Daily Fiction, the new design concept launched by Normann Copenhagen, encompasses more than 200 exquisite small designs for day-to-day use such as notebooks, gift wrapping, stickers, pencil sharpeners, scissors, various writing implements and much, much more. The Daily Fiction universe is intended as a candy shop for grown-ups, where you want to take everything home with you and experience that special ”I-want-it-all-feeling”. The name, Daily Fiction, encourages creativity, play and creating the daily story that suits your personality. Personal style is more in focus than ever before, and we tell our individual stories through fashion, music, food, art and interior design. Whether your story is The Refined Story, The Feminine Story, The Creative Story, The Well Crafted & Classic Story or something completely different, Daily Fiction consists of a number of pieces that can be put together in countless ways. The pieces Daily Fiction is inspired by the way collections are created in the world of fashion, through components such as colour combinations and great use of materials and prints. Daily Fiction is defined by its attention to detail, which is reflected in a contrasted blend of materials.