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Bd du Souverain 25/1, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort



Alexandra & Grégoire Jonckers had the chance to create a huge AQUILON wall sculpture to wrap the MIX hotel reception desk. A skin of Brass totally engraved and shaped by hand, an imprint as if shaped by the blast of the wind. In Greek and later Roman mythology, the deities of the winds are children of Heaven and Earth; son of Eos, goddess of the Dawn and of Asteros "the star", are the spirits of directional winds. They are closely tied to the seasons : Borée, the North Wind, embodies the cold breath of winter; Zephyr, the West Wind, embodies the light breezes of spring; Notos, the South Wind, embodies the rainstorms of late summer; Euros, the East Wind, embodies the storms of autumn. Among the Romans, Borée becomes AQUILON. In the literature, aquilons refer to the turbulent and cold air currents of the North. The word comes from the Latin aquilo, "eagle" because they are as fast as the king of birds. In this unique wall sculpture, Alexandra and Grégoire play with the traces left by the intelligence of the hand to form a skin of metal, like beaten by winds, whether they are gentle or tumultuous. AQUILON is a unique creation made of fully formed and hand-engraved oxidized brass.

Bio : One Name, Three Creators… Leaving a trace of existence, a link to the past, a dialogue with the present and fuel for the future. MAISON JONCKERS is a family story that evolves with the time. A trace etched into material, shaped, attacked by oxides and petrified in resin. New worlds and universes revealed by a family of alchemist creators. Primitive and sophisticated, raw and sublime, imperfect and timeless.

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