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12.09 29.09


Treurenberg 10, 1000 Bruxelles

Institute Liszt Bruxelles


Preferences of Materials - Material Research by MOME students (Moholy-Nagy University of Applied Art)

Co-founded by the Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency and MOME, the Material Library is a collection of the most innovative materials currently available worldwide. In addition to a physical collection of 300 tactile material samples available on site, it also features an online database of nearly 10 000 materials and production technologies in 5 languages, complete with photos and descriptions. As part of MOME’s Material Inquiry module, at the Compo course starting in the second semester, students can deepen their understanding of material-oriented design, and gain theoretical and practical knowledge on material experimentation, which is essential for any responsible designer. Gastronomy is an excellent playground for examining our past options and sketching alternatives for the future. What can we glean from collective memory, and how can the old be brought back to life today by serving traditional desserts on contemporary ceramic plates? Gerbeaud Legacy workshop, the latest collaboration between Onyx Műhely and MOME is seeking to answer these questions.

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