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Rue de Ligne, 8 - 1000 Brussels

Boutures d'objets


Boutures d'objets is an eco-design studio based in Orléans (France) specializing in the design of objects from alternative, recycled or biosourced materials. Boutures markets its own collection of objects and lighting and supports small and large brands in the production of eco-designed products.

We present two projects carried out in collaboration with the designer Louise Rué;
1) The Silexus tray:
Silexus is inspired by the work of stonemasons. A block of stone becomes a useful everyday object under the hand of an expert sculptor: after finding the right point of impact to cause the shock wave, the shard detaches and becomes a knife. But what happens to the rest of the stone once all the blades have been obtained? Silexus is what remains of the stone after cutting.
Designed by Louise Rue, for Boutures d’objets

This tray is made from coffee grounds or avocado pits, sawdust and starch thermo-compressed by the company Matériaux Parisiens.
Before choosing this process, other experiments were carried out:
 Mycelium
 Mineral shell composite (in collaboration with Malakio)
 Wood and gelatin biocomposite (in collaboration with Hors Studio)

2) Plant spheres
These spheres are the result of our research into the uses and shaping of the mycelium.
In particular, we are exploring the uses of mycelium in floristry as an alternative to petroleum-based floral foams.
The mycelium sphere is a container for fresh or dry flowers, which can hold water for several days. The light material can easily be hung to create original floral compositions. At the end of its life, the container can be composted with the plants it contains!
Creation and manufacture by Laurence Saugé (Boutures d’objets) and Louise Rué.

Bio: Graduated from an engineering school, Laurence Saugé imagined a company in her image, a project where art, design, ecology, technology and innovation meet. After 12 years spent developing packaging for luxury brands, this idea materialized in 2019 with the creation of Boutures d’objets (« cutting of objetcs »). A name homage to the magic of nature, which also evokes sharing and the vision of a garden to be created.

Louise Rué: Graduated in 2016 from the Saint-Etienne School of Art and Design, Louise set up her design studio in Orléans the following year. She supports craftsmen, landscapers, small brands and companies that share its values in their projects. Her work often has a link with plants. She participates in the garden festival of Chaumont-sur-Loire in 2020 and in the garden festival of the Côte d'Azur in Nice in 2023.

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