The glass company Leucos was founded in 1962 in Venice. For twenty years, a group of architects (Noti Massari, Roberto Pamio, Renato and Giusto Toso, later joined by Kazuhide Takahama) designed and produced true luminous sculptures for her. The Toso family glassware, one of the oldest (Antica Vetreria Fratelli Toso 1854), served first as a laboratory and as a production center for the first series. Quite quickly, the company moves to the mainland in the hinterland of the Venetian lagoon. 1968 marks the turning point in which several new models that have met with significant commercial success are launched on the market. Leucos uses the traditional techniques of Murano glass but by radically breaking with the canons of the neo-Renaissance aesthetics that dominated this craft industry since the beginning of the nineteenth century. These lamps are characterized by their linearity, the simplicity of their forms reduced to the essential.