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Rue de Ligne, 8 - 1000 Brussels

Dries Truyers Design


"Zwart Goud"

The sculptural collection, named ""Zwart Goud,"" features a stone sourced from the coal mine of Houthalen, the birthplace of designer Dries Truyers.

The mine stone symbolizes the history of the coal mining industry and its consequences, representing a significant turning point in Belgian history. The tabletop takes on a conical shape and is crafted from remnants of dark-stained solid oak wood sourced from the construction industry.

The stone and tabletop are mechanically connected without the use of glue, allowing for easy disassembly of the furniture piece."

Bio: Dries Truyers is a designer based in Houthalen Belgium. For Dries Truyers playing, combining and experimenting creatively with ordinary and unusual materials is one of the most fascinating aspects of furniture design.

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