Studio 5.5

In collaboration with MAD, Brussels Fashion and Design Platform.

5•5 was launched in 2003 around a manifesto called ‘Réanim, medicine for objects’, as a reaction to consumer society and the notion of planned obsolescence. This was followed by the collections Ordinary objects, Save a product, the kitchen of objects and many other distinctive projects that explore how we consume and produce objects. These upcycling pioneers now run a collective studio housing some 20 creative talents and have lost none of their dedication to having an impact on interior design brands and industries through in-depth study on the long term.

The 5•5 conference will take stock of these signature projects and situate them in the context of other, more industrial collaborations where the Ecodesign approach may be more discreet but is nevertheless involved!

EXPO: BUY NOW PAY LATER. Everything should be eco-design
MAD - Brussels Fashion and Design Platform
08.09 > 07.10