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Rue de Ligne, 8 - 1000 Brussels

Livable Platform


The kurk kruk is a result of Livable Platform’s ongoing investigation into new Bio-based applications for expanded cork. An exploration started in 2022 when the platform’s founder Sep Verboom and videographer Glenn Verdickt made a short documentary about the cork oak ecosystem for Design Museum Gent.

Expanded cork is made from by-products of cork processing, natural suberine in the granulates activate like a resin when steam and pressure is added to the mould. This super material offers a whole range of possibilities. Besides excellent thermal and acoustic properties, it is also a completely bio-based carbon reservoir that plays an important role in CO2 storage.

Kruk kruk functions as a first sneak peek into Sep Verboom’s latest art integration and interior project for the 'Quasi Museum' at the new prison of Haren, a project curated by Anouk Focquier and Ief Spincemaille."

Bio: The Belgian Designer & Social Entrepreneur Sep Verboom (1990) has a background in product design and international cooperation. A well-respected pioneer of stretching the definition of design, founder of the Livable® Platform and teaching ‘Sustainable Design’ at K.A.S.K. School Of Arts Ghent. Verboom has been working as a field expert on multidisciplinary, cross-sectoral approaches to benefit the next generation of creatives within design culture. Exploring the balance between economic, social, environmental aspects, Verboom is designing the context, not the final outcome. Sceptical of all-around solutions, he is striving for a tailor-made approach for every cultural and societal challenge.

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