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Rue de la Victoire 102 - 1060 Bruxelles

Ma. Art Space


ma. is a new Brussels cultural center located in Saint-Gilles. The mission of this new concept is to support contemporary creation and promote local, sustainable craftsmanship. In this timeless space, professionals and amateurs meet to explore, experiment and create. Maria Torres embarked on this ambitious project after eight years living in Japan. She came back with an art of living that blends modernity and tradition. Settling in Belgium, she had the idea of creating a place of creation and breathing space in Brussels, the essence of which would be to showcase fine crafts. Two years later, it's a reality. In a space entirely renovated with natural materials, ma. brings together all the links in the creative chain. Its artists' residences enable creators to work in a constantly buzzing atmosphere; its exhibitions promote the arts and crafts that resonate with ma.; its boutique showcases the handmade work of both local and international artist-craftsmen; its workshops, courses and internships transmit these skills to all ages (ceramics, kintsugi, vegetable dyeing, ikebana and bookbinding). ma.'s team is proud to create a space where tradition meets innovation, offering a different perspective on creative modes and the sustainability of objects and know-how.

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