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Rue des Palais 116, 1030 Schaerbeek

LUCA School of Arts C-mine Genk


The 12 master students productdesign at LUCA School of Arts Genk dare to get their hands dirty with a variety of materials: from Flemish clay to a fallen tree in a local garden, UV-transparent PLA or cooling gels, dashcams linked to vibration sensors to discarded garments or found materials on a terrain vague. But it goes further, as the materials they work with can also be intangible: fears such as arachnophobia, high sensitivity, gender awareness, a daily dose of small talk or a future funeral ritual. What is clear is that each project 'matters'. These designs are tools that start conversations, create awareness, connection or new insights, push boundaries, learn new skills, reduce our waste and help people with a problem move forward. We proudly present the 2023-2024 batch: Aisha Mercken, Andreas Put, Cas Reynders, Ellen Klinckhaemers, Hannah Melis, Jietse Vanlandschoot, Kato Herbots, Luna Rits, Robbe Vancraeynest, Stijn Vos & Victor Smeets. We have an exhibition space at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels, the Gallery: Rue des Palais 116 in Schaerbeek from 19 September (vernissage) to 29 September 2024.

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