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Rue D’Arlon 20, 1050 Brussels

DROOG30 meets Art Nouveau


DROOG30 meets Art Nouveau!
Droog celebrates 30 years Anniversary this year and we toast it at Holland House! It is one of the most talked of all the design labels in the Netherlands and outside of it! It became a movement and an epoch as well, after Its legendary founder: Gijs Bakker, Renny Ramakers, Richard Hutten, Marcel Wanders and others, made a phenomenal acte-de-presence 30 years ago at the Salone Del Mobile in Milano, this movement became the icon, the reference of what we know nowadays as Dutch Design! From once considered controversial to solution-oriented, design-thinking with playful humor and unexpected non-conformist twist, ever unafraid of strong reactions from outside!Brussels embraces Art Nouveau movement this year and highlights its achievements! We are in and will draw parallels between these two movements, which took inspiration in sustainability, eco-avant-garde and nature! We will manifest and draw parallels between these two movements, which became cultural diplomats of its time, countries, cities and creative state of affairs of its representative, by organizing a series of events such as presentations, lectures, creative talks and a young professionals night with a lady-DJ! Come, join us and pay tribute to these two design epochs, which are a part of our European common design heritage, which is still alive and kicking! Let’s celebrate it!

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