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17.09 30.08


Rue Fritz Toussaint 8, 1050, Ixelles

Master Design d’Innovation Sociale / ESA St Luc Bruxelles


More than ever, our societies must reinvent themselves, our world is changing and undergoing profound mutations: economic, sociological and democratic models must be profoundly questioned... Faced with this situation, new solutions must be found to promote social inclusion, shared values, respect for the environment and a fair and circular economy. To meet these challenges, new tools are needed, and Social Innovation Design is one of them. Drawing on the creative practices and methodologies of human-centred design, creative crafts, participation and rapid prototyping in real-life situations, social innovative design is a profession that designs systemic solutions in response to the needs of living together.

These innovations can take the form of products, services, forms of governance, communication and distribution, in fields ranging from ageing to early childhood, from sustainable food to housing, health, the fight against poverty, exclusion and discrimination of all kinds...

Designed to be technically feasible, financially viable and humane, the
the proposed solutions respond to new social needs or needs where the market or the current social situation has a poor policy, this through the participation and and cooperation of the actors involved and the users.

The Master "Design d'Innovation Sociale" (MDIS) of l'ESA Saint-Luc in
Brussels (www.masterdesign.social), a unique "artistic" training programme in Belgium, has the ambition to train bachelors in visual and spatial arts in social innovation and design thinking as an answer to the major social challenges.
design thinking as an answer to the great social and environmental challenges that await us.

In the framework of Design September 2021, the MDIS will explain its mission by showing the fruits of collaborative projects carried out in the field with various public and associative partners... to reinvent the world of tomorrow.

17 & 30.09 / 5 pm to 9 pm
18 & 19.09 / 2 pm to 6 pm

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