Between Art and Design. The Belgian scene.

On the occasion of the thirteenth edition of Brussels Design September, Design September et Flanders DC are delighted to present the exhibition ‘Between Art and Design. The Belgian scene’.

This subjective selection focuses on a specific niche in the design sector, that of ‘collectible design’ or ‘design art’. Limited series and unique pieces, sometimes hand-made, form the core of this exhibition, in which form takes precedence over function, which is relegated to the background.

The selection includes objects in the grey zone between art and design, mainly pieces of furniture with a monumental allure.

The various pieces exhibited testify to the eclecticism and influence of Belgian creativity.But diversity is not just the result of an unusual choice of materials, technique or design language. It is also about people’s perception of an object.

Belgian designers remain, with a few exceptions, discreet; their work is characterised by a feeling for aesthetics, volume and proportion.

Event : 12.09.18 > 04.11.18
Vernissage: 11.09 only on invitation