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Rue Edison 56, 1190 Forest

Anna Tou Ceramic


Trained in design and graphic arts in Paris, Anna Tou quickly oriented her work towards sculpture and objects. The daily practice of modeling gradually brought out her initial research and creative approach. Anna explores various aspects of clay, whether technical or aesthetic. She merges these aspects into both utilitarian and collectible items while maintaining a connection with the artisanal craftsmanship of ceramics. At the intersection of art and design, Anna's work blends different techniques such as pinching, slab building, and coil construction, complemented by textures inspired by marine life. Her higher education in typography revives her line work to showcase the seams of her piece-making. Anna even says she "tattoos the leather of her clay," questioning the artisanal form as a human body. As a seeker and gatherer of unusual tools, she draws inspiration from archaic objects to create contemporary collections with organic and lively shapes, handcrafted in a gentle and slow manner. Anna explores material and the unexpected, creating unique and precious objects. Each piece has different aspects, reliefs, and dimensions, making no two pieces alike. Stories of textures and life, stories of movements and falls, stories with mysterious interiors and undefined organs. A creative process centered on experimentation and accident. Letting forms emerge through modeling, the constraints of clay, and firing. Her practice generates its own forms, which in turn produce multiple imaginaries. In the same spirit, Anna explores more utilitarian pieces in 2023 that respond to her graphic past, particularly with texture and line work: large decorative pieces with bumps, hollows, and hammered surfaces, as well as cups and everyday objects made using slab and pinching techniques.

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