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Bd du Souverain 25/1, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort

KRJST studio


Dreamscapers For the project Mix, we kept in mind the environment the building is surrounded by.  We developed curtains in the rooms and in the restaurant, playing with the nature, the light, the shadow. We printed our drawings on a transparent fabric that makes the landscape appear and disappear, depending on the point of view. This imaginary landscape allows you to escape reality. We also made two tapestries, embroidered by hand, playing a role of windows through the walls. In the lobby, Semiramis stands on the white marble wall. Semiramis is a goddess who became a dove to escape the world. In the work lounge, Awe Landscape is painted with weaving threads depicting an imaginary landscape of a poetic, calm, and yet tormented realm, the chaos where emotions are born. 
 We worked with Antoine De Schuyter to bring our drawings to life. The restaurant hosts video projections on the walls as well as on water. We can call it a multilayered work. The projection on the walls play with the volumes and textures developed by Grond studio. In the two water basins, we painted our drawing by hand before it was filled in with water. Then comes the animated drawings on top of that. The result is a vibrant and colorful composition, a getaway for the brain.

Bio : Known for painting with weaving threads, KRJST Studio is formed of a Belgian artistic duo who together create contemporary tapestries. Their sumptuous and monumental hand-embroidered tapestries are a result of extensive research, reflection of the materials, textures, and transcription into a woven form of work. Emotions, story-telling and technical expertise are all central to their creative process.

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