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Av. Georges Henri 435, 1200 Bruxelles

Audrey Ickx


Audrey Ickx
Contemporary jewelry designer & multidisciplinary artist.

"The feeling is a very present source of inspiration in her way of apprehending her work. An infinite research to try to get closer, to translate a moment, a feeling,... Something impalpable, furtive, that we would like to seize but that escapes us. Like a stain on the iris that we try in vain to look in the face. "

Schieve Jewelry Collection:

"Schieve is a collection of unisex jewelry with a minimalist design. Each handmade piece is unique and made by me. Subtle volumes, the color of the metal revived by the choice of the finish and sometimes, the integration of a stone, offer an infinite combination of assemblies. "

Texture Series:
"Texture" is a multidisciplinary project that brings together photography, jewelry, the "painting",... This series is composed of 13 unique pieces to wear (a pendant or a brooch) and/or to hang on the wall.
The black and white photography subtly lets the colors appear on the jewel, sometimes accentuated by a mini work of acrylic paint.
The colors that are stolen from the "painting" when the jewel is worn!
The brass frame oxidizes with time like the subject of the photographs doomed to erode, see disappear."

Stratas Series:
"A photograph, a jewel, a painting,...? Strates is a multidisciplinary project. The object worn (a necklace) creates a void in the painting like an imprint that would have left its trace and whose design can be guessed. The appearance and disappearance of the image, punctuated by the movement of the body, like an illusion or a mirage. The necklace stored in its "box" gathers the photograph and its fragments, like a duality between figurative and abstract, between dream and reality, between a past moment and what remains of it as a memory ».

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