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16.09 30.09


Boulevard de Waterloo 38, 1000 Bruxelles

Jean-Paul Lespagnard's Immersive Abode: The Hotel Suite With A View


Presenting his latest fashion and object creations, Jean-Paul Lespagnard has found his temporary artistic residence on the 18th floor of The Hotel, Brussels. Here, in this exclusive suite, he’s presenting an immersive installation that benefits from an unrivaled vista of Brussels.

Hailing from a land of rich artistic heritage, Jean-Paul Lespagnard defies national confines with his eclectic creative vision. Emerging onto the global stage with his breakthrough prizes at the 2008 Hyères International Fashion Festival, Lespagnard seamlessly intertwines FASHION collections with a diverse array of media, effortlessly fusing clothing, objects, and INTERIOR DESIGN.

A connoisseur of contemporary performance art, Lespagnard boasts a storied tenure as a collaborator in COSTUMES, having lent his artistic touch to esteemed choreographers including Damien Jalet, Boris Charmatz, and Meg Stuart, among others.

An artistic sojourner of note, Lespagnard's peripatetic projects across the continents have gradually forged him into a modern-day nomad. His journey takes him to prestigious creative havens around the globe, where he not only immerses himself in diverse cultures and local artisanal skills but also seeks out new neighborhoods, markets, craftsmen, and producers. It is within these cross-cultural dialogues, fueled by the interplay of varied mediums, that his creative wellspring finds its depth and richness.

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