In the world of high quality watchmaking, Panerai watches stand out with the dramatic power of their design. Conceived and produced for military use underwater, hence very solid and tough, with every detail perfectly worked out to perform the function for which it was conceived, the Panerai watch has sober, clean lines which have earned it the status of an icon of international high quality watchmaking. It is with good reason that it is quoted in authoritative works, such as Phaidon Design Classics, as one of the best designs of all time. The lines of the Panerai watch today are still those which characterised the best design of the 1940s and 1950s in Italy. In those years, the Modern Movement had revolutionised international architecture and design and Italy’s most important contribution to this revolution was by those leading architects and designers who left their mark on this extraordinary period of Italian rationalism. They created timeless masterpieces, objects and architecture expressing purity, know-how and knowledge in the best tradition of Italian style. For many years Panerai has been sponsoring projects aimed at supporting the culture of design and confirming the equation “Time + Design = Panerai”. This is how the exhibition “O’CLOCK – time design, design time” originated in collaboration with the Triennale Design Museum of Milan, and it has also been shown at the CAFA Art Museum in Beijing. From this have followed Panerai’s collaboration with the designer Patricia Urquiola who has developed the concept for the boutiques, its sponsorship of the Design Miami/Design Visionary Award, its partnership with the London Design Festival and its partnership with the Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milan, which been in place for several years. It is a commitment which is growing year by year, confirming Panerai’s position as a player in the international world of best design.