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Bd du Souverain 25/1, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort

Lionel Jadot


This project was designed while respecting this functionalist building. We analyzed the languages ​​of architecture to extract a sum of various details that became the basis of our language in interior architecture. The concept was also to integrate sculptural elements that contain functions, bar, kitchen, meeting rooms… To inhabit the place with strong pieces. Then an intense collaboration was launched with all the designers of Zaventem Ateliers and 27 others to together realize a unique project, with 95% of Collectible Design, Belgian and local.

Bio : Born and based in Brussels, Lionel Jadot (°1969) is an interior architect, artist, designer, filmmaker, adventurer. But preferably all at the same time. It makes all the fire. “I don't throw anything, I pick up. I don't have a green thumb, I try cuttings, unnatural marriages. I never forget a line.” Jadot invites you into subtle, quirky worlds bordering on reality. His material is dilated time. The traveler spirit seeks a protective balance in a hostile world.

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