in perfect harmony with the most prestigious design brands. Every project starts from a blank page. It is then fulfilled by the exchange of ideas and the very personal contact we have with our customers. This is our approach to offering a complete service from design to finished projects. Every detail counts. For this occasion, Instore would like to honor Belgian ceramists. Their creations will decorate our different spaces and will let you discover their work but also to project yourself in our different atmospheres.

13.09 30.09

Rue de Tenbosch 90/92/94, 1050 Bruxelles



The Hotel du Dominican will be occupied by designers Isabelle Azaïs and Thomas Renwart.
After specialising in leather, Isabelle Azaïs has opened a new section with plastic. This year she will present sculptures and installations (jewellery, plastic, basketry) inside the hotel.
Thomas Renwart has a textile matrix, the techniques he uses are jacquard weaving, embroidery, quilting and digital printing. Monochrome weaving for him enhances the visual experience. The visitor has to really imagine the colour in order to fully grasp the image. A way of not taking things for granted. In the courtyard of the hotel he will present a series of embroideries, quilts and flags.

13.09 30.09

Rue Léopold 9, 1000 Bruxelles


JANINE Boulangerie-Brasserie

JANINE is a bakery and brewery that works in circularity. It aims to reintroduce into its production cycle the residues of each activity: breads from spent grains and beer yeast and beers from unsold breads, all in an artisanal and local way.

Architect : Inside Concept

Chaussée d'Alsemberg 258, 1190 Forest


Ka Pai

- Live art happening on 24.09 -

KA PAI means "good work" in Maori. Founded by New Zealand designer Sarah Bruford in 2020 KA PAI is a Brussels based interiors concept store & design studio. Founded on the belief that it is better to support makers than machines everything instore is handmade or vintage for creating more joyful and meaningful interiors. KA PAI is proudly part of the colour revolution and rebels against white walled minimalism. With two decades working internationally as a professional stylist, and designer, for the likes of Ralph Lauren, The Sydney Opera House and Galleries Royale Saint-Hubert the KA PAI studio works primarily in the field of mixed media floral scenography. The studio's limited edition Art Flowers were born as a way to give a second life to the 'trash' flowers found reduced at the flower wholesaler. Throughout the month they will be showcased instore along with work by urban ceramicists. To celebrate Design September on Saturday 25th there will be live collaborations with female artists creating illustrated Art Flowers and vessels.

13.09 30.09

Avenue Gén. Dossin de St. Georges 9, 1050 Bruxelles

best of vintage


For nearly three years, Ilse Caser has been welcoming you to her vintage interior boutique in the lively Ste-Catherine/Dansaert district. It is the love of aesthetics, the beauty of (simple) objects, materials and woods, colors, and the passion for decoration that drives her. You will discover a fine selection of furniture, lighting, ceramics, decoration, table ware, design, art and curiosities. Here, it's all about atmosphere! Enter just for the pleasure of the eyes and who knows, you might get an extra coffee.

Sat.: 11:30 am > 6pm + every 1st Sun./month
or by appointment

13.09 30.09

Rue du Marché aux porcs 22,1000 Brussels



The Kewlox stand is designed for interaction with our furniture and offers visitors the opportunity to personalise their own set through a digital space and the use of test furniture to create their own Kewlox.

13.09 30.09

Avenue Reine Astrid 325, 1950 Kraainem



Thursday 22 September drink opening from 6pm until 9pm : presentation of a capsule collection designed by illustrator Greg Ewing + latest collection from Champs.

KISANY living linens is a Belgian brand of high quality household linen and decorative items. KISANY's hand-embroidered linens are of exceptional quality and combine the highest quality materials, stunning design and unmatched craftsmanship. KISANY's mission is to train in high-end crafts, provide employment and empower African women in vulnerable areas of East Africa in Goma, DR Congo and Kigali, Rwanda. Each KISANY placemat, tablecloth, napkin, bed linen and pouch tells a story, that of an embroiderer who has meticulously crafted and personalised it, using her unique know-how, to make an exclusive and extremely refined object.

Mo. to Sat.: 11am > 6:30pm

13.09 30.09

Chaussée de Waterloo 469, 1050 Ixelles



Horeca incubator available to candidates wishing to open their own restaurant and who want to test their concept before a permanent opening

Architect: Thibaut Surin

Rue des Bouchers 30, 1000 Bruxelles



Brussels' first art-deco inspired audiophile bar

Architect : Jérôme Ronsmans (lovibond)
Decorator : Mamakis Thomas

Avenue Molière 2, 1190 Forest

best of vintage

La Caravane Studio

All pieces are ready-to-use, having been carefully selected and restored by the creative mind behind it all, Claire Silva Moreira.

The choices are a reflection of her personal style, a surprising, daring mixture of different decades and materials that nonetheless always remains harmonious and homogenous.

Staying true to its name, La Caravane Studio is constantly on the move, creating every month in her shop a different atmosphere.

Wed. to Fri.: 12am > 7pm
Sat.: 11am > 6pm

13.09 30.09

Chaussée d’Alsemberg 131, 1060 Brussels

best of vintage

La Kasbah

Selling vintage furniture & objects from the 60's / 70's / 80's

By appointment only!

13.09 30.09

Avenue de la Couronne 328, 1050 Ixelles


La Taverne du Passage

This well-known Brussels institution LA TAVERNE DU PASSAGE, housed in the heart of its majestic setting of the "Galeries de la Reine", a stone's throw from the Grand Place, has had a facelift.The young entrepreneur, manager of several Belgian brasseries, RAPHAËL NATAF with his multi‐disciplinary team, worked with interior designer GÉRALDINE VINCENT to renovate and enhance the Art Deco potential of the place by integrating a subtle dialogue through today's materials, patterns and textures.

Architecte : Géraldine Vincent

Galerie de la reine 30, 1000 Bruxelles

best of vintage


LE BEAU A UNE ADRESSE is an Art House, located in the heart of Brussels. Isabelle Leclercq, the founder, created this intimate and warm house to celebrate the BEAUTIFUL in art, design, literature and gastronomy. The house welcomes and highlights contemporary artists and designers. It is thanks to vintage furniture from the 1950s to the 1990s, passionately sourced by Isabelle Leclercq, that this Maison de Maître is unique in its style. Literary meetings, artistic events and culinary presentations are offered to visitors. The house offers art walks and private visits, every day by appointment. Artworks and vintage furniture are presented for sale. The Founder's mantra: "Let us be inspired and amazed by the BEAUTIFUL."

Open every day by appointment (by email or telephone). contact@lebeauauneadresse.com +32.470.910.418

13.09 30.09

Avenue Molière 313, 1180 Uccle


Le Comptoir du Samson

Hélène and Lara Milan are two sisters of Lebanese descent with a rich and cosmopolitan family history that allows them to combine their cheeses with selected products from around the globe.The shop designed by Rike Antori, with whom the Milan sisters have collaborated to create a new concept for cheese shops in Brussels, aims to highlight the products with an architecture that plays on modernity, minimalism and authenticity.The temperature is maintained constant all year round. The entire shop now becomes the refrigerator which allows the realization of the "cheese library": The main attraction of the boutique.

Architect: Rike Antori

Rue Lesbroussart 12, 1050 Ixelles

best of vintage

Leonet Hoang

We are Charles Leonet and Ngoc Hoang. Being both architects, the office gallery’s relationship with architecture and mid-century furniture is our way to share our experience and aesthetic philosophy.

Mon. to Thurs.: 9am > 6pm
Fri.: 9am > 6:30pm

13.09 30.07

Rue Berthelot 115, 1190 Forest

best of vintage

LEOTI by Eric & Karin Sermon

He is the cabinetmaker, the restorer, the craftsman of know-how, the maker of design, the curious of beauty; she is the lover of materials, the collector of fabrics, the shaper of atmospheres, the purveyor of colours, the hunter of elegance.

Mon. to Sat.: 10am > 6:30pm or by appointment.

13.09 30.09

Chaussée de Boondael 200, Ixelles


Little girl found by Kays Mass @FFCS

- Opening on 15/09 at 7pm -

During Brussels Design September 2022, FFCS is hosting an exhibition by Kays Mass entitled Little Girl Found. A prolific mind with a unique and provocative approach to art, Kays will present a set of objects inspired by thoughts of recycling and prolonging the life of the material while giving it another value.With the idea of deconstructing the concept of NEO-materialism and anthropocentrism, he is using a state-of-the-art approach by recycling materials gathered around the city, or leftovers from his school projects. He analyzes the properties, as well as the symbolic and emotional meaning of the materials collected. As a result, he will showcase a collection of objects that were given a completely new meaning.

Tues. to Sat.: 1pm > 7pm

16.09 31.10

Rue Pletinckx 3, 1000 Bruxelles



Studio Olgoj Chorchoj, represented by Michal Froněk and Jan Němeček, has been progressing in the field of architecture and design since the 1990s. Their work reflects the balance between functionalism and aestheticism. They demonstrate that emotion must be expressed in each project, while the surrounding space must bring logic and coherence. During this talk, the studio’s founders will present recent projects selected for this occasion and will shed light on their process of creation. Talk within the exhibition Design and Transformation. Stories of Czech design 1990-2020.

Book your tickets: https://logic-and-emotions.eventbrite.be/

28.09 28.09

Place de Belgique 1, 1020 Bruxelles


Lokal concept store dreams of home

LOKAL opened 2 years ago with extensive experience in working with independent designers, revaluing the unique works of Belgian creators in the heart of Brussels. The warm and inspiring atmosphere of our 19th century house welcomes some of the most talented local creators and offers them the opportunity to show their collections and share their stories. On three floors of this typical house of the capital we discover a Belgian whole lifestyle

13.09 30.09

Rue des Eperonniers 18, 1000 Bruxelles



Since August 2020, Machao has been giving a new life to treasures buried in attics for far too long... old furniture with forgotten stories are brought up to date thanks to a nice piece of fabric, an ounce of patience and a lot of imagination. Machao offers an alternative to the trash and to the big energy-guzzling brands. A hunt for waste and a nose-thumbing to cloned interiors. We refurbish old seating furniture to make unique, modern and aesthetic pieces. Machao is a warm and modern upcycling, eco-conscious craftsmanship that creates furniture and unique handmade textile creations.

Opening hours from Thursday to Sunday from 11am to 6pm.

13.09 30.09

Rue Blaes, 156 1000 Bruxelles


MAD Graduation Prize

- Opening on 15/09: at 6pm -

Each year, MAD Brussels awards 10 prizes to graduates of Brussels-based creative schools. For the first time, these ten selected students are also brought together in an exhibition, in which they will showcase their graduation projects. The exhibition not only highlights the various new talents, but also shows the range of training that Brussels has to offer. From fashion to interior design and textiles, to industrial product research and development. The winners are Louise Richard, Maxime Trassebot, Rosamilia Lea, Florent Seligmann, Helen Van de Vloet, Mélanie Chillaud, Manon Verniers, Steven Da Cruz Gonçalves, Blandine Kosongonda and Emilien Maree. The participating institutes are La Cambre, Luca School of Arts, Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer, Arba-Esa, ESA Saint-Luc, Ateliers Saint-Luc and CAD.

16.09 6.11

MAD - Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains 10, B-1000


MAD Residents

In September, MAD Brussels presents these ten new residents to the public. The selection is made up of designers who are looking at current challenges in the fashion and design sector - and in society in general. Innovative design as a tool to address economic, social and ecological challenges. The five new fashion residents are MiPinta, Anneleen Bertels, Kenza Vandeput, Rosie Broadhead and Stefan Kartchev. For design, the jury selected Studio Minimètre, Guillaume Slizewicz, Kana Arioka, Margot Van Den Berghe and Vanessa Colignon. The new studios of Rue du Vautour will be open to the public for a weekend on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 September from 10am to 6pm, which is an opportunity to discover their work and talk to them.

16.09 17.09

Rue du Vautour 4, 1000 Bruxelles


Margaux Baert, Paper artist & Craft designer

Margaux Baert is a Belgian artist and graphic designer, specialized in paper art. Graduated from ENSAV La Cambre in Graphic and Visual Communication, she works as a freelance art director for various clients in the fashion, design and event industries before setting up her own creative studio in 2020. In her atelier in the heart of Ixelles, she creates dreamy and poetic paper installations for private interiors, events and window displays. On the 16th, 17th and 18th of September 2022, from 12.30pm to 6.30pm, Margaux Baert will open the doors of her atelier to the public and invites you to come and discover her latest paper creations, while sharing a drink and a bite for a friendly meet and greet moment.

16.09 18.09

Rue Emile Banning 55B, 1050 Ixelles


Marie's Corner Project Store


Opening hours Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:30.

13.09 30.09

Rue de Namur 39, 1000 Bruxelles


MechEgg NFT

Buy the egg and get the NFT, buy the NFT and get the egg. Linking the digital to the physical.

13.09 30.09



Mexican Design 20th-21st century

- Opening on 15.09: 5pm > 8pm -

Shåk Gallery is pleased to present Mexican design of the past along with those of the present.Expatriate Mexican and European designers translated modernist principles into a Mexican sensibility with exotic local materials and a strong indigenous craft tradition. Sober and luxurious, modern Mexican designers captured the organic forms of the time. The furniture highlight the designers' concerns with both sculptural and honest approaches to the material.Contemporary Mexican designers use local materials. They are also inspired by local traditions, colors and crafts.

Designers presented at the exhibition: Pedro Friedeberg, Don Shoemaker, Adrian Rosado, Adrian de la Cruz & Panorammma Atelier

8.09 23.10

Shåk Galerie - Rue Darwin 59, 1050 Ixelles


Micro Factory

- Open doors 11.09 (at 4pm), 21.09 (at 8pm), 30.09 (4pm) -

Micro Factory is a shared manufacturing workshop, based on participation and mutualisation. It’s like a co-working space but for makers, where everyone contributes their time to ensure that it runs smoothly.The space is organised around different manufacturing hubs and evolves according to the initiatives and needs of the members. Craftsmen, designers, architects, engineers or passionate hobbyists. They all actively participate in the smooth running of the space, which includes the following areas: wood, metal, digital manufacturing, electronics, screen printing, textiles and ceramics. The training courses give access to the different machines and are reserved for members. The workshops are open to the public and allow you to leave with a finished piece.

=> More information: https://www.microfactory.be/event
=> Guided tours will be organised upon reservation: www.microfactory.be/guided-tours

11.09 30.09

Rue Heyvaert 140, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean


Mini Archi

- Opening on 17/09: 5pm -

Ana Maia was born in Porto, Portugal. Architect and designer, she shared her life and work between Brussels and Porto.

After studying architecture in Porto at the University of Porto, she began collaborating in 2001 with various design studios in Belgium and focused her attention on architecture, interior architecture and design.
In 2013 she founded the brand Mini Archi and in 2013 she created her own studio, in Brussels.

Meshing architecture, art and design influences, inspired by worlds of Mies Van der Rohe, Alvaro Siza, and Bauhaus style, her work is characterized from a system of furniture and modular objets, where people can interact with objects according to their mood of the day, where everyone can play and develop concepts of space, light and shadows.

Ana Maia Studio is now dedicated to the creative direction, design and tailor made furniture, of exclusive projects for private clients and companies.

All products are made in Portugal, in partnership with high-end collaborators from the industrial or craft sector.

16-17-18.09 : 11am > 7pm

16.09 18.09

La Bocca della Verita - Boulevard Clovis 85, B-1000


MLS - MarieLaurenceStevigny

It started with a stolen handbag & pockets full of essentials. Ever since the Belgian accessories designer, Marie-Laurence Stévigny, travelled the world for design collaborations with prestigious brands ( Nike US, Nina Ricci, Bill Amberg London, Rochas, Aston Martin, Bentley, MV Agusta, Samsonite, Agnelle, Guerlain etc)keeping her essentials hidden undercoat for safety and for keeping her mind free. Founded in 2018 in Belgium, the MLS accessories Pocket collection is quality handmade in premium leathers & recycled materials in Spain and Italy. MLS provides simple, light, timeless, minimal, unisex & modular premium leather goods for daily moves & for new travels. Treasure your essentials, hands in your pockets.MLS accessories simplify your life.MLS accessories has now moved its design studio and show room in a new address in Ixelles near Brugmann place where the first MLS pocket store is now open since April 2022. For Design September MLS pocket accessories invites you to discover the beauty of imperfection… An exclusive collaboration with belgian textile studio Empreintes-matières run by Isabelle Yamamoto using carefully sourced vintage hemp canvas naturally dyed in Skin tone MLS essential colors. Also turning some off-white vintage linen bedsheet from MLS’s family for the off white colors. An invitation to sit down in Empreintes-matières vintage hemp cushions. An invitation to up-cycled your interior.An invitation to find beauty within natural imperfection.

15.09 24.09

Rue Emile Bouilliot 3, 1050 Ixelles


Palace Athena by Noémie Couronné

At a time when the art of the table is in full development and when ceramics have regained their letters of nobility, Noémie Couronné offers a "Palace Athena" collection of a hundred earthenware plates with a singular shape. The unique pieces have ears and expressive faces are painted in cobalt blue before being enamelled. Sometimes, in these figures, presented vertically like masks, we observe double eyes no longer able to find a single look at these strange characters.

29.09 29.10

Extra-Ordinaire, 37a rue des Bouchers, B-1000


PIERRE D'ACIER by Chanel Kapitanj

Chanel Kapitanj is an industrial designer by training and opened her studio in 2017 specialising in metal work, particularly steel, which is a strong material but also sustainable as once made it can be recycled an infinite number of times. She will be presenting three different productions at the Manisa Gallery:
VCOl 1/2 & VCOl 2/2
Armchairs in brass and stainless steel. The idea was to create a unique pair of chairs made entirely of metal. Comfortable and attractive with stainless steel cushions.
The Zen garden is a call to calm and soothing. The patterns are reminiscent of minerals forged by natural forces. This piece brings a touch of serenity and relaxation to your home.
DOLLSHELF A minimalist shelving system.

13.09 30.09

Manisa Galerie - Rue Blaes 1, 1000 Bruxelles


Plastic Design Collection

The Design Museum Brussels' collection, developed out of a private collection acquired by the Atomium, pays tribute to the diverse and heterogeneous plastic design that has transformed our domestic environment since the 1950s. From material to objects and from objects to society, the Plastic Design Collection, the permanent exhibition from this collection, intertwines a cultural, social and political history of plastic design through majors pieces as well as everyday objects.

13.09 30.09

Design Museum Brussels - Place de Belgique 1, 1020 Laeken


Plastic Factory

OPENING HOURS: 2pm > 6pm except Fri.: 2pm > 8pm

Mathilde, 27, is a young artist who graduated from design studies at Saint Luc Brussels. She created Plastic Factory almost 4 years ago, inspired by the Open source project "Precious Plastic" which shares and encourages the development of small and/or medium-scale plastic processing machines in order to recycle them as much as possible. The objects and furniture are all handcrafted in a workshop in Uccle. Something to give new life to this waste and raise awareness among people who are interested in it.

26.09 30.09

Chaussée d'Alsemberg 461, 1180 Uccle

best of vintage

Plein Jour Store

Store of furniture and selected objects. (decoration, tableware, paintings, cards, stationery, objects of creators and craftsmen, ...). There are only objects that I like and that I would like in my own house. Poetry in material life is a possible, accessible and infinite research.

Wed. to Fri.: 1:30 pm > 6:30pm
Sat.: 10:30am > 6:30pm

13.09 30.09

Chaussée d'Alsemberg 315, 1190 Bruxelles


Prototypes by Sébastien Caporusso

- Opening on 8th September at 6pm -

Designer and interior architect Sébastien Caporusso, winner of the "Designer of the Year 2021" award in Belgium, opens his exhibition in the gallery at 59 Van Eyckstraat on 8 September 2022. An exclusive series of new furniture will be presented for the occasion. For this exhibition, Sébastien has chosen to put forward a space of creative freedom, testifying to the dynamism and radiance that he instills in his architectural projects.

This selection reflects his way of expressing himself as freely as possible through drawing, materials and colors. In order to share his vision in his work with wood, concrete inlays, stone, ceramics and his other favorite materials. This artistic reflection without framework and without constraint will show his personal and intimate way of creating links, encounters with the material, the product and the craftsmen.

On this occasion, his new book will also be presented, retracing the different stages of the realization of his latest coworking space, created for Silversquare Europe.

9.09 22.09

Rue Van Eyck 59, B-1050



Take-away counter of the burger chain "Rambo" located in rue de la paix in Ixelles

Architect: Morgane Bertrand (TOMU STUDIO)

Rue de la paix 27, 1050 Ixelles



Hosting and support for social and circular economy projects - innovation, experimentation and production axes.

22.09 24.09

Rue de Birmingham 102, 1070 Bruxelles



The workshops of Recyclart Fabrik create a collection of original design objects from recycled materials. These pièce uniques, handmade with love and creativity by our colleagues in professional transition and their team leaders, form an ever-growing collection. Inclusive, local and sustainable craftsmanship!

10 am > 4pm

16.09 16.09

Rue de Manchester 13, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean



At REGGLO we make eco-friendly furniture made from reclaimed particle boards in Brussels. Using this waste instead of new material limits pollution and preserves natural resources. REGGLO helps interior architects and companies to design their spaces responsibly. Recycled, local, design.

OPEN HOURS: Fri. 16 and Sat. 17/09: 10 am > 5 pm.

16.09 17.09

Rue Heyvaert 140, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

best of vintage


Retrofaktory, vintage furniture, lightning, ceramics and a few local artist, eco-friendly shop.

Wed. to Sat.: 11:30am > 6:30pm + by appointment

13.09 30.09

Chaussée d'Alsemberg 618, 1180 Uccle



[rezidentz] is the new ultra trendy brand of fully equipped and furnished accommodation.At an all-inclusive monthly price, and from a minimum duration of three months, [rezidentz] offers apartments ideally located and ready to please all young professionals looking for an ideal cocoon, without the inconvience of standard rentals (plug&stay). A concept that will appeal to those looking for flexibility, experience, and community while keeping its privacy.

Architect : Zazie Maquet

Rue d'Ophem 52 - 1000 Bruxelles

best of vintage

Ritter Studio

Italian Design furniture.

Wed. to Sat.: 10:30am > 6pm
Sun. to Tues.: by appointment only.

13.09 1.10

Rue Ernest Allard 17, 1000 Brussels


Rotor DC

Rotor DC is a cooperative company, based in Brussels, specialised in the sale and restoration of reusable construction materials. We offer help in identifying and dismantling materials, we restore and repair them to be ready for reinstallation (we remove mortar from tiles, chalk from sanitary, we rewire lamps to meet CE standards, etc) and we accompany their reintegration into new projects. From exceptional items to standard finishing materials, you can consult our full range online on our website or in our showroom opened from Monday through Saturday.

16.09 17.09

Rue Prévinaire 58, 1070 Bruxelles



AVVY By Trait Déco, pioneer of the circular economy, reinvents interior design. The key: to give interiors a sustainable and environmentally responsible dimension. SAVVY by Trait Déco reuses materials such as wood, plastic and textile and designs new objects and useful furniture based on its know-how and expertise.During its presence at ECO LIVING IBERIA, SAVVY by Trait Deco will present its new productions of ecological furniture and accessories that you can order to equip your future offices, restaurants and homes. By purchasing our products, you are actively participating in reducing your carbon footprint. Production takes place in Brussels, so we guarantee a LOCAL WORKPLACE in the centre of Europe.ECOLOGY - Our company's activity generates low CO2 emissions due to the local production of recycled materials.

24.09 24.09

Rue de Birmingham 102, 1070 Anderlecht


Sculpture - Design - Ceramic by Joséphine Hazard

Even though her work is mostly sculptural, she also draws. Joséphine Hazard models the texture on the surface of her ceramics to represent an organic system. The object she sculpts speek of life. Their hybrid form is influenced by the animal and vegetal universe.

16.09 18.09

Studio City Gate, 1 A rue de la petite île, 1070 Anderlecht


Sep Verboom x Lampirong

- OPENING ON 15/09: at 6pm -

A few years ago the industrial designer Sep Verboom (°1990) founded the Livable collective. This is a platform where community stories and interesting materials are gathered and where other designers and industry are involved. The Lampirong project also fits into this platform. The Lampirong, known as the Capiz oyster, is found in abundance around the capital of the Philippines. It is the only transparent shellfish. These were a flourishing precursor to glass, used to make sliding windows during the Spanish occupation in the 19th century. As filters, shellfish can purify up to 40 litres per hour by eating plankton and organic waste from upstream rivers. This gives them an important place in the local ecosystem. Unfortunately, these are turbulent times for shellfish. Bottom fishing, warming waters and stronger currents are reducing populations. Communities depend on them for their livelihoods and a clean environment. The Lampirong project is an invitation to rethink the use of Capiz shellfish, in order to protect and enhance the whole ecosystem.

16.09 6.11

MAD Brussels - Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains 10, B-1000

best of vintage

Showroom 144

Interior architecture, Fine vintage furniture, Artisanal objects and Art.

Showroom 144 will exhibit LYFA Lamps designed by Jørn Utzon.

Wed. to Sat.: 11am > 6pm + by appointment.

13.09 30.09

Rue Léon Lepage 47,1000 Bruxelles



SIGNE was born in June 2021, in the center of Brussels, in the prestigious rue de Namur. With over 300 square meters to discover in a stunning setting, where the spectacular architecture showcases the beautiful furniture.SIGNE is a place to indulge all your senses. With our team of architects and interior architects, we'll accompany you on your journey from conception to creation and renovation for all your residential and commercial projects.Three women entrepreneurs, Oona, Violette and Victoria, bring you their passion and professionalism and invite you to be a part of the SIGNE journey.

Opening hours from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 to 18:30.

13.09 30.07

Rue de Namur 48, 1000 Bruxelles


Studio or norme

- Closing evening on 30/09 -

A collective of 4 artists with different inspirations sharing the same passion, jewelry, in their own workshop. More than a simple coworking space, we regularly organise showrooms where we expose our collections. We also had the pleasure, during those events, to invite other artists such as painters and ceramists.

Thur., Sat. and Sun: 2pm > 6pm
Fri.: 3pm > 9pm

15.09 30.09

Rue d’Andenne 47, 1060 saint-gilles



Studiokhachatryan is a Brussels-based design studio Its practice ranges from sculptural objects to architectural design, elements for public and residential spaces, blending traditional craftsmanship with analytical gestures and natural materials. While many works are self-produced, others are manufactured in cooperation with international, high-end industrial or artisanal partners.

--> studio opening on September 16 and 17 <--
From 11am to 6pm

16.09 17.09

Isidoor Teirlinckstraat 65, B-1080


Talismanie x Ataman Label

Observing the often bewildered people in need of guidance in this increasingly virtual world - we thought that jewelry should regain its essence of "connecting" the visible and invisible world as in the past. The talisman or amulet is an object of reconnection to our initial essence and also more commonly interpreted as an object of protection or simple good luck. Precious stones are mainly the vectors charged with liberating memory codes. The jewels presented by Amelie and Martine refer to this energizing mission. Amelie creates revisited signet rings set with semi-precious stones and other ethnic-inspired gri-gri/amulets. Martine presents her creations still referring to the imprint of the skin but this time using another technique of applying wax on the silicone causing baffles and strange meanders naturally on the surface of the metal on which small citrines or amethysts in the shape of a crescent moon come by their colour and brilliance animating the jewel.

Creations made by Ataman Label will also be exhibited.

13.09 30.09

Rue Faider 121, B-1050



21/09 at 6pm: Official Opening of “Dutch Design: Talking Textiles and New Materials” exhibition at Holland House Brussels, drinks and networking!
A collage of textiles and new materials work from Dutch designers from Kazerne and YKSI
18:30 Creative Talk : “Dutch Design: Back to the Future! Get Set”! with Mary-Ann Schreurs (former Alderman for Design and Innovation from Eindhoven, moderated by Hans Robertus (former Creative Director of Dutch Design Week)

22/09 at 7pm:
Young Dutch Designers Night: presentations of young Dutch Designers Sebastian Baar and Laura van de Wijderen, who exposed at KAZERNE and YKSI Expo about material research, sustainable and circular design),
From 9pm: music sets and vibes with Dutch DJ Ineke Hurkmans.

"Dutch Design: Talking Textiles and New Materials” exhibition will be available for a month at Holland House Brussels starting 21st

21.09 23.09

Holland House - Rue d’Arlon 20, B-1050

best of vintage

THE ICONIK WINDOW at Rivoli Brussels

Iconik Gallery specialises in 20th century design furniture, abstract art and modernist jewellery. We focus on Scandinavian, American and Dutch design.

Opening hours are Thursday to Saturday from 2pm to 6pm.

Chaussée de Waterloo 690, 1180 Uccle.



Movie by Alexandre Humbert
Production curator: Giovanna Massoni
21.09.2022 / 8.15pm

Lifestyle and work habits have been challenged by the various crises (health, economic, ecological) and this film tells the story of Belgian design at a defining moment for its role in society. A set of benevolent Belgian good practices oriented towards circularity, re-use, regeneration of resources, new models of organization and production will be discussed.

21.09 21.09

Flagey ASBL - Place Sainte-Croix, 1050 Bruxelles


Ugly Belgian Houses

Hannes Coudenys is a self-taught photographer. Since 2011 he has taken a passion for surveying Belgium and photographing ugly houses.
His aim is to draw attention to what he describes as the chaos of urbanism in Belgium or its absence.
Since his blog, Hannes Coudenys has published a book on this project that has stirred up controversy, criticism and debate. In the A Galerie he presents prints of the ugliest houses.

13.09 17.09

A Galerie, Rue du Page 25, B-1050


Unexpected leather by Keriko Studio

Keriko studio is a decorative design object and leather work studio.It explores the possible interactions between leather and other materials by highlighting different skills and crafts. This first collection, Unexpected leather presents a series of leather vases and pots making a playful and colorful reference to Greek amphorae. The leather work as well as handles are entirely handmade in Brussels.

7.09 30.09

Atelier 178 - Rue Edith Cavell 178, 1180 Uccle


Upcycled & Of Rope And Wood by Rima Khatib

During the week: open from 2pm until 7pm.
During the weekend : open from 11am until 6pm.

Since the beginning of my work as a furniture designer, I have sought to reduce the ecological impact of my activity, by choosing to use natural, as well as, waste raw materials, while avoiding polluting products.The Upcycled collection of furniture and lamps is produced from scrap wood and composite boards recovered at the workshop, frosted empty glass jars from restaurants, as well as, used plastic bags fused into translucent thin plates. The new table from the Rope and Wood collection is part of my efforts to reduce the consumption of raw materials in my pieces, while seeking another structural logic in the design and assembly of the pieces. As with a suspension bridge, the use of cables allows the reduction in mass and volume of the bridge, which would have been otherwise much heavier, if built in the traditional way. Here, with this table, the idea is to use the tension of the rope to allow the various plywood parts of the furniture to be set in place without resorting to the use of glue or screws. This concept also helps meet the needs of a nomadic generation, and the new mode of purchasing which allows this piece of furniture to be delivered flat and be easily assembled by the buyer without tools. At the symbolic level, the alliance of the rope with the wood represents the alliance of flexibility and lightness with solidity and heaviness, opposites that are both necessary. A new design research trac that will lead to a different aesthetic freedom in terms of curves and shapes possible with this technique still at the beginning of its exploration.

16.09 25.09

Rue Capouillet 11, 1060 Saint-Gilles


Upcycled by ZOé

On the street front, sublimated by huge windows lined with red copper, a beautiful immaculate white space lets you glimpse through a glass roof the large workshop where ZOé works, creates...
ZOé and Pierre unearth very singular objects, often of industrial style, but not only... Openwork fishing nets are transformed into luminous sconces sculpting the wall on which they are placed.
But also old factory cloakrooms, workbenches transformed into tables, vintage mailboxes turned into lamps, cushions made from ethnic and antique fabrics, the same thing for bags as well as these poufs made from military fabrics...hardware drawers transformed into very contemporary wall lights.....
Her creations are very regularly made from diverted everyday items.... and are mostly unique pieces…

16.09 18.09

Rue du Trône 142, 1050 Ixelles


VEGETAGERE 1.1 by Frida Marin

Industrial and urban designer Frida Marin is focused in sustainability and in her first exhibit presents her project “Vegetagere 1.1” a shelf for plants that reunite the ideal conditions to cultivate at home, indoors and vertically, emphasizing in plants used in human nutrition, such as certain fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs. The pot is in recycled plastic or metal, integrates growing-lights for low sunlight conditions and self-watering device.

1.09 30.09

Yuman Village - Chaussée de Charleroi 123, B-1060


Victoria Yakusha - Ukrainian Architect-Designer (UKR/EN)

Talk with the designer-architect, UNESCO and ICONEM on protecting Ukrainian cultural heritage
14.09.2022 / 8.15pm

Victoria Yakusha, an internationally acclaimed architect-designer from Ukraine, will present her work rooted in Ukrainian culture and identity. Louise Haxthausen, Head of UNESCO Brussels Liaison Office and Representation to the European Union, will talk about the link between design, architecture, national identity and armed conflict. Yves Ubelmann, architect and founder of ICONEM, a company specialising in 3D imaging of threatened sites, will share how he, and his team, can assist in protecting cultural heritage in zones of conflict.
Together, they will discuss how design and architecture can play a central role in saving and rebuilding a nation.

Lecture in partnership with Umanoa, Elevating Contemporary Art & Design, www.umanoa.com

Victoria Yakusha is a Ukrainian designer-architect, and artist, whose unique philosophy of « live design » centers on a deep connection to earth and cultural roots. Since starting her architectural studio Yakusha in 2006, and the design brand, FAINA, in 2014, she has emerged as one of the leading voices of contemporary Ukrainian design.
Over the years her designs have been exhibited at Design Miami/ Basel, Collectible Fair, Venice Biennale, Paris Design Week, Stockholm Design Week, Milan Design Week, etc.
In 2019, Victoria Yakusha was named Designer of the Year by Elle Decoration International Design Awards, Ukraine.
In 2021, she opened FAINA, Gallery of live Ukrainian design, in Antwerp, Belgium.

Louise Haxthausen, Director, UNESCO, Liaison and Representation Office to the European Union :
Prior to becoming Director of the UNESCO Office in Brussels in 2019, Ms. Haxthausen, whose academic background is in politics and law, has had a career of more than thirty years at UNESCO in the areas of culture and human rights. The main focus of her work has been conflict and crisis situations, particularly in the Middle-East. As Director Principal, Ms. Haxthausen coordinated dossiers in Afghanistan and Palestine. More recently, Ms. Haxthausen was Director of the UNESCO office in Bagdad, Irak.

Yves Ubelmann, President and co-founder of ICONEM:
After having studied architecture, Yves Ubelmann first worked as an independent architect in Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. This gave him the opportunity to survey, and analyse, a variety of archeological sites.
In 2013, M. Ubelmann founded Iconem, a company specialising in the digitisation of endangered heritage sites. The company has so far worked in more than 30 countries, combining 3D scanning techniques with the use of drones, to document, raise awareness and contribute to preservation and reconstruction efforts.
Iconem’s work includes sites in conflict, and post-conflict, areas of Afghanistan, Syria, Cambodia, Irak and, more recently, visits began in Ukraine. Missions are carried out on behalf of international institutions (including UNESCO, World Bank, UNOSAT), major museum or archaeological institutions and government bodies.

14.09 14.09

Flagey - Place Sainte-Croix, 1050 Bruxelles


Vitrine 37a - HEFF

The collection of paper woks displayed in the “Vitrine 37A” have been imagined and produced by the students of Applied Arts at the Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer. They are vary on the notions of pleats, rhythm, repetitions and motion. The pieces exhibited in the “Vitrine 37A” of Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer will be renewed several times during September.

13.09 31.10

Vitrine 37a HEFF - 37a avenue de Stalingrad - 1000 Bruxelles



Vormen will open the doors of their atelier and would like to invite you to come and have a look.

Opening with drinks on 16 September between 6 and 10pm.
17-18-23-24-25 September between 2pm and 8pm.

16.09 25.09

Chaussée de Boondael 247A, 1050 Ixelles



This edition of Brussels Design September the designer/makers of studio PART together with Sonian Wood Cooperative (https://sonianwoodcoop.be/) show their new collection WARANDE. Pièce-unique furniture made from the recently replanted royal chestnut trees of the Warandepark Brussels.

Mon. to Fri. : 9am > 5pm

13.09 30.09

Rue Heyvaert 140, B-1080



- Opening on 07/09 at 4pm -

The Fondation Thalie highlights multidisciplinary artistic practices, with an emphasis on the dialogue between visual arts and craftsmanship. Curated by Anissa Touati, the exhibit Warché, « worksite » in Arabic, is based on the personal history of Lina Ghotmeh, a Beyrouth native architect who defines herself as an archaeologist of the future, in dialogue with contemporary visual artists Emilija Škarnulytė and Sara Ouhaddou. For the foundation, Lina Ghotmeh is taking over the floor of the exhibition space with locally-sourced bricks, demonstrating her commitment to this bio sourced material. Conceived as an agora, a place for reflection and participatory exchange, the exhibit questions our relationship with time as a witness to our moments spent on earth and our interpretations of the city, whether political or poetic.

8.09 4.12

Fondation Thalie - Rue Buchholtz 15, 1050 Ixelles


When material gets dressed by Galerie Indigo

- Opening on Thursday 15/09: 6pm -

Introducing : Martine Rey, lacquer, working in the Japanese tradition on wood and silk. Sofi Van Saltbommel, ceramist with a spontaneous and surprising work. Discovery : Christophe Gadret - Thibault Desplanque.

Tue. to Sat.: 11am > 6pm

13.09 30.09

Galerie Indigo - 61, rue Keyenveld - 1050 Ixelles


WORKS EXHIBITION By Master Design d'Innovation Sociale de l'ESA St Luc Bruxelles

Faced with a society in the throes of change, with the rise of new economic models, new modes of production and consumption, and new forms of citizenship, the Master's degree in Social Innovation Design at the Ecole Supérieure Artistique de St Luc, Brussels, encourages creation based on the analysis of the human being, societies and their contexts.
The aim of this course is to confront the practice of students from all sectors of the visual and spatial arts with problems in the field, integrating social, cultural and environmental notions in a holistic and systemic manner. This master's degree is centred on a human-centred Design Thinking practice, integrating technical feasibility, economic viability and desirability for the user.

Exhibition on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 September
from 11am to 6pm

23.09 24.09

Atelier / Recy K : Quai Fernand Demets 55, 1070 Bruxelles

best of vintage

XX vintage

Vintage furniture shop and 20th century furniture restoration workshop.

Sat.: 10am > 6pm + by appointment

13.09 30.09

Rue de la Glacière 18, 1060 Saint-Gilles


XX Vintage

Presentation of the differences between furniture restoration and recycling. Both participating in the circular economy.

17.09 24.09

Rue de la Glacière 18, 1060 Saint-Gilles


Youth through the lens

- Opening on 15/09 at 6pm -

Generation Z is becoming the largest and most diverse generation ever. Born between 1996 and 2010, it is the first generation that cannot imagine life without the Internet and is growing up in a fully digital world. This generation values individual expression and therefore needs not only personalised products, but also high-end products that allow them to stand out completely. However, this is also a generation that is growing up in a period of great social unrest, climate change and political conflict. MAD Brussels presents Youth through the Lens, an exhibition that shows this generation's perspective on the contemporary fashion world. A series of photographs by seven photographers who are fully committed to the themes of sustainability and inclusion to which they attach great importance. The photographers are: Antoine Roland, Gordon Jordan Nyimi, Maxime Dupont, Noah Dechamps, Paul-Louis Godier, Shania Semeli, Safa and Marwa Naji.

16.09 6.11

MAD - Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains 10, B-1000


Zaventem Ateliers Open doors

Zaventem Ateliers is located in Flanders, in the heart of the town of Zaventem and at two steps from Brussels. The former 6000m2 paper mill has been transformed in a truly creative space thanks to the driving force of designer, scenographer and interior architect Lionel Jadot.

This industrial building houses some thirty individual studios of different sizes, among which the designer’s personal studio. The building only opened in September 2018 and today almost all studios are taken by artists and collectives working ceramics, leather, metal, marble or wood.

This diverse group of artists with different backgrounds and personalities form an impressively stimulating and innovative group. The studios form a close-knit community characterized by a family and entrepreneurial atmosphere. It is an exquisite selection of both emerging and more experienced artists, where cooperation, discussion and sharing expertise are put central.

All thirty studios overlook the Grand Hall, an impressive 600m2 exhibition space. The Grand Hall is the ideal place to offer an extra dimension to the creative ambition of Zaventem Ateliers and in the meantime opens the dialogue with the outside world. Typical for the Grand Hall is the fact that it’s located in the middle of the artists. This way, the public not only gets the chance to visit an exhibition, but also to dive into the intimacy of the studios. Every visitor gets the opportunity to meet the Zaventem Ateliers designers and artists.

---> Open doors on 16.09 <---
From 12 to 6pm

16.09 16.09

Fabrieksstraat 15/19, 1930 Zaventem

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