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11.09 29.09


Avenue Palmerston 16 1000 Brussels




The present times are accompanied with a feeling of overwhelm caused by extreme developments in politics, climatic change, and social areas. Every day brings new fateful events, and we are often losing our ability to respond. The Big Thing exhibition aims to show that it only takes small steps to break out from the paralysis. We believe that if you make a specifically targeted change, it can create a domino effect which will then lead to a more long-lasting solution than any general remedies. The exhibition presents a selection of works from Prague's prestigious Academy of Art, Architecture and Design which were created by its students in the previous two years. Projects vary from fine art to applied art to design and architecture, however they all show an active interest in the world. They seek to find tangible and feasible solutions to specific tiny parts thereof which can - in the long run - improve our lives in one way or another.

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