Storytelling through design

Carpet of Life is a social design brand. Using authentic crafts handed down through generations, women in the Sahara transform clothes and textiles into a vibrant Carpet of Life – an inspiring artwork. The Carpet of Life concept is based on traditional Moroccan carpets called Boucherouite or Boucherwi, made by most families from nomadic background.

We work on upcycling: people in Europe posess lots of clothes and fabric they don’t wear anymore but are still attached to. Women from 4 villages in the Moroccan desert participate in making carpets for Carpet of Life. Through Carpet of Life, the traditions and craft culture is retained. The women are able to show the big potential of their creativity. By sharing their creativity they gain new aspirations and they are connected to other worlds.

The carpets can be made from almost anything… second-hand clothing, tea towels, bed linen, even plastic! Current materials include recycled rag strips and yarns from ‘found’ textile remnants including wool, cotton, synthetic fibers, lurex and nylon.