Marie Ange Guilleminot


The Horta Museum is opening up Victor Horta’s house and studio—a gem of Art Nouveau creation in Brussels—to the French plastician-artist and performer Marie-Ange Guilleminot.
There are clear resonances between the work of the acclaimed architect, known for his love of materials and dedication to craftsmanship, and the sophistication and highly distinctive approach of Guilleminot, with her ‘sculptures for use’: ‘La Malle hexagonale’ (‘The Hexagonal Trunk’), ‘Oursin’ (‘Sea Urchin’), ‘Le Meuble spirale’ (‘Spiral Unit’), and ‘Le Livre de Seuil’ (‘Threshold Book’). The event is an invitation to see this listed building—with its original stained glass, period furniture, and wrought ironwork—in a different light. The artist’s modern-day approach chimes pleasingly with Horta’s past, as if the two of them were engaged in a conversation about their respective influences, from William Morris to Japanese prints—the latter being a passion they have in common . The story takes us from room to room on a highly personal journey, illustrated at intervals by: ‘Le Paravent’ (‘The Screen’), placed on Horta’s large work-table; the remarkable, musically resonant ‘Coupes: hommage à Brancusi’ (‘Bowls: Homage to Brancusi’) in Sèvres porcelain, on show in the kitchen; the glass iko (hanger), complete with kimono, awaiting the bather in the dressing-room; the set of ‘Made in France’ clothes in the ‘gentleman’s room’; and ‘Conversation’, twelve pieces in silk which the artist will put to use during a performance.
Marie-Ange Guilleminot conjures a new realm of possibilities, her sense of the tangible re-imagined in an Art Nouveau setting.
Exhibition organized with the support of the Fondation Thalie

Exhibition curators: Nathalie Guiot, Benjamin Zurstrassen

Marie-Ange Guilleminot has been selected by the "Comité artistique" of the Hortamuseum.

Date event : 04.09 > 15.12 Vernissage: 03/09/19 - From 18.30 onwards Tel: 003225430490 address: 27, rue Américaine Website: