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Rue de Ligne, 8 - 1000 Brussels

TheAlfredCollection by Mees-Biasino


its durability. The fine, superior wool gives the rugs a rich beauty in its materiality. The strength of the carpets is a beautiful interplay between yarn and design. The rugs are woven by hand, making each piece unique. In this series, TheAlfredCollection uses both natural wool and a balanced colour palette. The craft and tradition of handweaving enhance the special character of the rugs. Each rug is woven and finished with great care. This technique makes it possible to design for a specific room, to meet a customer's special wish or in function of a project. These carpets are not a 'quick design' but a reverence for the archetypal carpet, pure in form and function. The new collection is woven in Nepal and carries the STEP label. STEP is a Swiss fair trade non-profit organisation dedicated to the wellbeing of weavers and workers in the handmade carpet industry.

TheAlfredCollection is the label of Gent-based textile designers Marie Mees and Cathérine Biasino. In 2009, Marie and Cathérine launched a collection of high-end interior textiles in natural materials such as linen and wool with the motif of a meeting between form and matter. Regardless of trends and seasons, TheAlfredCollection's designs are timeless and durable, developed with care for detail. The common thread in TheAlfredCollection's story is the love for beautiful, pure materials and respect for production time and process. Materials are chosen with passion, knowledge and care, with sober and simple designs serving as a canvas for their beauty

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