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22.09 25.09


Rue du Grand Hospice 7, B-1000

Collective exhibition


- Opening on 21 September at 6pm -

The interior architecture of the Grand Hospice has been radically transformed and only the chapel retains its original appearance, in which 6 designers will take their place to exhibit their creations during Design September.

Chanel Kapitanj / Studio Chanel Kapitanj
Born in Liege in 1992, Chanel Kapitanj studied Industrial Design in Belgium. Her fascination for metal materials and manual work led her to train as a metal welder. As a result, she launched her own design and metalwork studio in 2017. She approaches her projects with a minimalist approach and a focus on metallic materials.

Martha Samyn
In Martha Samyn's work, one can feel her fascination with colour and the human body. Recalling her own childhood freedom, she designs playful and colourful pieces. In this way, she wants to breathe new life into grey interiors and wardrobes. The rugs, blankets, clothes make you think of a more playful and free adult life. What is normally hidden, is now shown. Through nonchalant, open and free-spirited themes such as sexuality, childhood and male-female relationships, she questions the world and asks what it means to be an adult. What is allowed and what is not? Can an adult show his or her skin without it being sexual, as a child can? When are we considered adults and when do we become adult enough to have to hide everything?

Lisa Berden
Lisa Berden is a Belgian designer who is fascinated by the challenge and transformation of our daily reality. Her designs are constantly searching for a certain sense of contemporary beauty where the key pillar is to create a sense of wonder through complexity in simplicity. Because of her fascination with experimental research, 'playfulness' is often reflected in her designs. Lisa likes to mix and match different disciplines to create new visions of design.

Billyjean Potvliege / Studio Billyjean
Travel bags is a project born from the questioning of man as a wanderer, whether by survival or by choice. Illustrated by a simple and functional object, but which tells many stories and is known by many names. In Antwerp they are called 'Moroccan bags', while at the Antwerp Fashion Academy, for example, they are called 'Chinese bags' or 'Japanese bags'. In Germany, it is called "the Turkish suitcase". In some parts of Africa, it is the "Ghana Must Go" bag, a bitter reminder of a dark chapter in the history of Nigeria and Ghana. In still other countries, it is simply called the 'refugee bag'. The reference to faraway places seems to sum up the fact that the bag represents migration. A symbol of man's long history as a nomad, this plastic bag is an object linked to communities that gather, meet and overlap.

Thomas Meulder wants to tell stories through objects. Let the object you choose to have with you and pass by every morning speak to you! That it is not soulless, devoid of past and identity. That it does not exist only to fulfil a primary function, but that it conveys a message, that it reveals a past life experience, a sharing between several personalities, a respect for the world that surrounds us and, like a carefully selected praline in its box, a delectable creativity.

Collective exhibition with : Chanel Kapitanj, Martha Samyn, Lisa Berden, Studio Billyjean, Sugarman

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