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12.04 27.09


15 rue Buchholtz 1050 Ixelles

Fondation Thalie


Regenerative Futures

Both an exhibition and an anniversary, Regenerative Futures opens up a new chapter for the Fondation Thalie. At the crossroads of visual arts and design, the foundation is committed to supporting artistic practices that raise awareness, offer solutions and disseminate new ecological narratives. In line with its podcast "Créateurs Urgence Climat", a constellation of artists, designers and scientists share their visions and experiences in order to create and produce differently—given the depletion of planetary resources—and to benefit future generations. This hybrid and prospective exhibition is laid out by the Brussels-based architectural studio Bento, which has designed a fully compostable eco-scenography for the occasion. The project connects a selection of works from the collection, all imbued with an ecological sensibility. There are design projects inspired by living things (algae, mycelium, insect leather, bacteria, etc.) as well as installations and films, composing a variety of stories within a post-carbon era. Regenerative Futures is also an ode to beauty and meditation. Fleshed out as an intimate journey through the heart of a 1920s-era building, the exhibition allows for long-term reflection. Spanning earth and textile, it highlights knowledge and savoir-faire, a poetry of gestures and materials. Curators: Nathalie Guiot and Yann Chateigné Tytelman

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