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Quai des charbonnages 78, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

Au Charbon


The non-profit organization "Au Charbon" promotes the arts and highlights the work of female artists, artisans, and designers, with a commitment to sisterhood. Our association hosts the dynamic and innovative eponymous collective, which is predominantly female. "Au Charbon" brings together nearly 12 workshops, encompassing various disciplines such as ceramics, illustration, bookbinding, leatherworking, furniture design, textiles, and art research. Collaboration and solidarity are the pillars of our creative community, fostering an environment where each artisan and designer has the opportunity to grow and thrive in their discipline. Rooted in interdisciplinarity and innovation, our collective combines artisanal skills with design creativity; it explores new technologies while preserving traditional know-how and is concerned with eco-responsibility issues by engaging in recycling, upcycling, or creating new ecological materials. As part of the Arts&Crafts trail of Design September, our exhibition showcases the works of our members: unique pieces or collaborative creations at the intersection of various disciplines. Our participation in Design September aims to illustrate that design and craftsmanship are drivers of synergies and the creation of innovative works combining aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability.

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