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Bd du Souverain 25/1, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort

studio Elémentaires


« SCORE » The 'Burn' studio features three monumental kinetic rotor blades whose rotation is synchronised with a coloured light variation. The futuristic design of this artwork, named 'Score', incorporates elements of ventilation and cooling systems (rotor blades, radiators, perforated grilles, etc.). The light traces three lines that are incorporated into a subtle superposition of lattice structures that act as both diffusion and reflection filters at the same time. The deliberate, slowed-down movement of the artworks creates a temporality that contrasts with the heating-up. The colour saturation of the light delicately conveys an experience of intensity. « REPEAT » Rhythms, sequences, trajectories, loops - the choreographic effect of repetition was the guideline for the lighting design of the 'Movement' studio. In a graphic, minimalist approach, the artwork 'Repeat' deploys seven suspended lines of light across the space. The electric tone of the hanging straps evokes fitness accessories and is deliberately in contrast to the transparent and translucent materials assembly of the artwork. The succession of time coloured sequences amplifies and multiplies the kinetic and immersive dimension of the light throughout the space. « SURPRISE » The night lights in the hotel rooms are designed as magical artifact. Inspired by illusion techniques from the theater, the lamp shows a completely different appearance once it is switched on. Thanks to an apparition effect, the mirror tube reveals graphic patterns that colour the light. 'Surprise' creates a theatrical moment that precedes nocturnal musings.

Bio : Founded in 2013 by Apolline Couverchel and Gauthier Haziza, Studio Elémentaires designs and produces artworks, on the scale of space or object combining light and movement. Particularly fascinated by urban culture, they draw an inexhaustible source of inspiration from the visual composition of cities. Always in slow motion, the time sequence of their moving sculptures invites a contemplative break with the environment. In this interlude, their creations seek to trigger emotional responses, sources of pleasure and wonder. Commissioned and showcased in different environments: Art, Architecture and Design, Studio Élémentaires’s artworks question the theatricality of our living spaces.

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