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7.09 17.09


Rue de Ligne, 8 - 1000 Brussels



Compressed raw earth

Earthstone's aim is to create a variety of raw earth objects for the home. We live in a time when we need to reduce our impact on the environment, through the over-consumption of objects that are complex to manufacture and recycle. This project borrows from contemporary industrial production processes as well as ancestral craft techniques to shape an innovative material derived from the excavation sites of our cities. The pieces are durable and equally recyclable, made from an ecological mineral binder and raw earth. Their designs are light, ergonomic and concise, to valorize earth as a noble material.

Earthstone is a duo of designers/artists (Damian Jodorowsky and Timoté Rouffignac) from Brussels. Their values as designers focus mainly on environmental issues related to design, industrial production and craftsmanship. Through formal experimentation and the study of ancestral knowledge, they connect these notions for the benefit of sustainable design. Earthstone draws inspiration from the past to raise awareness for the present.

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