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Bd du Souverain 25/1, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort

Papier Boulettes


The Papier Boulettes collective creates frescoes in situ using recycled paper, and dedicates the work to its host site. For the Mix Hotel, waste from the building site was used to create the monumental 28-metre bas-reliefs. The paper pulp is made on site from the brown cardboard collected, which is mixed with water and then ground. The motif imagined by Zélie Boulestreau is a plant invasion, with clovers, amaranths, dandelions and other bindweed popping up between the abstract mineral formations of graffiti artist Aele. It was sculpted by hand, right on the wall, over a period of 1 month by the 10 members of the collective. Questioning the perpetual mutation and contamination of our environments, the sculpture is an ode to organic logic, not governed by human activity but intimately linked to it. The intervention in the architecture opens up the possibilities, becoming a trompe l'œil between rock art and geological discovery, contrasting in its plasticity with the surrounding concrete.

Bio : Born of a shared passion for cellulose, the Papier Boulettes collective was formed by Maud Bocquet and Zélie Boulestreau in Brussels in 2021.

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