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Rue de la Victoire 102, 1060 Saint-Gilles

Sébastien Lenouvel


Sébastien is a French artist living and working in Brussels. Committed to artisanal know-how, his research mainly falls within the field of embroidery, which he sees as a form of contemporary expression. He likes to present himself as a needle painter. Threads overlap and intertwine like paint on canvas, weaving colors into the thickness of the material. Touch after touch, thread after thread, he uses the needle to depict the modeling of a face, the mischievousness of a look, or the liveliness of a pictorial gesture. The subjects represented oscillate between figuration and pure color expression, leaving the viewer free in their interpretation. His hand-made embroideries on felt are used to adorn a previously sculpted wooden piece. These often culminate in a wall piece or sometimes a three-dimensional sculpture. In parallel with this practice, he develops larger textile formats in wool. He carefully replicates the gestural trace and chromatic variations of broad brushstrokes with a tufting gun. These unfold on the surface of the wall and into the soft thickness of the wool. All the supports used in his practice are reclaimed materials. The wood is recovered from a sawmill, and the different threads of wool or cotton are gleaned. Only the felts are purchased new.

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