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11.09 30.09


Rue Heyvaert 140, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

Micro Factory


- Open doors 11.09 (at 4pm), 21.09 (at 8pm), 30.09 (4pm) -

Micro Factory is a shared manufacturing workshop, based on participation and mutualisation. It’s like a co-working space but for makers, where everyone contributes their time to ensure that it runs smoothly.The space is organised around different manufacturing hubs and evolves according to the initiatives and needs of the members. Craftsmen, designers, architects, engineers or passionate hobbyists. They all actively participate in the smooth running of the space, which includes the following areas: wood, metal, digital manufacturing, electronics, screen printing, textiles and ceramics. The training courses give access to the different machines and are reserved for members. The workshops are open to the public and allow you to leave with a finished piece.

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