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15.04 23.09


Rue Buchholtz 15, 1050 Brussels

Eva Jospin, Panorama by Fondation Thalie


For the first time in Brussels, Eva Jospin invites us with the “Panorama” exhibition to take a poetic stroll through her sculptural work between fragments of landscapes and fantastical architectural elements. The rock garden theater of "Nymphée", over three meters long, stands majestically at the heart of the exhibition, alongside new silk thread embroideries from India. The gaze wanders across the landscape strata at reduced scale, to which the sculpted cardboard — her favourite material — features a rocky appearance. While this era struggles with unprecedented crisis in the living world, these composite décors where plants, minerals and built structures coming together, invite viewers to meditate and to take the time for mindful contemplation. Curator: Nathalie Guiot, Founder.

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