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11.09 9.11


Rue du Prévot 10, 1050 Brussels

Open Structures


During Design September OpenStructures will present modular office furniture by Belgian producers Atelier Ternier and Vivalyte. OpenStructures is an open modular design system by a community of authors, that enables circular use through adaptation and repair. The collaboration with Atelier Ternier from Gent results in a complete work environment, based on the OpenStructures grid and complemented with innovative plug and play LED tubes by Vivalyte from Kortrijk. All furniture and light components are based on 20mm tubes, one of the main standards within the OS system. Their parts can be (re-) combined with one another as well as with other designs from the OpenStructures database. Installed as a temporary co-working station, the desk, shelves, trolley and light fixtures are ready to be tested and used by visitors during the Designseptember program. After the show all items are available for purchase, both new as re-used and can be reserved beforehand on

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