Fabrique M

MACOCOÏ is a young collective from Brussels born in 2017. The 7 textile designers who made it work with textile through different techniques as weaving, screenprinting, lasercutting, embroidery, dyeing for design or art. From its free and composite structure, the collective wants to increase the value of the contemporary textile creation and make it exist under suprising forms.

« Habiter un lieu, est-ce se l’approprier? Qu’est ce que s’approprier un lieu? À partir de quand un lieu devient-il vraiment vôtre?»
Georges Perec

Collectif MACOCOÏ proposes a moving exhibition where objects will act as mutual creation places. Several events around the exhibition will invite the spectator to interact and experiment the collection in real time. The designers propose not only to exhibit their creations but also to make them evolve thanks to the hand of the spectator.

Carpet, textile partitions, cushions, tablecloths, napkins, plates, wallpaper will invade space during the time of the exhibition. Invest a place and propose different ways to apprenhend textile and object. The idea is to develop materials, surfaces which invite to weave links between objects and user. The exhibition space become then a playground between the productions, the collective members and the spectators.

MACOCOÏ will ask about different ways of using the objects.
FABRIQUE M is an exhibition to grabs space and make it live through differents sharing moments.