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3D Ecologic Thinking


3D Ecologic Thinking

Since graduating in interior architecture and design, Thierry Bataille has continued to design very diverse spaces, furniture and objects. His approach : “The ecological problems we experience today force us to think about furniture differently.” For this he has been working on a concept for years; produce a maximum number of products in a panel while minimizing waste. Thierry designs the “CNC” cutting machine. This requires knowledge and mastery of the production tool. At its producer, all the machines operate with electricity supplied by photovoltaic panels. In his research, he pushes his concept even further, assembling the furniture becomes a fun interlocking game, since there are no tools and very little hardware. But Thierry Bataille also questions us about the decorative quality of the object and its place in our collective imagination, that is to say our cultural references. “In my research, I want to communicate that designers are also committed people and that the solutions proposed carry a real message.”

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