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Avenue de la Couronne 308, 1050 Ixelles

Atelier Bardaf


In September 2023, a new space for artistic and craft creation opened on avenue de la Couronne, in a former post office sorting office. Initiated by the designer Maxime Halot, this 1,600 sq. m. studio provides a working space for a variety of artists and craftspeople. The studio is organised into individual private studios to allow creators to work in complete tranquillity, as well as a number of communal areas designed to encourage exchange and collaboration. The studio currently houses 34 entities, bringing together around fifty artists and craftspeople. The disciplines represented include design, textile, painting, sculpture, performance and many others. In addition to their personal practice, each member is involved in the community in his or her own way, giving Atelier Bardaf a strong presence in Brussels' cultural landscape.

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