Initiated by Brussels Environment in 2006, Parckdesign is a unique biennial event enhancing social and environmental awareness and citizen participation to create new green spaces in the city. Parckdesign2016 puts forward the question: In what ways does human activity relate to nature today? Starting from a herbal garden as a site for medicine and nutrition, the festival extends this question from our gardens and parks to our kitchens, our clinics, and different cultural expressions. Conceived by artist Rudy Luijters, Jardin Essentiel is a garden of medicinal and aromatic herbs, planted in collaboration with Brussels Environment, at Parc Duden, Commune de Forest. This herbal garden acts as a resource for investigations by local associations, residents, artists and designers to examine: in what ways does human activity relate to nature today? At the Plateau du Midi in Parc Duden, above the garden of herbs, are the pavilion laboratories created by designers PioveneFabi (Milan/Brussels) and The Decorators (London). These laboratories constitute the heart of the festival and host moments of encounter related to scientific and cultural practices around plants. The pavilions encompass a performance space, a cafe and a distillation laboratory which will be a place of activation, transformation and learning will occur, in different workshops open to the public. Parckdesign2016 transcends the borders of Parc Duden via satellite events and interventions throughout Brussels. With these the question of culture, nature and the urban will echo across the city: what is essential to our contemporary modes of life? What can we make of our parks today? curated by:  Gilly Karjevsky, Alexander Roemer & Judith Wielander  participants:  Aleppo, Beatrice Catanzaro, Collectif 6.35 / Cajou / City3, Luigi Coppola  & Gregory Dapra, Stefano Faoro, Teresa Gentile, Gabriel Mattei, Miriam Secco, Institute for New Feeling, Rudy Luijters, PioveneFabi, The Decorators, Marinella Senatore, Filip Van Dingenen & Ive Van Bostraeten, Oiseaux Sans Tête (O.S.T.), De Platoo, Ecco Freddo - Anna Cellamare, w o l k e, Zuloark  partners:  BIOVRAC, BoerenBruxselPaysans, CPAS/OCMW Uccle/Ukkel, MAD Brussels, Téléphérique, Ensa Toulouse, SuperVlieg/SuperMouche, Wiels