We Design Silence

ABV Official partner of Brussels Design September ABV a landmark in the industrial design landscape, is very well defined by its baseline : «We Design Silence». WE is a reminder for ABV as manufacturers, over 30 years building made to measure solutions to meet the end user’s needs. DESIGN has always been the core of ABV’s thoughts, from technical solution to the relevance of its products signed by inventive designers. ABV is a trend-setting brand in matters of well achieved technical and lifestyle design. SILENCE Since 1984, ABV has always focused on acoustics as being a major comfort issue. Thanks to its continuous Research & Development Policy with the University of Liège. ABV offers the most performing acoustic space partition components throughout Europe. Further than a baseline, the core values of the company are now guaranteed by the new shareholders who are involved in the day to day business. So, at ABV, it is for real and long that : “We Design Silence”