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11.09 28.09


rue du Fort 30 - 1060 Saint-Gilles



Atelier Falaise X Théodora

G-architecture, an architecture studio located in Saint-Gilles, is delighted to submit its application to participate in Brussels Design September 2024. Our office specializes in the renovation of buildings, adopting a sensitive approach to the pre-existing materiality of a place while using innovative, natural, and reclaimed materials. We open our studio for events and temporary exhibitions that align with this approach. Atelier Falaise (Camille Tan) develops a hybrid work that blends design and sculpture. Her creative process begins during walks or urban wanderings, by collecting materials and artifacts. Her works fuse craftsmanship and innovation in the use of materials. For this exhibition, Atelier Falaise will present her mobiles as well as interior furniture. The mobiles are mainly composed of stones, wood, and metal found during her explorations. A system of supports, balance, and tensions is imposed, intertwining the roughness and unique shapes of the levitating elements. Her creations, often inspired by nature and raw materials, integrate perfectly into our architectural vision thanks to their refined aesthetic and the reuse of materials. Théodora (Yunchang CHIOU), on the other hand, stands out with her unique creations that incorporate multicultural influences and avant-garde techniques. Her artistic focus is always directed towards an aesthetic linked to industrial development. Through her objects, Théodora seeks to capture a unique poetry, a "poetry of solitude," which often accompanies abandoned and obsolete mechanical objects. These associations create untouchable, even unknown spaces between the images, traces, and functionality of the forms that populate our daily lives. For this exhibition, she will present her ceramics from the Gegenwart series, pieces that reflect a harmony between traditional and contemporary forms, highlighting unique textures and colors. These ceramic pieces will serve as the terrestrial counterpart to Atelier Falaise's more aerial suspended mobiles. We aim to transform our space in Saint-Gilles into a place of exchange and discovery where architecture meets design. This exhibition will be an opportunity to highlight the talent of these designers and demonstrate how their works harmoniously integrate into an architectural setting, resonating with our commitment to eco-design and sustainable materials.

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