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Place de Belgique 1, 1020 Bruxelles

Résonances. Rencontre entre l’Art nouveau et le design plastique


Resonances. Encounter between Art Nouveau and plastic design After its short flourishing life, Art Nouveau continued to be a strong aesthetic reference in the history of design all through the 20th century. The exhibition Resonances proposes to highlight the rarely acknowledged dialogues that reveal the constitution of Art Nouveau as a style and at the same time justify the formal potential that design in plastic has allowed from the post-war period onward. Through an itinerary specially conceived for the occasion, Resonances aims to establish an encounter between pieces from the Plastic Design Collection of the Design Museum Brussels and Art Nouveau pieces from a private collection based in Brussels. Swirling whiplash curves, flowing structural lines, exotic floral patterns and fantastic dream-like environments will show how Art Nouveau’s eternal quest for natural plasticity reverberate in the alchemic nature of plastic. As part of Art Nouveau 2023.

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