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Rue du Grand Hospice 7, B-1000

Grand Hospice - Collective exhibition


- Opening on 26 September from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm -

The interior architecture of the Grand Hospice has been radically transformed and only the chapel retains its original appearance, in which 6 designers will take their place to exhibit their creations during Design September.

Andrei Clontea STUDIO /
Creator from Luxembourg WITHOUT an exhibition space. Project: Two handmade ceramic functional sculptures The two functional sculptures draw their inspiration from the shapes and textures of celestial bodies, resulting in an aesthetic that is both captivating and serene. One of the most striking features of these objects is their organic shape which is reminiscent of planets and moons orbiting in space. The porous texture of the material adds to the lamps ethereal quality, giving them the sense of outer-worldliness. Another noteworthy aspect of the lamps is the way they emanate light. The light seems to radiate from within the material itself, as if it were a part of the celestial body that inspired it. The effect is akin to the tail of a comet which glows brightly as it travels through space. The two functional sculptures are designed to be complementary, much like the gravitational relationship between celestial objects that orbit one another. This creates a dynamic interplay of light and texture adding to the overall allure of the lamps.

Csenge Györbiro -
PURE BOTANY is a concept of a plant based wallpaper collection. A collection of Wallcovering products with the objectives of recovering the value of currently 'valueless' yet still sustainable natural waste in a functional, process-efficient and scalable way; creating high quality products as sustainable as possible at every stage of production; challenging current mass manufacture. The goal of the collection is to experiment with raw materials and show that sustainable surfaces are accessible and fit for everyday usage, which is a solid step toward a cleaner and greener society. Following the philosophy of circular economy the chosen materials are regionally accessible natural materials like hay, cornflowers, roses. The wall-coverings are connecting current reuse and future awareness.

Giet Sophie -
I simply wish to propose some pieces of my collection of ceramic objects constituting a set of two lamps and several masks. These masks can be placed horizontally and have the function of candlestick but can also be placed vertically and serve as decorative wall sconces.

Louise Brodsky -
I'm an artist and an ironworker and I would like to show my sculpture inspired by Art Nouveau. Built and presented at the exhibition of monumental sculptures in Square Armand Steurs in Brussels in 2022, I would like to present "L'Attrape Rêves". I am also preparing a new sculpture which will be called "Réseau" and which will combine modern techniques and Art Nouveau.

mala leche Design -
This collection of three post-industrial design objects is based on the aesthetics of curved lines found in art nouveau. The reflection of the glass and the glimpse it gives of the object, as well as the use of flexible silicone tubes, bring lightness, finesse and asymmetry to the structure of the objects. The use of mirrors amplifies the notion of a landscape, an in-between moon and earth.

Studio Matta -
Narcissus is honoring the no longer obvious mirror above the fireplace found in old houses. The little shelf is a wink to the mantelpiece. Thanks to its organic shape, raw material and function Narcissus balance between feminine and masculine. As parts of the steel are polished to a certain level, Narcissus shows an ephemeral reflection leaving space for imperfection and imagination. The steel vase ads a sensorial experience of colour and smell to this robust mirror.

Collective exhibition with : Andrei Clontea STUDIO, Csenge Györbiro, Giet Sophie, Louise Brodsky, mala leche Design, Studio Matta

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