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Rue Américaine 27, 1060, Saint-Gilles

Reculer les murs


Duo Chevalier-Masson, Christof Hefti, Pierre-Marie et Nicolas Stolarczyk
Formerly the changes linked to the sanitary crisis, the Horta Museum programmed a contemporary exhibition in response to the historical exhibition "Atelier Secrets, the Art Nouveau ornament" presented in July 2020.

Dedicated to 2D ornament and decoration, but from an entirely contemporary perspective, the museum's artistic committee asked five European artists to create a wallpaper appropriate to the location: the Brussels and Belgian-Swiss duo Chevalier-Masson (www. chevalier-masson.be), the Parisian Pierre-Marie (www.pierremariegalerie.com), the Swiss Christof Hefti, who divides his time between Brussels and Berlin (Instagram@c_hefti_2017) and the young Frenchman Nicolas Stolarczyk (Instagram@nicolas.stolarczyk) who studied at La Cambre and works in Brussels.

Their designs, produced for the occasion by Atelier d'Offard in
Tours in France (www.atelierdoffard.com), which specialises in historical papers, are of course placed in the rooms and workshop of the house that have no original wall paintings or wallpaper by William Morris.

So it is in Horta's study and the studio's smoking room that the designs of Pierre-Marie and the Chevalier-Masson duo will be installed, while the creations of Christof Hefti and Nicolas Stolarczyk will be presented in the bedroom and boudoir of Simone, Horta's daughter.

The five artists have been given carte blanche to design the wallpaper, but they are forbidden to go beyond the space allotted to them.

They have conceived and analysed the many interior designs Victor Horta had for his manifesto house, and all have a sense of decoration, ornament and colour from their own experience. Some of them are full-fledged ornamentalists, others are more experienced in textiles, but all are working in the world of furniture, decoration, fashion and museums.

But all of them appreciate the honour and bring in contemporary motifs, their own combinations, colour schemes and interactions with the architecture of the room. They take into account the furniture that decorates the room and the light, which was designed by Horta for himself more than 120 years ago. With respect and daring, they adapt their vision and their palette to this place with a rich history, which was once avant-garde and which for a few months offers another avant-garde, mixing the old with their most recent creations.

As the Horta Museum is a perfect example of a combination of architecture and decorative arts, the exhibition programme focuses on architectural or decorative art themes from the Art Nouveau, Art Deco or entirely contemporary periods.
The exhibition "Reculer les murs" combines for the first time the vocabulary of the 1900s with the ornament of the 2020s.

The Atelier d'Offard manufactures wallpaper in the same spirit, using the tempera technique developed in the 18th century to print on a plate, but with stamps digitally engraved on a composite material.

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