Yes, Yes, Yes, We Are Connecting | LUCA-studenten ontwerpen voor Muntpunt

Students of the Interior Design department at LUCA School of Arts have taken on the project of optimising Muntpunt’s ground floor. The Agora is a public space, which also serves as the face of Muntpunt right on Place de la Monnaie. The space is divided into many different zones and hosts a wide array of events, the combination of which sometimes is the cause of confusion. How to end this visual overload on the one end and meet functional needs on the other? How to create a cohesion without contrasts, a balance that does not undermine the dynamics at play? How to do all of the above within the context designed by ‘B-architecten’, or by enhancing its features? The LUCA students have taken these questions to heart and gotten to work. This exhibition showcases interesting moments of their creative and cognitive process. Next to this, the Agora’s new presentation modules will be highlighted as well.