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27 rue Américaine, 1060 Bruxelles

Horta Museum


Comme sur du velours

Following the exhibition 'Secrets of Workshops, Art Nouveau Ornamentation', an exhibition related to ornamentation was organized in the historic buildings, commissioning contemporary creators to design wallpapers displayed in spaces without wall decoration. Under the title 'Pushing the Walls', four rooms were adorned with creations perfectly echoing the specifics of the house and workshop. These 'carte blanche' and designer wallpapers were produced in the traditional manner by the Atelier d'Offard in Tours, specialized in historical wallpapers. This rather experimental exhibition was so well received that it was extended by three months. Building on the success of these two exhibitions, the Horta Museum is organizing a contemporary exhibition entitled 'Like Velvet', presenting the design of four velvet pieces for selected spaces in Horta's personal home. The artistic committee of the Horta Museum selected the creators invited to design this contemporary velvet commission with the aim of promoting a very young artist. To give a chance to young, unknown graduates, a call for applications was organized among graduates of textile creation sections from Belgian higher education schools (La Cambre, the Academy...). From the applications received, the artistic committee chose a very young creator, Louisa Carmona, to exhibit alongside Flore and Pauline Fockedey, Elise Peroi, and Marc Van Hoe, already recognized textile artists and creators. This carte blanche began with a visit to the museum and the selection of the room where the velvet creation would be placed. A visit to the Van Neder textile factory in Kortrijk allowed for the discovery of mechanical looms and the industrial production of velvet before designing a velvet project in symbiosis with the four chosen spaces. The velvet creations by L. Carmona, F. and P. Fockedey, and M. Van Hoe are produced by Van Neder, while E. Peroi works with painted velvet using the last velvet finishers in the city of Arles. To highlight both the creators and the manufacturers, two videos will be made in Kortrijk and Arles to explain the manufacturing techniques and showcase the artisans. As with any exhibition, a visual will be designed for the invitation and colophon, photographs and short videos will complement the press releases (FR, NL, EN), social media communication, and mediation. A press conference, an opening, a dinner for the artists, and a private evening for the Van Neder company will be organized. This exhibition will start on August 29 and will last for nine months, until May 30, 2025, allowing for long-term communication.

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