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12.09 30.09


Bd du Souverain 25/1, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort

Jonas Moënne


Solaire 🪐 ✨🚀 ❤️‍🔥 is a ceramic project and a big glazes research in a temporal dialogue with the 60/70s age of science and space in reference to la royale belge, this crazy brutalist building. Each circles are unique and a result of a mix glazes and wastes glasses. Between microscopic and macroscopic, bacteria’s and planet’s, Solaire explore the trust in the future during this amazing post war period with a local and ecological application of the ceramic medium.

Bio : There are works that tell stories. There are artists who assert themselves as storytellers. Jonas Moënne (born in 1992) is one of them. Perhaps this characteristic finds its source in the context in which it was born: the Alpine massif. A peasant world, still imbued with folklore and ancient beliefs, where immense nature enjoins man to remain modest and where the landscapes constitute a procession of disproportionate sculptures. A deeply earthy universe and it is this earth, as matter, that the visual artist decided to explore by settling in Brussels to frequent La Cambre, after La Villa Arson in Nice. During these studies resolutely inscribing the practice of ceramics in contemporary art, Jonas Moënne took possession of the medium with the desire to take it elsewhere, where it is not expected, in a powerful approach where the alchemy rubs shoulders with daydreaming. An invitation to take a different look at the world, daring and offbeat, and to think differently. Estelle Spoto, Mediatine Prize.

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