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14.09 28.09


Chaussée de Waterloo 427, 1050 Ixelles

Trenzar Artisan Gallery


A new space opens its doors in the charming neighborhood of Châtelin, in the Brussels capital, at Chaussée de Waterloo 427, Ixelles. Imagine walking through the doors of TRENZAR, a gallery that merges Belgian and Argentine cultures to create unique handcrafted pieces. The gallery exhibits an array of exclusive works ranging from furniture to sculptures, textiles, ceramics and the entire world of decorative objects. Each piece reflects the diversity of Argentine and Belgian craft traditions and the originality of the artists involved. At the heart of this inspiring project is a woman named Violeta Guerrero, an art lover born and raised in Argentina. In founding TRENZAR, Violeta wishes to maintain a link with her roots and intertwine her two worlds and cultures, like a braid, connecting the past and the present. TRENZAR wishes to reflect the fusion of two cultures, bringing the history, culture and traditional craft techniques of Argentina to Belgium. Enter the gallery and explore a world of natural materials, organic forms, handcrafted productions and contemporary aesthetics, reflecting the authenticity, richness and diversity of the craft traditions of Violeta's two countries: Argentina and Belgium. More than a Belgo-Argentine gallery, Trenzar is an invitation to travel...Let yourself be carried away on an unprecedented journey through authentic works by a dozen artists, in co-creation and collaboration, creating unique handcrafted pieces exclusively for the gallery, at affordable prices, wishing to reconnect with the traditional knowledge of Belgian and Argentine crafts. The beginning of an authentic project A strategic location to reflect the whole project, next to the Rue de Page, on the Chaussée de Waterloo, at number 427, in the heart of the charming Châtelain district. The spirit of the place accompanied this project with its magnificent stained glass windows reminiscent of the Art Deco movement, which at the time was also a propeller of local craftsmanship, because our desire is to promote local craftsmanship with a Belgian-Argentine binomial that also reflects the cultural diversity of the Brussels capital. Once the door is crossed, the universeetrenzar opens in front of us, uncluttered, white from floor to ceiling, lit by a beautiful natural light, with a presence of natural materials, marble, metal and wood. The arrangement of the gallery, designed by Violeta, focuses mainly on the recovery of materials and second-hand furniture, always in line with our values.

Thursday 14/09
Starting 15h - Live abstract painting with Pamela Tifner @pamelatifnerart
19h - Presentation "At the crossroad of art, culture and nature" collab' Trenzar + Alianza Wichi
Friday 15/09 & Saturday 16/09
2 days of live expeirence tufting with Julie Denis @heyjudedesign
Thursday 21/09 & Friday 22/09
2 days of hands on ceramic live with Jaan Wouters @_jaan______________
Saturday 23/09
Atelier HD Welcome Vernissage Presentation @jehannehupin & @degueldrepascale
Thursday 28/09 Friday 29/09 & Saturday 30/09
New artist in the gallery, Denis Hermo ceramist presenting "Faces and more" @dehermo
Thursday 28/09
Cultural Event with Be Social @besocialandcultural

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