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11.09 29.09


Place Saint-Géry 1 1000 Bruxelles



CODE/CONNECT is an outdoor seating system to build benches and walking paths following a huge range of curling shapes. The system starts from planks positioned next to each other, separated by rings, a narrow and a wider one. Each code is a repeated combination of parallel and slanted planks. The use of rings with the same width creates straight modules. When a narrow and a wide ring is combined between two planks, it creates curved modules. Combinations offer the possibility to vary endlessly with the radius. The flexibility in the design and its specific form makes CODE/CONNECT a bench system that encourages social contact. It is, for the full 100%, made out of recycled plastic, which makes it extremely durable and weather proof. In addition Code/Connect scores very high on circularity implementing a substantiated vision based on the different R-strategies: R0 Refuse, R1 Rethink, R2 Reduce, R3 Reuse, R4 Repair, R5 Refurbish, R6 Remanufacture, R7 Repurpose, R8 Recycle and R9 Recover. Code/Connect brings a solution when it comes to implement benches into parks, to follow lines in urban planning or to build walking paths into nature. Materials: 100% recycled and recyclable plastic

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