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7.09 17.09


Rue de Ligne, 8 - 1000 Brussels

Emmanuel Hugnot


Set in a variety of materials, the ""Zig_zag"" series represents a step forward in algorithmic research into patterns and textures for the 3D printing of sustainable materials such as biosourced clays and plastics.
Presented both as printed stoneware vases and as table lamps, the zig_zag pattern produces a variety of effects.
These alternating undulations create an earthy structure during printing, while playing with light and transparency when printed in biosourced plastic.

""Zig_light"" 3D printing, PLA Coffee and Wheat (Francofil)
""Zig_vases"" 3D printing, local stoneware (Région Centre, France).

Bio: Emmanuel Hugnot is an industrial designer specializing in digital craftsmanship, combining traditional know-how with digital manufacturing and computation technologies.

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