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Rue de Ligne, 8 - 1000 Brussels

Atelier Contour


This bench is the result of a research into the addition of textures and surface treatments to wood species considered inferior. The furniture is made from rubberwood, obtained from a waste stream from a local staircase maker. By carving and burning the surface of the furniture, the blocks, characteristic of the rubberwood board, are visually pushed into the background. A choice was made for an asymmetrical composition and a play between rough and smooth surfaces. With a refined design, we extend the life of the furniture and, by working with waste materials, we minimize the environmental impact. Our further research will consist of looking for new waste streams that could be the starting point for the further development of this furniture collection.

Atelier Contour designs and creates interiors, furniture and objects. In the design process, we are always looking for new starting points, approaches or perspectives in order to achieve diverse design solutions. Craftsmanship and honest use of materials are always at the forefront.

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